Frank, the bank clerk who had been fired for half a year, became the luckiest kid in the town of Sankos this year.

  With no penny, he slammed into the competition with a group of gold collars and men, and got the love of the richest widow Amy in the town of Sankos.

  Friends wonder why Amy chose Frank. In their eyes, this yellow-haired, blue-eyed man has no strength beyond other candidates. Even his poverty is a bit unreliable. After listening to a friend, Amy laughed and said: “For a wealthy woman, how to identify a man who loves me or loves the money in my pocket has always been a problem for me. Frank uses his own The action proved that he is a man who regards money as dirt.”

  People only know that it is the perfection of Frank.

  On that day, Frank left as he was at the time when he was lingering in the sun. He actually wanted to have a dinner in Amy’s warm house and then left, but Amy’s mood seemed a bit bad that day. She did not retain him, and Frank had to leave quickly. At this time, the BLOG of the wood was dark, and Frank kicked and slammed on a remote road. Suddenly a red bag appeared in front of him.

  To Frank’s surprise, the open bag was a small silver-white laptop with a colorful banknote and an address book in addition to the laptop.

  Frank hesitated for three minutes, then he called the phone on the address page of the address book.

  An hour later, a boy ran over breathlessly. He took the bag from Frank’s hand with great gratitude. At the same time, the boy told Frank that the bag was accidentally lost by her sister. She is now looking for anxiously elsewhere.

  Looking at the boy’s back in a hurry, Frank was a bit disappointed. He thought that the owner would at least ask for a hearty dinner. It seems that I can only go back to the cold home to eat instant noodles.

  Frank walked on the road in frustration. Ten minutes later, the phone rang, it was Amy. She murmured to apologize for not having to stay with Frank for dinner. However, to Fran’s surprise, Amy solemnly invited him back, she wanted to spend a romantic evening with him.

  Frank quickly turned back. That night, he not only ate a sumptuous meal, but also set a lifelong life with Amy.

  That secret has now become an open story. Wood wood BLOG

  Amy used a expensive laptop and two thousand dollars to test out Frank’s heart.

  Everyone celebrates this fateful woman and finally finds the destination of happiness. However, three months after the marriage, Amy has not recovered from the happy dream, and she was killed in a car accident.

  Frank got her entire legacy. Sadly, he closed his door and mourned for half a year, after which a beautiful girl, Millie, walked into his life.

  She is the cook of Amy’s family. Although she is young, she has unique cooking skills. Wood’s BLOG is in the eyes of Frank, and Millie’s looks are better than her cooking.

  Frank, who is no longer short of money, has firmly embraced pure love this time.

  On a warm and romantic engagement night, Millie lay happily in Frank’s arms, and she murmured that she had always been fond of him. The temptation to pick up the money made her feel that Frank had a heart of gold. Wood wood BLOG

  That night, Frank had a few drinks and was a bit over-excited. A mansion, a wife, a smooth life, God gave him all the wonderful gifts he could not imagine. Frank decided that he would never wear a mask again.

  He blushes and tells Millie that he is not as upright as everyone thinks. At first he didn’t want the computer because he thought it was just a toy, because the two thousand dollars in the bag were all fake. If he is not hoping for the owner to have dinner, he will not even call that phone.

  ”What disappoints me is that the little boy ran away with only one thank you.” Frank smiled and blindfolded his eyes. “But how lucky I am, it turned out to be a temptation of Amy. wood”

  He went on to say: “I can’t imagine what kind of stupid things I would make if Amy was not in the bag. Dear, you don’t know how tight my mouth was.”

  Frank lowered his head, and Millie in his arms suddenly said softly: “But as far as I know, Amy was not put a fake banknote in the bag.”

  Frank-怔, immediately smiled: “You forgot that I was a bank employee, even with my eyes closed, I can recognize the authenticity of the banknotes.”

  Millie plunged her head deeply, and her beautiful big eyes suddenly filled with tears: “Frank, I changed those banknotes into counterfeit coins. When Amy wants me to throw the bag on the road you must pass, I I was greedy for the two thousand dollars. I thought you would take the bag, so Amy would not find my behavior anyway.”

  Frank is there, Millie continues to repent: “But later, I received your call, you have to return the bag. I was frightened, and quickly asked my brother to take the bag back and re-exchange the banknotes to Amy. “”

  Millie cried shyly, but Frank hugged her more tightly: “Thank you, baby, thank you for being so honest with me.”

  Millie looked up at the excited Frank in confusion, and what he said next made her a big surprise.

  ”In fact, after I married Amy, I have already confessed to her, but Amy believes that I can be so honest, that I am a man worthy of entrustment. From Amy, I know that she is not using fake. Banknotes, I realized at the time that it might be that you did your hands and feet. I did not pursue the truth of the matter, because, dear, in the end, it is your behavior that fulfills me.”

  Millie cried and rushed into Frank’s arms: “Dear, can you really forgive my mistake?”

  Frank gently kissed her forehead and looked at her warmly and infatually. “Dear Millie, forgive me for your temptation today, your confession finally made me see your sincerity towards love. Dear Will we get married tomorrow?”

  Millie tears her eyes and she nodded happily.