A poor student at Peking University

  I often recall the scene when I first entered Beijing University.

  In the 1999 college entrance examination, I took the liberal arts champion in the county and was admitted to the Chinese Department of Peking University. I became the first student to be admitted to Peking University in the 60 years since my alma mater was founded. On the morning of September 4, 1999, the day was like a tulle. My father and I got off the train at the Beijing Railway Station. There was no destination to follow the crowd and walk out of the station. The father and son sat on the green leather train and squeezed for 16 hours. From the vast plain of the northern part of the country, they came to the high-rise building, exhausted to the extreme, and felt very uneasy about their incomprehensible costumes. I remember very clearly that I was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt on the upper part of the day, covered with dust and a black layer on the neckline. Underneath was a brown-haired casual trousers, some short, hanging people; It is a pair of inferior yellow shoes. What made me most uncomfortable was not how to wear it. What I was worried about was the plastic suitcase box that was in my hand. It was bought forty-five yuan at the market before I left, because of poor quality. At a distance of less than ten miles from home, it was completely cracked. My father didn’t know where to get a few pieces of broken rope to tie it tightly. The clothes inside were desperately squeezed out from the cracked gap. I am worried. It is the possibility that it will explode at any time.

  Going to school in Beijing is the first time I took the train. It is reasonable to say that the first train ride is very exciting for people of that age, but the actual situation makes me too excited. After getting on the train in Hefei, I took my train ticket, found my seat in the crowd, and found a pregnant woman sitting in the seat. How to get back to my seat is the first time I actually dealt with a problem. I told the pregnant woman that the seat was mine. The pregnant woman did not say a word, like a novelist looking at me deeply, began to look out the window like a traveller. In the face of a dumb situation, I don’t know how to deal with it. I want to tell her that I am a student at Peking University. I want to tell her that this is my first time going abroad, but I did not say anything. In that crowded space, I felt so out of place, and finally I left and squeezed into another compartment.

  I stood blindly in the crowd, and for 16 hours, I didn’t even drink it. My father was worse than me. He and a relative who was going to the same place were squeezed into the dining car and spent money to buy a teahouse. Because he might change places at any time, he had to squeeze the cracked box out of the crowd. . I barely spoke for sixteen hours. I was listening to the people next to me. I didn’t know how to interject. I even said that I didn’t even think about interjecting. I am so silent. This first train trip made me afraid to take the train until now, just like eating greasy food when I was young, and when I met the appropriate scene, I rushed out of my stomach.

  At that time, the liberal arts students of Peking University were going to the Changping Campus. The school bus drove our father and son directly to the remote park in the western suburbs of Changping. The father is not allowed to stay in school for a long time, and the father must rush back on the day. When I got off the bus, the father and son quickly rushed to report, buy bedding, and buy daily necessities. After buying the things, my father left the fare back and gave me all the rest of the money, with more than three hundred dollars. At noon, the father and son had a meal in the cafeteria. They felt that the food was very expensive and they didn’t want anything. It was the first meal my father had come to Beijing to eat. In the afternoon, my father had to take the bus to the train station. Our father and son stood in the eucalyptus forest in the park and waited for the school bus. When I was waiting for the bus, my father said that you should not be willing to spend money, buy the things you bought, add the additions, and say something like taking care of yourself, not at home, not thinking about home. Then my father and I fell silent. After a period of silence, my father turned slowly and looked at the grassy field and the woods far away from the stadium. I saw him raise his hand to wipe his eyes. After a long time, when he turned his head and looked at me again, I found that there were still tears in his eyes. A sad mood poured out from my heart, and it was funny. When I almost said a word: “Dad, I want to go back with you.”

  A few years later, I recorded the scene of the “Lu Yu You Gong” program, and recalled the scene of the father and son separately, still could not help but cry. I know why my father was crying at the time. I was so weak in all the students, I didn’t wear it, and the things I bought were the easiest. After he left, what was in front of me was an unknown college life, and all the living expenses were only a negligible amount of more than 300 yuan.

