Silly and elegant

During the decades after the end of 1950s, various political movements were surging forward. In every political movement, intellectuals were doomed. In fact, it is not too difficult to get through one man-made disaster after another. The body swings along the political wind direction. As for the east wind, the west wind, the left wind and the right wind, there is no need to ignore the clouds. From this, those who have been blown to hell are those who are not good at distinguishing the wind direction or who care too much about the wind direction.

The economist Sun Zhifang, after being criticized, did not bow his head to follow the trend and said generously: ” Allow me to counter criticism. Always wear the hat, the right of reply is the most important! ” The results crashed with a clash and was thrown into prison! In 1968, the extreme ” left” trend was rampant. The economist and his colleagues were unafraid to speak out their penetrating judgment: ” Attention should be paid to the distinction between politics and academia … this is beneficial to theoretical discussion, especially the publication of some novel ideas and opinions.” Others urged him to think about his own safety. Sun Zhifang said, ” Everything will happen, reputation will be destroyed, and people will be destroyed, but the point of view will never change!” ” I am waiting to be punished!” Before long, Sun Yefang was wearing the label of ” the largest counter-revolutionary revisionist in the Chinese economic circle”. When the ” barrage of false accusations” fell on him one after another, Sun Yefang announced loudly: ” I still insist on my opinion here today. I will not review it now or in the future.” After being sent to Tianjin for cruel criticism, Sun Yefang stubbornly wrote on the calendar: ” Should have his head on his shoulder!” Since then, Sun Yefang has become the only rightist wearing a hat twice in our country, imprisoned in a single cell for 7 years and 5 days. In prison, Sun Yefang ” wrote” the outline of the ” Socialist Economic Theory” in the form of a draft from the beginning to the end of the 22 chapters and 183 sections of the book. Due to the frequent ” writing” to the back and forgetting the front, the book has more than 1 million words ” written” 85 times back and forth. Using the paper written for examination, I fell on the bed to complete the long article of ” My Debate with Some People in Economic Circles” with more than 30,000 words, hoping that one day it will be made public to the world. After Sun Yefang was released from prison in 1975, he has not yet made a final decision to rectify the situation. However, he still said, ” rosa multiflora is facing the wind in the autumn and the thorns are everywhere in the court.” He said, ” I will not change my mind, change my profession, or change my views.” ” I don’t care about personal grudges. In theory, we must find out what is right and what is wrong. We will not give up any viewpoints that conform to the truth!” Immediately, he made no secret of his views on the current situation …

On his deathbed, Sun Yefang told his students to supplement the fact that Gu Zhun inspired him to put forward the law of value in the 1950s when publishing the collected works. His noble style of not robbing people of beauty is admirable.

Xiong Shili declared that ” I cannot reform”

The name of ” ten powers” is taken from Buddhist terminology, which adds to itself the ten intelligences of Buddha Buddha and calls itself ” Xiong Shili Bodhisattva”. It can be seen from this that such a famous man who ” sticks to his own principles and takes great strides” is arrogant, and his temper is really great. Xiong Shili often blushes and disputes with others in order to defend an argument. He uses force to conquer the other side with fierce words and fists. In the 1950s, Xiong Shili, who had a strong personality, was exposed to the political environment of intellectuals’ ideological transformation. There is no need to elaborate on the severe challenges and pressures ahead, but Xiong Shili, who believes in ideological independence, academic independence and spiritual independence, has never and will never change his point of view against his will. He said with a loud voice: ” I cannot be reformed, and I will not be reformed.” He is not used to the so-called ” scholars” who have abandoned themselves and lost their place of origin, and who are unwilling to be lonely and ” travel between Beijing and the city, honor public officials and celebrities, and work in the wilderness”. He himself is willing to be poor, humble, tolerant and indifferent all his life. He is a dignified person and is independent and meticulous in learning. Xiong Shili also had sad things. Faced with the ” Xiong Shili philosophy” which has received little attention, he once wailed and said, ” I have knowledge and no one can pass it on.” The railings were clapped all over and no one would listen. Wu Gou was seen in a broken voice. His bitter mood was also ignored.

Although he has a big temper, after the quarrel there is not a trace of bad feelings and reconciliation. His moods and moods are also the innocence of a gentleman. Even for those who have attacked themselves, Xiong Shili speaks well of others at every meeting, and warmly recommends their talents in his authoritative capacity. When facing each other, whether to quarrel or not, this is the gentleman’s open and aboveboard side. Gentleman Bear – Buli devotes himself to the study of knowledge. He has deep feelings and does not pay much attention to anything other than knowledge. He does not care about fame and wealth, nor does he stick to the common customs. Sometimes he is so poor and embarrassed that he only has a pair of trousers in a middle suit. He cannot go out until he has washed, dried and put them on. The students showed pity and often supported him in life, but the dignitaries sent him millions of French dollars, but the 1911 Revolution patriot refused to accept even a cent. He would rather starve than lower and higher the head of a gentleman.