Tangled, has become a song

  In the dimly lit room, the lights beat. The fire reflected her young, delicate face – calm and sad.

  Not far from the opposite side, a man was in the dark and asked her through the mouth of an old woman. A lattice window blocked her sight. She couldn’t see his face. After a few questions, he chose her.

  This is the prelude to the film “Heart Fire”, similar to the screening of an interview.

  The purpose of the interview – by the birth of a child.

  The story took place in the winter of 1838, a small seaside county in the UK. Charlie, the young British nobleman, succeeded in recruiting a woman who could give birth to a child. The Swiss woman Elizabeth paid for her debt and came to apply. The agreement was reached, followed by a night of 3 skin blind dates.

  3 nights

  In a beachfront hotel, they secretly spent three nights together… On the first night, the man put down the glass and said, “You can start.” A transaction was silent. She was frosty, just flank her face, and there was no passion in her sober eyes. They were also separated by her corset.

  On the second night, the woman quietly fell in love with this melancholy man, who was depressed again and again. After the love, she caressed the sleeping man, tears in his face, whispered softly; “I don’t know your name.”

  Early morning, seaside.
  She said: “I really want to shout it out.” The man said, “Then you shout.” The light in the gentle and encouraging eyes flashed.
  She opened her mouth and made a low, hoarse voice, and the suppressed emotion could not be relieved.
  On the third night, in the bathing of the warm fire, they removed all the restraints, intimate and passionate…

  The two people who lived together for three nights, from indifference, attachment to ecstasy. Three different poses and expressions convey the process of trading, attracting and accepting between them. After that, she gave birth to a girl. According to the agreement, the two sides will never have any contact and never meet each other.
  Seven colorful pictures after seven years omits the seven years that may be difficult for each, especially for her. The elegant paintings and the strokes of the strokes are filled with the endless thoughts of her daughter. As time went by, the daughter who was immediately taken away and the crying crying became the biggest concern of her heart. To this end, she kept looking for it.

  It’s been seven years since I met again. Coincidentally, she was employed as a teacher in a British aristocratic family, and the student was actually her biological daughter!

  The little girl is named Louisa. Unsociable character, self-respecting and rebellious. With pale faces and a pair of blue eyes. The bottom of the eye reveals a trace of uneasiness and reluctance. The little girl knows that the woman who is sick in bed is not her own mother. Without her motherly love, she has virtualized a mother in her heart, and the lake heart is a paradise where she lives with her mother. She hid in the heart of the lake all day, refused to communicate with others, in addition to pet her, love her father. After all, the father’s love can’t fill her desire for maternal love. Therefore, she is lonely and sensitive. What prompted this change began with the emergence of that female tutor.

  Seeing again, Elizabeth suppressed her inner ecstasy and walked slowly to Charlie. Suddenly, he was shocked. For seven years, why did he forget the woman who had spent three nights with him? Dark feelings, face to face. Avoid it and have nowhere to hide. In the face of the surviving family, in the face of the responsibility and morality of the burden, how can he be self-sufficient…
  The metaphor of “fire ” is “the magic of magic, it can make time stand still. After the light is extinguished, you can not stick to the rules. anything can be, say anything. but once again lit the lamp when there is time to re-flow. do anything, anything said before, have forgotten. not only forgotten, almost like a never had happened. ” fire On the side, she and her daughter mentioned a metaphor about “fire.” A faint expression of tiredness, faintly sentimental words, inadvertently touching the unspeakable feelings of the heart. There is no fierce emotional venting, and everything seems to be cloudless. In a Victorian era that advocates moral cultivation and humility, the emotional sensibility lies in the delicate shackles of restraint, the savage and savage desires. The fire that burned silently in the cold night was undoubtedly given these appropriate metaphors. When the daughter conveyed the metaphor of “fire” to her father, it ignited the dark flame that had been buried in his heart for seven years. It is also in this cluster of blazing fire that he and she once again embraced each other and spirited together.
  Mother and daughter recognition

  It is not difficult to imagine that her daughter is arrogant and arrogant. Such teaching is difficult, but she has never retreated. She kept her daughter in the room and confronted her; she refused to eat with her daughter who had hunger strikes; she seriously and her daughter discussed suicide and killing her own plan… With her wise and selfless maternal love, she finally opened The long-closed heart of the girl.

