Ghost writer behind the president

  Western politicians, especially the US president, seem to have good eloquence. They all have public speeches, and they are always eloquent. Some of the famous chapters are also circulated as classic quotes. In fact, this “eloquence” is not entirely a personal achievement, but more a result of collective creation. For example, the US president has a special writing team. These white house writers are the behind-the-scenes heroes who have created “presidential eloquence.”

  British Prime Minister hires US “West Wing Writer”

  In British politics, Prime Minister Brown is clearly not vocal, and critics say his speech is tedious and not filthy. However, during the visit to the United States in March this year, Brown suddenly became “scarred” and it was impressive. In particular, his speech at the joint meeting of the Senate and the House of Representatives in the United States Congress won 19 collective standing ovations in the presence of the members of the House of Representatives, and President Obama also personally sent a congratulatory message. American commentators believe that Brown’s speech is not only passionate, but also very relevant when it comes to the global economic situation.

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US News “Talk Show”

  Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, and Craig Fergus are all presenters of the famous “talk show” show in the United States. They are brave and brave, humorous, and extremely satiric and ironic. They often take current political, military, economic and other current events as well as celebrities and celebrities, but the audience likes it. Not to mention their eloquence, they expressed their feelings for the people, and they hated them. At least they heard that the news was easier and more interesting than watching the news programs.

  I have a plan to end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can do this: we call the soldiers back and send the investment bankers. They can make that place a mess in just six months. 6 months!

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Fishing philosophy

  I am no stranger to fishing. When I was a child, my father often took me to the nearby lake to go fishing.

  When going out for a holiday camp, my father usually chooses places with ponds or ditches. When my father was fishing at the river, my mother was grilling on the rocks, preparing food for us, and I would roll on the grass, or run around to catch cockroaches – I never seemed to wait patiently for the fish to hook, so for fishing The skills are still ignorant. After my father died, I have never fished.

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  Frank, the bank clerk who had been fired for half a year, became the luckiest kid in the town of Sankos this year.

  With no penny, he slammed into the competition with a group of gold collars and men, and got the love of the richest widow Amy in the town of Sankos.

  Friends wonder why Amy chose Frank. In their eyes, this yellow-haired, blue-eyed man has no strength beyond other candidates. Even his poverty is a bit unreliable. After listening to a friend, Amy laughed and said: “For a wealthy woman, how to identify a man who loves me or loves the money in my pocket has always been a problem for me. Frank uses his own The action proved that he is a man who regards money as dirt.”

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