Big star’s little role

  One day in January 2009, I was busy watching the famous director Jiang Wen of the new film “Let the Bullets Fly”. Suddenly I received a call from Han Sanping, the chairman of China Film Group. Han Sanping told Jiang Wen on the phone that he was going to start shooting for the 60th anniversary of the National Day. The “Jianguo Daye” was about to start shooting. He wanted to invite Jiang Wenlai to star in the military commander Mao Renfeng. But the words are clear, and the “Mao Renfeng” plays only a total of three plays. In other words, it is the running dragon.

  Jiang Wen, a “film actor” who played countless protagonists, listened to Han Sanping’s words. I immediately agreed, and said very sincerely: “The 60th anniversary of the founding of New China, our aunt is going to have a birthday. As a director and an actor, I should really be dedicated to the front line to give a little strength. “The Founding of the People’s Republic of China” gives a gift to the motherland.”

  Jiang Wen, who took over the task, did not wait, but took the initiative to do his homework. Jiang Wen temporarily put down his work in his hands and comprehensively studied the “human hair style.” Regarding Mao Renfeng’s books, pictures and video materials, he checked them one by one, and actually verified half a foot of thick materials for the three scenes.

  In March 2009, Jiang Wen flew from Beijing to the Shanghai studio. He held more than half a foot of information about Mao Zefeng and watched Han Sanping and Huang Jianxin directors. They said: “We look at Mao Renfeng. There is absolutely no more information. How to act is up to you.” They just finished. Jiang Wen respected a military ceremony. When saluting, Jiang Wen was slightly interested in the cat’s waist. Han Sanping looked at him and asked: “How do you respect different people? What kind of new military gift you are!” Jiang Wen smiled and explained: “This is the standard military ceremony of Mao Renfeng. Mao Renfeng and other stay in the United States The Kuomintang’s generals have different salutations. I have verified that Mao Renfeng graduated from a Japanese military school, and he has a Japanese style of work. He is a Japanese military ritual. He is used to licking his ass when he salutes. There is evidence to make Han Sanping and Huang Jianxin convinced.

  In order not to trouble the crew, when Jiang Wenjin entered the crew, he also brought a set of standard Kuomintang uniforms and prepared props. See Jiang Wendai is a pair of frog mirrors. Huang Jianxin said that this is not right, Jiang Wen said, this is really “right.” Then, Jiang Wen turned out the materials he had verified, and Han Sanping and Huang Jianxin knew that it was the glasses that he popularized in the 1940s.

  As a famous director and actor of the international company, Jiang Wen has only made three such short dramas, and such a great effort has been made. I did a very detailed study, and I was quite prepared. I really did it.

  On the day of the official start of the shoot, Jiang Wenyi entered the studio with a fluttering look, which matched the historical figures he played, and a lively “Mao Renfeng” jumped out. As the general director Han Sanping commented: “Jiang Wen plays not much, but it is really wonderful. Jiang Wen is not a ‘big star’, and the reason why stars can become stars is because they are more diligent than others in some respects. Better. A star is a good actor, and a good actor is a guarantee of quality.”