Come back home

  I have traveled many times on this route. I have ten hours at the beginning. Because of the student ticket, I can only buy a night train. When the car stops at Jiaxing, there is still visibility. When I go to Hangzhou, I will go to Ningbo. When I was at home, my grandmother must get up, look at the door, see me, and go back to the house to get breakfast.

  Twenty years ago, she waited for me to go home twice a year. Like all wanderers who didn’t have a heart, I only felt that my grandmother was waiting for the righteousness, and the grandmother of the world was like this.

  My grandmother in the same room at the university once came. The braised pork on the long-distance bus was still warm, and the braised gravy on her underwear made us laugh for a week.

  But now, we can’t laugh out.

  I haven’t sat in the car for a long time at night. I have always regretted not seeing the scenery along the way. Now I am on the train. The time to go home is getting shorter and shorter. Every time I can’t talk a lot with my grandmother, her life has not changed. Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, Lin Sister and Jia Baoyu, the civil servant is writing the world, and the generals will be on the horse.

  She has been worried about it. I used to eat if I was full. Now it is my husband who treats me well. She is a child of a foreigner’s family, she is not enough to eat in her childhood, and her grandfather is not good for her, so she never understands weight loss. These things are now farther away from her, because modern medicine announced that she had arrived at the time of her death.

  I took the mother’s phone and said that the doctor gave up the treatment and the grandmother did not want to stay in the hospital. The train in the morning took me home, all the way to advertising: “What to give to my loved ones?” I used to tell my grandmother that she would buy her the biggest TV in the world, but now her eyes are afraid of light, and she can’t open it. Moreover, even if she opened it, she could not see anything. Fortunately, her hearing was not bad.

  When I first entered the door, she said, “You are so busy, still coming back from Shanghai?” After a whole day, she did not have the strength to say the second sentence. I sat at her bed for an afternoon and rushed back to Shanghai.

  The train back to Shanghai started in the twilight, the same as when I was 18 years old, but then the grandmother could help me with the suitcase, asking me all the time, not enough? At the time of the summer, I was sweating and excited about entering the new world. Grandma was even impatient. When the train started and left the grandmother’s world behind, I felt a little relaxed. But these are now returned to me, and the sky is on, let me have another chance, sitting at the bed of my grandmother and thinking about the days around her.