  Later, my cousin wrote to me and said that my father arrived home the following afternoon. It was just the day when my cousin was admitted to Anhui Agricultural University to have a drink, and an open-air movie was included. The projectionist repeatedly mentioned The names of our brothers. My father rushed to the wine table, and everyone picked up the glass and waited for my father to speak. My cousin said that all the people looked at their father with a look of hope. They were waiting for their father to talk about the great capital of Beijing and tell me about the scenery outside of the world. The father has not yet opened his mouth and has already shed tears. He drank a glass of wine and said: “The children of our family are the poorest ones there, and let him suffer there.” After that, they cried.

  More than a month after my father left, I lived on more than three hundred dollars.

  It’s very simple to eat. The nightingale at night is a gimmick bought from the cafeteria at dinner. It’s simple but it’s so delicious. I enjoy my university like other students. Get up early every morning to go to the playground to read English, go to class in the afternoon, look at the miscellaneous books at night, and sometimes play table tennis with others. In the afternoon without class, I went to play with the players and sweated. I remember that the first ball on the new cup was me kicked in. I was so excited that I ran wildly. Why can I be so happy, so happy, to tell the truth, I am not so profound in my mind, as some people have said, to look down on hardships, to look down on poverty, and then to transcend, after the storm is a rainbow, I am used to it. I am happy to live my own university life, not to escape, not to let people feel pity for their own lives, or that I have no knowledge of these rich and poor, music and suffering, and the ignorant is fearless. There are only three hundred yuan in money, buying books, buying daily necessities, eating, bathing, dressing, such as all kinds of expenses. I don’t have any sense of restraint. How about one less point, how much more? Sometimes, the frog at the bottom of the well is also happy.
  Soon, my mother wrote a letter, typos, and later I took this letter and said to my mother, I really can’t see you, you have been to high school. The mother said with a smile, so many years, can remember so many words, it is already good. The mother said in the letter that she wanted to go out with the construction team and cook for others, five or six hundred a month. The letter made me very uncomfortable and uneasy. I quickly wrote to my mother and said that if you really want to go, I will not go to school. If the mother is in poor health, how can she do this kind of rough work? Later, I took a bus to the Yanyuan, the headquarters of Peking University. I taught a company to teach a tutor at home. I taught three hours a month for a total of one hundred dollars. This means that I have a income of 400 yuan per week. I quickly wrote to my family that I found a part-time job and my life was not too tight. This tutor is the first part-time job in my university, and I have paid a lot. Every Saturday morning, I will take the school bus to Yanyuan, then take a bus from Xiyuan to Xizhimen, take a section, go to the student’s home, go to noon, eat some food nearby, and take a class in the afternoon. The school bus that rushed back to the campus was too late. I could only take the 27th road from Xizhimen, pour 345, take 345 to Changping, then take the small public to the south exit. From the south exit to the campus is a section of the tree-lined road. After I got down from the public, the basics On the black, I have to walk four miles to the road. Both sides are all orchard crops. I am alone on the road. Every time I see the red lantern at the entrance of the school district, my eyes are a little fuzzy. The familiarity after exhaustion makes me feel There was a strong warmth. I still remember how happy I was to get a tuition fee of one hundred yuan for the first time. On the complicated overpass of Xizhimen, I could not find the north, half because it was really complicated, I could not find the 27th station, half It’s exciting to just walk away.

  After returning to Yanyuan, I had my first good job and helped a cultural company write a bestseller. The most tragic manuscript is that three of us need to write 180,000 words in a week. In my week, except for class, all the time was spent on writing manuscripts. At that time, unlike the present, there was a computer, everything was handwritten, and the manuscript paper was written one by one, and then bought one by one. I couldn’t finish it during the day. I moved to the bench and wrote it in the corridor at night. In six days, I wrote 80,000 words and got a payment of 1,800 pieces. This “big money” made me excited. At that time, my hands were sore that I could hardly afford chopsticks. Slowly, I have a special liking for this part-time job that can be busy if I don’t go out in the house. For example, a few students helped people write a manuscript for junior high school students to read. The time was too tight. I was too busy to come and help me. I wrote 12 articles overnight and passed the article.

