The dream of a dollar

It is reported that Japan’s most popular lottery, the ” year – end lottery”, with a top prize of 300 million yen, will be on sale nationwide on November 24. In previous years, many people put their year-end bonus on this treasure, hoping to make a fortune. Under the influence of the financial tsunami, office workers who have lost a lot of year-end awards and performance will naturally flock to the ranks of the lottery force more closely. Luck is seen as a good way to turn over their fortunes in a depressed era. Of course, there are also people who are worried that the disheartened people are not willing to spend more money on things that may not be paid back. Therefore, media publicity has spread all over the world and various tricks have been introduced in succession. What is most interesting is that the Japanese Lottery Association, a financial group, conducted a questionnaire survey on 1,795 high-value winners who won more than 1 million yen, and released the White Paper on Lottery Richards, which collects data on those with strong fortune.

Coincidentally, as early as 2007, the British lottery company kamlott invented the faces of the world’s most easily winning ” Mr. lottery” and ” ms. lottery” according to the facial features of many lottery winners, like police officers spelling out portraits of suspects. they all looked ordinary, but they gathered the features of the selected winners and were regarded as ” evidence – based”. ” There are 10,000 lucky winners in the lottery all over Britain. If you find that your next door neighbor looks very similar to our Mr. or ms. lottery ticket, don’t be surprised, because the winners are all ordinary people. ” Camlott Lottery said.

This time, the White Paper on Lottery Millionaire tells people that this time it depends on the name your parents give you and the date your parents brought you to this world. The white paper clearly states that Aquarius men and Pisces women have the highest chances of winning the lottery – I wonder how many people will believe such a general algorithm.

In fact, before the lottery ticket is sold, people who believe in these speculations are second and most important to let everyone know that you will make a complete change after obtaining it. In March 1994, New York State lottery issuers used a grand villa with luxurious gardens and ornate decorations to attract people to buy lottery tickets. In fact, after investigation, people found that this house does not exist at all. The luxurious villa attracting people’s attention in this advertisement is a combination of Vanderbilt Villa in Hyde Park, a famous 17th century garden in Sioux, France and a 79 – room Milz Building in Stasberg, new york. Then all the components are decorated with computers and finally presented to the public. The slogan of this advertisement is: ” What you have paid is only a dollar, but what you can achieve is a great dream.” Even if they knew it was a fake, many people were still infected by the luxurious life and paid for the dream of one dollar.

The dream of one dollar has slowly taken root in the illusory ” dream house” made up of these speculative winning trends and skills, constellations, surnames, Mr. Lottery’s face and computer mapping software, and has become a lottery ticket in the hands of 70% of the people – bringing great harvest to the few people in dreams may come and great benefits to the country.

The London 2012 Olympic Games have been suffering from a shortage of funds that has affected the progress of construction projects since the preparation date. The total budget has also been rising with rising prices and security costs. After all, the London Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad has finally seen a glimmer of hope. From 1567 when Elizabeth I issued the lottery, Britain, as a senior lottery country, will raise 1.835 billion pounds for the London Olympic organizing Committee. This huge subsidy accounted for 20% of the total amount of 9.325 billion. Needless to say, everyone who has eyes can see what this means.

Since 1972, Munich Olympic Games lottery has become the main financing method of the Olympic Organizing Committee, the organizing committees of all previous Olympic Games have been able to obtain huge support from lottery funds. In Britain, not only for the preparation of the Olympic Games, but also for the preparation of the Olympic legion, the training funds obtained from sports lottery – ” Lottery Lights up Britain’s Olympic Road”. Thus, it can be seen that although lottery is of great significance to individuals, the entire lottery industry bears heavy national responsibilities.

It is precisely because the huge prize money of the lottery will pay huge taxes and fees to the country that some people will always question its impartiality when awarding huge prizes. In the United States, people will require lottery companies to publish the names, photos and addresses of the winners in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, so as to exercise citizens’ right to know. When the 360 million grand prize was awarded, the head of China’s welfare lottery claimed to protect the privacy and safety of the parties concerned, and all information was not disclosed. When the right to privacy and the right to know encounter, which is more important?

Look at other people’s solutions. When Americans protect themselves from illegal infringement, they will choose to block the news after winning the lottery, not to reveal a word to their relatives and friends, quietly find a lawyer with good reputation, with his assistance, set up a limited liability company, and then the lawyer friend can represent the lucky winner to receive the prize. after the company is established, the lottery company can only publish the information of the legal entity, but not the private information of the winners. this is the best compromise. therefore, the credibility of the lottery in the United States is no longer the main question raised by people. In China, this may be a little difficult. It is very difficult for family-oriented Chinese to tell their parents and loved ones the truth about winning the lottery. As the saying goes, it is almost impossible for relatives and friends to keep secrets. The law also has many gaps in this area. It is still another way to say whether the establishment of a company conforms to the rules in China. Therefore, the localization of this tactic seems to be somewhat difficult.

Many people suffered losses due to missing information. In 2002, Jack Whitaker of West Virginia received a one-time bonus of US $ 113 million after tax. In the next few years, he successively suffered from robbery, theft, fraud syndicates and lawsuits. By the end of 2006, he had returned to the poverty situation before winning the lottery.

Don’t think it’s just because Jack leaked too much personal whereabouts and information. According to the survey, 75% of lottery winners in the United States will return to their pre-winning lives after a brief luxurious time. This is like a strange spell. Most people begin to enjoy life with a little trepidation with money they don’t know how to spend. Then they fall into the ambiguity and subversion of values. What they identify with in the past decades instantly becomes worthless, and they lose sensitive nerve in the pleasure of consumption. Families and dreams are no longer entwined with them. The sudden huge wealth is like an unstable bomb that will attack their inherent mode of life at any time. Many people are separated from each other in the numbness of life. In 2003, a 16 – year – old American girl won a prize of 1.9 million pounds. Six years later, she squandered all her prize money and filed for bankruptcy. The two suicides made her face not only the cruel reality, but also her fragile heart battered by wealth.

The dream of a dollar, after buying it, is it still a complete dream? From the invention of lottery tickets by the ancient Romans more than 2,000 years ago to the first modern lottery ticket, which was born in Florence in 1530, although various secret tactics for buying lottery tickets have been circulated among the people, it has always brought luck handpicked by god. do you have the psychological endurance to accept large prizes for small individuals? If it is 75% of what it was, is it too much to lose?