Peak and valley

Spencer Johnson, who was reputed as the ” father of cheese” in the book ” who touched my cheese”, is one of the most popular and respected writers in the world, and is currently an adviser to the center for public administration at Harvard university’s Kennedy school of politics. He is good at telling realistic wisdom with vivid stories. His relaxed and lively allegorical style is both inspiring and shocking. He is praised as ” the wise man who is best at providing simple and effective solutions to complex problems”. His latest work ” Peak and Valley” tells a fable about how individuals can achieve self-transcendence and how enterprises can maintain the driving force for sustainable development. In the book, he puts forward his – latest concept – Peak and Valley Theory, which he believes can help people honestly face the objective facts – how to rise rapidly from the trough and reach the peak, how to extend the peak as far as possible, and how to conquer the next peak.

The following is the essence of peak-valley theory:
In our work and life, everyone will encounter peaks and valleys, which is the normal life.

The peaks and valleys are not only the external good and bad, but also your inner feelings and changes.

The peaks and valleys are connected. The mistakes of today’s prosperity are exchanged for the adversities of other days. The wisdom of today’s adversities will bring prosperity to the future.
Enjoy what you have and you will be on the top of a happy mountain. If you covet what you don’t have, you fall to the bottom of pain.
We often cannot change the objective facts, but our understanding and choices determine the peaks and valleys of life.

When a person chooses a good attitude, it means that he will get out of the trough of life.

Looking for a new turning point from adversity and starting to climb from the bottom to the top with firm faith and actions.
There must be a trough between the two peaks. The way you manage a trough determines how fast you can climb another peak.
Learn to reflect on yourself, or you will have violent conflicts with the world. Only through introspection can we discover the truth of the matter and find a way to get along with the world.

The peaks and valleys of life are normal phenomena. You should face these ups and downs calmly.

The plateau period of life is a period for recuperation, deliberation and self – renewal.

No matter the peak or the trough, we should always pay attention to the changing objective facts, so that we can find the beauty in our life anytime and anywhere.
Facing prosperity with gratitude and doing everything right with heart will greatly reduce the chance of misfortune.

The reason for the rapid decline from the peak to the trough is often complacency of not knowing the truth. The reason why one cannot regain one’s strength in a low ebb is often the worry and fear of not knowing the truth.

People cannot live just for ” self”. Only by putting aside the ” self” can we discover the truth of the problem, then effectively solve the problem and get out of the trough of life.

It is a good way to climb the summit by setting a vision. It can make you have a desire and be willing to turn your vision into reality with your own actions.

God created suffering to awaken your consciousness – to pay attention to the truth that you have neglected.

Conquering your inner fear means you are at the peak of your life.

Vision can help us to better understand the reality, fear will disappear, the peak is just around the corner, and life will become clear from now on.

Whether it is individuals or organizations, in order to maintain the peak state of success for a long time, they should not be confused by external praise or ridicule, but focus on the research and judgment of facts. Maintain a modest and prudent working style, discover problems in time and solve them in time; Always one step ahead of competitors; Enthusiasm to help others, in order to cultivate friendly and mutual interpersonal relationships; Prepare in advance for possible crises.

The way to get out of the trough quickly is to look at yourself more objectively, examine your shortcomings and find ways to improve. We should have more awareness of service rather than conflict with the world. We should know how to love others, not to ask others to love us.

Your eyes determine the happiness of life: looking at what you have lost, you will fall to the bottom of misfortune. Looking at what you have, you will be at the peak of happiness.

So, how to use the theory of peaks and valleys to guide your life?

Whether it is good or bad, you should face the truth of the matter soberly and amicably. No matter whether you are prosperous or in trouble, you must not let the truth stay away from your sight. Learn to look for a turn in life from adversity – there are many unexpected favorable factors hidden in the truth; Relax yourself, the situation is not as serious as you think, the trough always has an end; The peak and the trough are relative. Change your thinking and act in the opposite way, and you will be able to return to your peak state. This is your world and you should have more sense of service rather than conflict with it. Design your vision and let it lead you to success. Look at what you have and run your life with gratitude. Keep your superior strength, always one step ahead of your competitors; Prepare in advance for possible crises; Share your success with the people you need and teach them to manage their own good and bad times. Help people live happily and make the living space shared by human beings more harmonious and beautiful.