  Since then, I have retired my tutor and started to give myself more time and energy. I used it in reading books, in learning, and in enjoying my life at Peking University. I have a strong interest in many courses. The last course in the History of Oriental Civilization was interested in the origin of cuneiform writing. I couldn’t find it in the Peking University Library. I went to the National Library to check. Later, I wrote a paper and handed it to the teacher. The teacher rated it very high. On the history of Chinese art by Shang Bai’s teacher, I went to the Forbidden City to see the exhibition, went to the military museum to see the Chinese oil painting exhibition, check the materials and write the thesis. Yes, like other students at Peking University, I am learning, working hard, gaining, but my way is not the same as others. I began to learn to write something I wanted to write, and my first novel was published in my sophomore year. I study hard. I don’t sleep very much every month before the final exam. I recite, check the information, sleepy, and the coffee powder falls directly into my mouth. In the morning exam, buy mineral water with ice to wake yourself up. I have won scholarships, reviewed the pacesetters, won sports awards, and won the title of outstanding Communist Party members at Peking University. I know that my efforts have not been in vain.

  In the third year, a CCTV editor came to the Chinese Department of Boys’ Dormitory to find a part-time job. I was a member of the class committee and introduced her to several classmates. She is not satisfied, let me try. I went with great curiosity, and that day happened to meet the horrible sudden snow in Beijing in 2002. I left at the South Gate of Peking University at 6 o’clock in the afternoon and took a bus to Jing’anzhuang in the North Third Ring Road. The usual 40-minute road, I arrived at 12:30 in the evening. The entire road is a car, all people. We pushed the car forward and pushed from the National People’s Congress to Jing’anzhuang. The Beijing city that night was chaotic and orderly. When I finished talking from the choreographer at 3:30 in the morning, the car on the road was ready to move. After talking about it, I started to write and plan a copy of CCTV in four sets of CCTV. Four TV people who came into contact with me gave me a good evaluation and the income was OK. Later, I was already familiar with the writing of the copy, and it was like a duck to get a living. I decided to quit and not do it. This decision greatly exceeded the expectations of the director. She kept me, I smiled and said: I still want to do something else.

  From the second semester of my sophomore year, I no longer ask for money from my family; in the third semester, I began to pay part of my living expenses and tuition fees for my sister. When I was a graduate student at Peking University, I started writing scripts. My sister went to college and was on the third batch of undergraduate admissions. The family called to say that the tuition was very high. I said nothing, let her go, have me! During the summer vacation, I sent my sister to go to school. I paid her 17,000 yuan before and after, and gave her a living fee of 3,000 yuan. I said that I was three hundred people and started my life at Peking University. You are much happier than me. . On my way back from Changchun, my sister sent me a text message. She said, “Brother, thank you, do so for me, I will work hard.” I sent her a text message saying: “Brother did this because If you have the conditions to do this, I just want you to enjoy your university, just like when I was studying undergraduate at Peking University.”

  Yes, this is the life of Peking University: it makes me grateful and makes me fall in love. There won’t be a stop here because of poverty. My two good friends have a very good family. Now one goes to the United States to study, one goes to Xinhua News Agency, and then gathers together, still laughing. We have no barriers. We are talking about happiness and happiness. We will not take care of you because of your hardship. Everything needs to be practiced by yourself. As you walk along, you will find the roads you have taken, and look so flat. Every step can be taken, but it is actually so difficult: here is Beijing, here is Peking University, there are countless young people here, there are countless steps. They come and go, have been strange and familiar, have tears and smiles, have friends and enemies, have been ugly and beautiful. But when you really put one of the footprints in front of the camera, zoom in, put it into eight inches, put it into twelve inches, and put it into a size as big as 20 inches. What you find out is based on a kind of tenacity and strength in your own body. More importantly, from that footprint we are happy to discover our own smiles and happiness that are quietly forgotten.