Incomparable six-game chess in history

  Go is a long-established entertainment project in China. There have been some stories about chess that have been made in the past. There are such unusual six-game pieces in history, which is shocking to read.

  In 383 AD, during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, a famous war with less victory and more battles broke out. The Eastern Jin Dynasty defeated the 800,000-strong army of the former Qin who claimed to be a million people. When the newsletter was sent back to Jiankang, Xie An was playing chess with his friends. After he saw it at random, he set aside and continued to play chess. It seems that everything is expected. Friends asked, he just said faintly nothing, but the children have already defeated the enemy. “Shi Shuo Xin Yu” records this matter like this: “Xie Gong and people go to chess, Russia and Xie Huaihuai letter to the letter, reading the book, silently, Xu Xiang. The guest asked Huai Shangli, answer: ‘Children broke Thief. ‘The expression of color is not the same as usual.”

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How bad a traitor can be

  On October 4, 1933, the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the lunar calendar, on this day, the Koreans (family) had to do “snap.” Li Zaide’s mother got up very early on this day – the Tangyuan Central County Committee had to meet at her house to study and form a guerrilla group. There are no signs of something going wrong. Before the dark, I settled down, and Li Zaide and two students went around the village. The mother still did not feel at ease, and went out for a half hour in person. After returning, she dipped the white cloth that said “nothing is safe” and dried it on the firewood at the door.

  When the day was bright, the Japanese gendarmerie and the pseudo-police suddenly surrounded the village and went from house to house to capture the young and middle-aged. At this time, the county committee meeting has just ended. At the same time, they were surrounded and searched for the Gejie River and the school. A total of more than 300 young men and women were brought to the Japanese Gendarmerie of Heli Town and closed in a large warehouse. But no one would identify the Communists to the enemy, and they said that they did not know what the Communist Party was. The enemy brought the traitor Li Yuanzhen to confront.

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Saber carrying a soul

  In the showroom of the “Guoyu Cemetery” in Tengchong County, Yunnan Province, I have seen a Japanese army knife, without a commentary. The knife is just a standard knife used by Japanese junior officers. Its story is told by Mr. Li Zheng from the museum that accepted the donation.

  The knife was once a spoils for a soldier named Shen Rongzhen. Shen Rongzhen, a native of Haining, Zhejiang Province, is the platoon leader of the Second Battalion of the Sixth Regiment of the 20th Regiment of the Chinese Expeditionary Force.  

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If you don’t know these ten moves, you don’t know how to eat.

  How to eat more nutrients? The first thing to understand is that not eating 10 kinds of foods is better than eating 5 kinds of foods. As long as you eat the right method, it may be 5 to 10 minutes.

  Do not cut the vegetables before cooking.

  White boiled green vegetables are a healthy way to eat; white boiled whole vegetables are a healthier way to eat. Scientists at the American Bureau of Agricultural Research found that potatoes cooked more than 50% more potassium than diced cooking, and the University of Newcastle study found that carrots are cooked only more than chopped and cooked. More than 25% of the anti-cancer compound eugenol. Not only that, the whole cooked food is more delicious than the food cooked after chopping, because the carrots are chopped and cooked, which means that the important elements that make up the carrot taste – sugar, acid and other substances have been precipitated and infiltrated into the water.

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Complain the president

  After taking office, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has maintained a “good relationship with the Prime Minister” Putin. The two often have a “love and love” lens presented to the public.

  On August 12, 2009, Meppe was in a good mood. After work, they walked together like ordinary old friends, talked and laughed, and showed the best of Russia’s top leadership and friends. This day coincides with the international football national competition day, the Russian national football team battle Argentina, the two together, simply walked into a cafe, drinking coffee and watching the game, so good. With the end of the game, Meppe’s “Love Show” also came to a successful conclusion. They waved goodbye to each other and drove home. In such a warm and harmonious scene, the Russian TV station that has been chased by photographers has taken the shots and delivered them to thousands of households. However, no one expected that there was a thing that broke the eyeglasses.

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