Complain the president

  After taking office, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has maintained a “good relationship with the Prime Minister” Putin. The two often have a “love and love” lens presented to the public.

  On August 12, 2009, Meppe was in a good mood. After work, they walked together like ordinary old friends, talked and laughed, and showed the best of Russia’s top leadership and friends. This day coincides with the international football national competition day, the Russian national football team battle Argentina, the two together, simply walked into a cafe, drinking coffee and watching the game, so good. With the end of the game, Meppe’s “Love Show” also came to a successful conclusion. They waved goodbye to each other and drove home. In such a warm and harmonious scene, the Russian TV station that has been chased by photographers has taken the shots and delivered them to thousands of households. However, no one expected that there was a thing that broke the eyeglasses.

  A citizen named Victor had complained to the traffic control department about the president. The reason was that Medvedev “had not worn a seat belt when driving, and he did not open the front lights when the lighting was not good, which seriously violated the traffic rules. According to the law, a fine of 500 rubles should be imposed. “This is really ridiculous. I only blame the TV station for being too “dedication”. When the president boarded the car and was about to leave, they still reluctantly captured the last shot of the president, causing the eye-catching Victor to see at a glance. The president’s violations. The traffic control department is also embarrassed. They said to Victor: “Thank you for your concern for the president, but this is a matter of the president’s security. It should be controlled by the Federal Security Bureau.” He kicked the ball to other departments. Victor also complained to the Federal Security Service. He said unequivocally: “Everyone is equal before the law. The president should be a model of law-abiding. If he can admit that he is wrong and pays a fine, he will set a good example for all drivers. “The officials of the Security Bureau are very embarrassed and ignore it. It seems that they do not respect the public opinion and they are not responsible for the security of the president. How can the president get the stage?” They wanted to break their heads. After several discretions, they finally found a “reasonable” explanation: “Mr. Victor, what you see is just the shot of the president who just got on the car. After the car started, he tied the seat belt. Unfortunately. Yes, this scene does not take the lens. Therefore, the president does not violate the rules of the regulations, of course, there is no need to fine.”

  In the end, Victor’s complaint ended in failure, but he let a lot of officials stunned a cold sweat, I wonder if Medvedev would have any feelings after hearing the news. Perhaps he should be pleased with Victor’s behavior, which shows that the ordinary citizens of Russia also have a strong sense of legal awareness and supervision, and this is a reflection of the quality of the people.

  In a country, it is not enough to rely on the functional departments to fight alone. If every citizen can form a strong social force like Victor, the effectiveness will be much more obvious. If each of our young people is focused on cultivating legal awareness and civic awareness from an early age, then our national civilization will be much faster and the society will be more harmonious and healthy.