  The thrilling scene: The little girl witnessed him sleeping with her, turned and closed, wearing a thin robe, walking barefoot on the frozen lake. Elizabeth was frightened and shouted, but her daughter did not stop, when the ice was broken and her daughter fell into the lake. She desperately patted the ice and sneaked into the bottom of the water, desperately holding her daughter in her arms. Go back to the room and wrap my daughter in a thick blanket. Under the fire, she looked at her sleeping daughter and kissed her cheek, whispering promise: “Hey daughter, I will never leave you.”… Bit by bit care and love, warming her daughter’s heart The cold and lonely heart.

  Once, my daughter came to her room and saw the beautiful picture book and understood everything. In her arms, she whispered “Mom, Mom…” She was so excited that she burst into tears. Light and soft light, shrouded in her and her daughter’s body, quiet and warm, inexplicably moved.
  Unbelievable beliefs His wife died, after the funeral -  
  she: “Is it you?”
  He: “Yes… I think that is what she needs. But I can’t know exactly what she needs. I have to live with my life.” This sin lives together.”
  She: “I am the same, living with this sin.”
  He: “You? You did nothing.”
  She: “No, I did. I want you and Louisa, I Throughout my mind, in my heart, my will, I have been doing this for seven years. My belief has destroyed all the obstacles on the road to the realization of my faith—including your wife, your family, your world… I am from I didn’t expect the power of faith to be so great!”

  She was shocked by herself and was shocked by the power of faith. And we were shocked by her, her thrilling words, and the unbreakable belief. Such confession, no pretense and hypocrisy, only straightforward and frank. Such a woman, she seems so tough and beautiful, shocked to heaven. In order to adhere to this belief. In the past seven years, she has paid too much. In the face of suffering and pain, she does not evade, does not expand, has been silently endured.

  She came by boat, dressed in a black coat, standing on the side of the ship. I sold my body for three nights and sold my flesh after ten months. Thinking about this, under the calm and calm expression, what kind of bitterness and sorrow. She just stared quietly at the misty and cold sea. The sea breeze blows her clothes and her long hair flies in the wind. In the cold air, the mist is filled.

  Although she was born in a humble way, she was still under the fence, but she was still very sturdy and her eyes were firm. Because dignity and arrogance make her fearless and fearless, like a cold flower, in her own way, quietly bloom, secretly agarwood. Her perseverance, courage and courage have a fascinating charm that makes him fascinated and admired.
  Breaking taboos

  Charlie, a man of distress. The beloved wife became a vegetative person in a car accident ten years ago. Since then, the manor has become empty and lonely; the male master – Charlie has become restrained and depressed. For the family’s reputation and the need to pass on the family, he recognized the transaction of the birth of a child. For ten years, he has taken good care of his wife in bed and pampered his daughter who loves it. Deep in memory, there was a little bit of three nights with the woman. Although he was a nobleman, he refused to live a luxurious and decadent life. He is restrained and clean, does not indulge, does not give up, has a burden. In the eyes of his illustrious father, he is “not humanistic” and “incomprehensible.” He refused the invitations and temptations of others with a faint and decent courtesy. The inner thoughts of guarding the heart are not vivid.

  He is kind, but not pedantic. Thinking over and over again, he finally made the final choice: extinguish the fire, open the window, and smash the blanket that covers his wife. Kneeling at the bed, it is difficult to suppress, crying and crying. It is awkward and free. It is kindly helpful to patients who have been in bed for ten years and who are not as good as death. At the same time, they have fulfilled their freedom to hold on to love and to pursue happiness.
  Happiness is spreading

  Before leaving the manor, she looked back and looked warm and bright. A family of three drove away, the gray castle, farther and farther behind them. The snowy world is silent. A group of carriages slowly marched, and the snow marks on the wheels were deep and shallow and stretched.

  The snow is still down, clean and beautiful, like a fairy tale.