Road patches in the British empire

The city where I am located is the newly opened road. I dare say, if the sidewalks are included, I can’t see any of them intact. It was opened to traffic yesterday, and excavation may have started somewhere today, one here and one there, scarred. The road from the east to the west has not yet been completed in the west, and the east has broken down.

Why is this?

First, some municipal departments only do superficial things. The road has been widened and the face looks good. But what about ” lining”? Nobody cares. Therefore, when the road is repaired, it will not be long before telecommunications, tap water, gas and even a specific unit will be able to do the same … after the excavation, it will not be repaired and the holes will be potholed. as for walking, it is up to the walker.

I heard friends from Britain and the United States say that there is generally no such thing as a caesarean section in China. Later, I went to these two countries to confirm this statement. In countries such as Britain and the United States, underground facilities are completed before roads are repaired. That is to say, the first tube ” lining”. The sewer they built more than 100 years ago is now. You can also shoot thrillers of police catching thieves below. They have a view that municipal facilities should be managed for more than 300 years. Buried underground like this. What can’t add luster to the current officials’ faces is that officials we claim to be ” serving the people” are generally reluctant to do. They did not manage well for three to five years during their term of office. How could they manage things 300 years later? For 300 years, it is the people’s needs. The officials are chosen by the people. Therefore, they should listen to the people and be controlled by them. Just for three to five years, that is certainly not what the people want to see. Such officials are in charge of the people. The roads he builds, as long as his immediate superior takes a look, will reach the goal to some extent.

Second, although some of our projects are subject to bidding, there are still many things that do not see the sun. This is evidenced by the fact that many corrupt officials come from municipal departments. In my opinion, if the newly built road breaks down immediately, we cannot look at the problem purely from an economic or technological point of view, but we should talk about politics as Comrade Jiang Zemin said – nine times out of ten corruption is at fault! Officials accept bribes, project funds are embezzled, and the quality is naturally not good.

In the United States, when a road is built, it is not checked and accepted after it is completely built, but it is checked and accepted in small sections. If the quality is not good, dismount immediately. It is said that the laws of the United States are especially strict on this point. If anyone dares to embezzle municipal construction funds, he will be sentenced to hundreds of years’ imprisonment, so no one dares to try the law. Most of America’s highway network was built during Eisenhower’s administration and has a history of about 50 years. However, when I walk in America, I can hardly see any repair. Road – building is not a high technology either. The technology of road-building in the United States is not necessarily higher than that in China. Does our current road-building technology still fall short of their level 50 years ago? This is not a purely technical problem either. We should also look at the problem from a political point of view. Without supervision or ineffective supervision of the project, corruption will inevitably occur. The concrete manifestation of corruption is that the newly repaired road immediately breaks down. In my opinion, it is not particularly difficult to catch corruption sometimes. The newly built roads will be damaged. If you investigate thoroughly, there must be corruption.

Recently, the sidewalks in my city have to be replaced with marble, just like the ” dressing the” of the army. In many sections of the road, sidewalks are not badly damaged, and parts of several hundred meters are even intact. However, they were all pried and replaced with new ones. The same is true of the roads in some places. Even if they are damaged, they can still walk, regardless of whether they are 3721 or 2727, and they all start over again. I can’t help but ask, broken to repair, but, why do you want to start over? The whole city is uniformly paved, isn’t it monotonous? The city is not a military camp! At present, the sidewalk ” dressing the” project in this city is not finished. Many of the new repairs are already in tatters.

Isn’t it economical to dig up the bad parts of roads and sidewalks for local repairs? Are we rich enough to have nowhere to spend? This is the city. When the typhoon blew the year before last, its northern part was flooded. When the typhoon blew last year, it was still flooded. After one year, why didn’t the ” lining” construction be carried out? In other words, why is the construction not strong enough? Moreover, this time the sidewalk ” dressing the” not only digs up the good sidewalks, but also lifts up the original sidewalks, with a width of several meters, leaving a long distance away. The city does not care. Such sidewalks are not beautiful. It also brings inconvenience to pedestrians. If you walk on the side and lean down, some places are as high as a staircase.

In my opinion, the sidewalks in Britain are paved with cobblestones and have a history of over 100 years – over 100 years but not bad. Although they are of high quality, they also show their political clarity. There are also sidewalks, one patch here and one patch there. That is to say, where is broken, where dig up repair. The most eye-catching thing is. On the asphalt road in front of Buckingham Palace, patches were also dug one after another. In my opinion, the patch in front of Buckingham Palace is not a disgrace to Britain, but an honor to the British Empire. As a result. I understand why the Queen of England is angry that the royal street lamp is too bright. U.S. sidewalks also have a history of 350 years, but few are damaged. Moreover, their sidewalks are extremely simple and there is no marble at all. They are even paved with cement. They are definitely not as colorful as we are.

I was thinking that we should have a maintenance team for roads and sidewalks. Maintenance is in progress every day. Where it is broken, it will be mended; where it is not mended, it will be badly broken. However, why can’t we see such a team? I dare say that our sidewalks, even if newly repaired, will be damaged within 30 meters. Do the sidewalks of ” dressing the” have to be reopened in a few days? The reason for turning a blind eye to the damage of the roads and sidewalks and rushing back to the roads and sidewalks is obvious to all. Originally it was to do practical things for the common people, but now it is showing every citizen some kind of ” x” that is difficult to say. Such roads and sidewalks can deceive their immediate superiors. In the eyes of the people, they do not reflect their achievements, but only frustrate and chill the people. The eyes of the masses are discerning. From the broad and stately surface, they can see the looseness and corruption of the ” lining”.

I have walked many places, and the roads and sidewalks in my city are in varying degrees. There are children writing compositions, hoping that the zipper on the road can be pulled open at any time, instead of digging around every day. Children all have this fantasy, which shows that this situation is very common and extremely annoying. Do you want to repair the roads and sidewalks, and how large are the repairs? When will there be a real hearing? When will taxpayers have the final say? By mending roads and sidewalks, I thought of mending local politics. On which day, the roads and sidewalks will be the same as those in front of Buckingham Palace. Although they are old and still intact after frequent repairs, the city’s politics will tend to be clear and bright.