Fishing philosophy

  I am no stranger to fishing. When I was a child, my father often took me to the nearby lake to go fishing.

  When going out for a holiday camp, my father usually chooses places with ponds or ditches. When my father was fishing at the river, my mother was grilling on the rocks, preparing food for us, and I would roll on the grass, or run around to catch cockroaches – I never seemed to wait patiently for the fish to hook, so for fishing The skills are still ignorant. After my father died, I have never fished.

  That morning, I went to the nearby fishing gear store to buy bait, rest blankets, beer, and in order to avoid getting lost, I also sold a map.

  I chose to sit down on a shady slope, start to fish and hang up the bait – I have helped my father to do it, not too strange, then throw the fishing line to the lake and watch the hook sink to the bottom. You’re done, just wait for the fish to hook up!

  I stared for a while and didn’t move. I gradually lost my patience and began to look around. Surrounded by silence, the angler or staring at the lake, or watching the distant mountains leisurely, or concentrate on reading. The sun is shining, the willows are swollen, the water is rippling, and the whole world presents a peaceful and peaceful scene.

  There are fish hooked! The lake suddenly stirred up and the line of fish was straight. When the fish is pulled out of the water, an arc is drawn on the water. A big squid! It’s a pity that I didn’t catch it.

  It seems to be a prelude, the whole pond has become lively, and one after another, the anglers have taken the line and fished. I seem to be in the fish market and see all kinds of fish caught. But I have nothing to gain, although the fish float has been moved a few times, but it is empty, except for the dripping drops of water.

  I thought I could calmly face nothing, because at first I didn’t have much hope of how many fish I wanted to fish. However, when other people kept catching fish, my leisurely attitude began to waver, and many of the ideas became suspicious. I suddenly found myself as calm and rational as I could not imagine.

  I started to pay attention to the anglers around, so Jack entered my field of vision.

  The acquaintance with Jack made me believe in fate. I am still glad that I can know this wise old man at the beginning of the world. He changed my view of life. Although many of the truths have been heard in the classroom and read in books, under a clear sky, facing the blue lake, it is so deeply reflected in my mind. .

  Jack – Of course, at first I didn’t know that he was Jack – the great entrepreneur who was admired by people, sitting on the bank of the river not far from me, constantly pulling the fish in his hand, one, and one… The fish suddenly struggled to pull out an arc on the water, and suddenly vacated a flip of the water surface. The fish line was relaxed and quite rhythm. After some competition, the fish on the hook gradually weakened. When it reached the shore, it was a net bag. From the beginning… the strength and skills of the fisherman are everywhere.

  My demeanor caught his attention, and he smiled and waved at me. The smile made me feel like a deja vu, but I was not sure where I had seen him. I also politely nodded to him.

  ”My name is Rennes Gilson, I want to sit here, I hope you don’t mind.”

  ”Of course not!” he said with a smile. “I am Jack, have a drink together?”

  Jack! A familiar name, plus a familiar smile, I suddenly remembered.

  ”Jack… you are Jack…”

  ”Yes, Jack! Is it strange?”

  Of course it is strange. Anyone who graduated from a business school like me will be amazed to meet a world-renowned entrepreneur, president of a multinational company, and professor of management at Harvard University in a pond in such a remote suburban village. I have seen his interviews on TV numerous times, and I have read many reports about the company he and his management, as well as his own economic analysis articles.

  He is my idol. At this moment, he was sitting in front of me, with a smile on the amiable face.

  ”It is a great honor to meet you, Mr. Jack!” I don’t want to hide my excitement.

  ”Me too!” He lifted the beer mug and gently touched my cup.

  “How is the harvest?”

  I shook my head and looked a little embarrassed. Jack shrugged and expressed his regret and sympathy without any irony.

  ”I have read some of your books, I think…” I hesitated for a while, but still felt that I should not give up this opportunity to personally ask a great entrepreneur.

  ”Thank you! But now I just want to talk about fishing.” He still smiles.

  I am quite disappointed. I know Jack is not only a wise man, but also a mentor of a young man who always teaches young people tirelessly. But now he just wants to talk about fishing.

  ”But I don’t know anything about fishing.”

  ”Then why are you here? And with a whole set of fishing gear.” He glanced at the fishing gear on my hand, “a good fishing rod.”

  ”I came to fish just for fun. These are all left by my father.”


  ”Yes, I just graduated from college. This is the last holiday before work. I want to relax myself.”

  ”Do you know the value of the fish in your hand?” He suddenly shifted the subject.

  ”I don’t know, this is what my father left. He is a fishing expert. He used to fish in this area.” I once again stressed the source of the fish, and wanted to tell him that I was not interested in fishing.

  ”I have a good fish, but I don’t know his value, and I don’t know how to use it.”

  Jack picked up my fishing rod and looked at it carefully. Suddenly he asked, “What is your father’s name?”

  ”Higer Gilson! But he has passed away!”

  ”Sorry… Hagrid? Gilson… is your father? He is my fishing instructor.”

  ”My father… your fishing instructor?!” I can’t connect an obscure craftsman to a well-known entrepreneur in the world.

  ”Yes! It was here many years ago. He taught me how to fish and changed many of my views.” After a pause, Jack went on to say, “He is a real fishing expert, his influence on fishing philosophy. My business philosophy.”

  ”Fishing philosophy?”

  ”Yes, fishing philosophy! It not only teaches you how to fish, how to catch big fish, but also an epiphany and life thinking.”

  ”Did your father not talk to you about his fishing philosophy?”

  ”I haven’t been interested in fishing since I was a child.” What is really not of interest is the father’s jealousy. If I could recognize the value of my father like Jack, maybe I am now a fishing expert. However, I am glad that I did not become an angler.

  ”It’s a pity, otherwise we may have more common topics.”

  ”But I still hope to get your advice. I have read many of your books…”

  ”I am sorry, today I don’t want to discuss business issues, maybe we can continue the topic,” Jack politely refused my request. “I think it makes sense to you.”

  I don’t see any discussion about the significance of fishing. I am just on the rise and want to relax. Although I met Jack, although I knew that my father actually had such a great student, it did not mean anything. I could not change my attitude towards fishing.

  ”So, can you tell me how to catch a fish?” I think this question is a bit stupid, but I can’t find a better topic, and the problem is so urgent.

  ”You have to tell me first, what kind of fish do you want to fish?” Jack suddenly laughed. “Many years ago, I asked the same questions as you, and your father answered me like this.”

  ”Does this matter?”

  ”Of course, and it’s very important,” Jack said affirmatively.

  ”But, I am just fishing, I just want to relax, I just want to relax my emotions, so I don’t care what fish I catch… I don’t want to be a fishing expert.” I once again stressed that I don’t want to be a fishing expert to express my opinion on this topic. Tired of.

  “Do you think that I regard fishing as my profession? In fact, apart from the fishing coaches, everyone here regards fishing as an entertainment. However, only catching fish can bring you pleasure. In order to have a real emotional relaxation. If you just want to relax and don’t want to worry about “fishing”, why don’t you lie on the grass and soak up the sun?”

  I agree with Jack’s view that “only fish can be really relaxed”, because the morning has gone through a psychological test – I can’t control my desires, after all, I am not a Tibetan lama or a Japanese monk.

  “This is what you call the fishing philosophy?”

  ”If you think so, he should be. There may be a line connecting between fishing and life.”