To experience a love together

She is a salesman in a company and takes a bus for more than one hour to go to work every day. This is a long and boring journey. Until one day, everything suddenly changed.

That day, as usual, she casually boarded the bus and found an empty seat. The bus continued to move slowly. She looked up and a young man sitting in front of her shocked her.

Her heart thumped.
As the car jolted, she couldn’t help glancing at him secretly. The more she looked at him, the more handsome she became. The more she looked at him, the more she felt like one of her favorite stars. Her heart couldn’t help beating wildly. Like the legendary love at first sight, she couldn’t help falling in love with him.
In the next few days, she met him several times on the bus. She paid close attention to it. The bus runs every 15 minutes. As long as she catches the bus at 7: 30 in the morning, she will definitely meet him. Therefore, every day, she would arrive at the bus station early, but waited until the bus came.
The story suddenly got stuck because she didn’t know how to get close to him, how to talk to him and how to know him. Worried, she posted her story on the town’s online forum, hoping someone could give her some advice.
Unexpectedly, her post soon attracted the attention of netizens, with over 500,000 hits in just over half a month.
People have helped her to come up with ideas –
Some people say, isn’t he wearing a watch? Ask him the time, and then talk naturally. With the first time to ask, you can say hello later …
Some people objected, saying that it was too old-fashioned to ask about the time. In fact, some small tricks can be used. One day when I got on the bus and passed him, I accidentally stepped on his foot, then said ” I’m sorry” to him and handed him a napkin. In this way, we can not only know him, but also take the opportunity to examine his personality. If he is also fond of you, the story can continue to develop …
Some people say that it is better to borrow his cell phone. Generally speaking, girls who borrow boys’ cell phones will succeed …
Some people added, yes, just borrow your mobile phone. First set your mobile phone to mute, then pretend that your mobile phone is missing and anxious. Then, please ask him for help and let him call your cell phone with his cell phone. In this way, he not only got the message, but also left his cell phone number with each other. If he has feelings too, this is a sign …
Some people say, simply walk up to him, stare at him and tell him that you like him …
Everyone has come up with all kinds of methods, old – fashioned, practical, romantic, smart, trendy … everything.
People are eagerly watching her progress.
She finally gathered up her courage and took an important step to talk to him!
That day, at the same time, I got on the same bus and met the same person. She suddenly discovered that her mobile phone was dead ( it was dead, not fake ), so she encouraged herself and bravely borrowed it from him. Just as he was rummaging for his mobile phone, a passenger next to her offered to lend her her mobile phone ( this kind gesture is really not the right time ). However, it doesn’t matter, she finally spoke to him.
She posted the important news on the Internet in time. Praise and blessing on the internet.
They are really in love.
She keeps updating her posts and telling people their stories. People pay close attention to it, follow it, and wish it well.
I am also one of them. Every day, I open that webpage and watch her progress. In middle age, I have no passion, my love, that was a long time ago. Today, I am like a romantic teenager, watching a story about her that I don’t know. The Internet has gathered hundreds of thousands of people together and experienced a common but extraordinary love story.
One netizen said well: love is beautiful, and what is better than love is the heart yearning for love.