US News “Talk Show”

  Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, and Craig Fergus are all presenters of the famous “talk show” show in the United States. They are brave and brave, humorous, and extremely satiric and ironic. They often take current political, military, economic and other current events as well as celebrities and celebrities, but the audience likes it. Not to mention their eloquence, they expressed their feelings for the people, and they hated them. At least they heard that the news was easier and more interesting than watching the news programs.

  I have a plan to end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can do this: we call the soldiers back and send the investment bankers. They can make that place a mess in just six months. 6 months!

  ——Jie Leno

  Former President George Bush is writing a book about the 12 difficult decisions he must make when he becomes president. He said that each decision has three choices – two stones, scissors, cloth!
  - Jay Leno Wood’s BLOG

  Did you watch the news program last night? Michelle Obama opened a vegetable patch on the lawn of the White House. When the Obama family is afraid of food shortages, you know that the economy is really too bad!
  - Jimmy Fallon

  Former President George Bush has just signed a book worth $7 million. However, according to reports, he originally thought that the contract was for him to read a book.
  - Jimmy Fallon

  I think everyone should be calm and give Obama 4 years to see what he can do. If he suffers a fiasco, we treat him like Bush – choose him for re-election!
   – Craig Fergus

Hey, have you seen this? This is a brand new US presidential list made by 65 historians. President Bush climbed from the bottom to the fifth. Of course, Bush must be happy, which is much better than his academic performance in high school!
  - Jay Leno

  Today is the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln. To commemorate this day, the US Mint will issue a new coin worth 1 cent, with Lincoln’s house printed on it. This is a perfect fit – today’s house is worth the price of the wooden log.
 - Craig Fergus