Do you want a magic wallet?

  “Why is my wallet always empty?” This is a problem that has been plaguing Robbie and Paul – Robbie and Paul are technical workers in a wallet factory in Washington, and the fictitious protagonist of this article – no matter how much money is earned, Their wallets are always empty, and under the guidance of several rich people, they found the answer.

  The first wallet rule: establish your own wallet rules

  When Robbie met with Spencer Justice in the wallet factory to order the wallet, he sweared; “There was a judge in the local court, but now he has become a judge in the United States.” At the exit, Robbie felt too abrupt and had to cough. Spencer haha ​​laughed and admitted: “I have become a rich man, but my money is earned by proper means. It is not a shame to make a fortune.”

  Spencer told Robbie that he only did it according to the “law”. The “law” here refers to the law of the wallet, which only applies to his own wallet, and is a kind of wealth-making rule for himself.

  Robbie was puzzled, Spencer asked: “When will Mr. Robbie open the wallet?”

  ”Well, when I want to buy something, for example, when I want to eat.”

  ”So, Mr. Robbie can’t be a rich man in a short time.”

  As a person who dreams of making a fortune, Robbie can’t make his own assertion and judgement of the judge.

  Spencer continued: “This is because Mr. Robbie’s wallet does not have his own rules. Your wallet is not dominated by your will, but is temporarily dominated by the conditions you face, that is, the real dominance Your wallet is not your own. Since you are holding a wallet that is not your own, how can you become a rich man?”

  At this time, Robbie couldn’t help but think of spending money frantically shopping before, eating and drinking without restraint. These acts were the source of his happiness and the culprit in which he hollowed out his wallet.

  Spencer continues to inspire him: “You can think about the moment when you opened your wallet and paid for your wallet. At these moments, do you have some rules that you don’t change? For example, ‘I will open the wallet to pay for this time. ”I will not pay this time…”

  Robbie thought for a long time, did not find a special rule, want to spend money to spend, he is completely dominated by the surrounding situation.

  All the richest people in the world have their own rules, whether they are making money or spending money. Because of this, they can make more money than others, and they can keep the money in their hands for a longer time. In fact, the rich are not just people who are observing wealth, but people who follow their own wallet rules.

  Build your magic wallet

  1. Think twice when you let the money out of your wallet. Don’t hesitate to put money into your wallet for a second.

  2. Buying is not an item, but a value. No matter how good things are, if you don’t meet your value standards, you don’t even pay a penny.

  3, if you can’t recover the price paid, you simply don’t open the wallet.

  The second wallet rule: choose the time to open the wallet

  Professor Chen Tiantong is a Chinese-American. He is also a rich man on the rich side. The second largest house in the city of BLOG in the woods of is his current residence. His wallet is engraved with a “time”. In the face of Robbie’s doubts, he patiently explained: “Ordinary people think that to become a rich man should do three things, one is to make a lot of money, and the other is to be good. The money, the third is to use the money to invest or engage in business. But for the rich, there is another priority, that is – pay seriously.”

  Robbie heard a confused, Professor Chen talked about his own experience. 35 years ago, the US economy was in chaos and the market was in a downturn. People invariably tightened their belts to live, and the rich felt that it was an opportunity to get higher value at a very small price. At that time, an ounce of gold was $35, and after a while it reached $700 to $800!

  Professor Chen ignored the surprise of Robbie and continued: “Two people put the same money into the wallet, but as they opened the wallet differently, one of the people’s money became 20 times the original, another person The money has turned into the original 1/20.”

  “The professor also bought gold at the time and then became a rich man?”

  Unexpectedly, Professor Chen shook his head: “No, I didn’t buy gold, I bought gold,” and the profit from buying gold is 60 times the cost!

  Professor Chen gave him a meaningful look: “When there is a suitable time, we will open the wallet decisively. Although it will not lose anything if it is not opened, it will never lose the opportunity to make a fortune.” Deposit is definitely not a fortune. The only way out. Many people choose to deposit for security and convenience, and with that little bit of interest, the world does not change. If you take the investment, it will inevitably be risky at first, but when you gather it into a tower, it will take a long time to gain. Moreover, in this process, you can continuously improve your investment ability and exercise your own judgment.

  Build your magic wallet

  The delegate can open the three timing signals of the “magic wallet”:

  1. Pay attention to the flow of people, such as changes in people’s lifestyles, changes in the scope of residents’ activities, and then re-opening the wallet after investment or consumption. Usually, people who come to the money will definitely have unusual behavior.

  2. Note the 0 equilibrium point. If you get the benefit on this side, then you should pay attention to the other side of the movement, this side has been rising, and the other side of the symmetry will also rise soon. Therefore, instead of joining the rising side, it is better to pay attention to the opposite side and be optimistic about the timing of the rise.

  3. The parabola of money. The flow of money is ultimately a parabola. As long as you can see whether the parabola is descending or going to the well, you can judge whether it should open or close the wallet.

  The third wallet rule: What is important is not how much money is spent, but where the money is spent.

  Paul stood in front of the bank that was closed, and met Mr. Giordano when he was hurt. Giordano is the most successful immigrant in southern Italy, and he owns a multi-billion dollar asset management company. Because he is a fellow, Paul can’t help but complain to him about his situation and the injustice of his fate.

  At an intersection, Giordano gave a squat for 75 cents and then asked Paul: “What if I throw 75 cents into a vending machine? If I used this 75 cents 45 years ago in Kansas City. What will happen when the outer city buys the land of the acre?”

  Seeing Paul silently, Giordano said: “Although it is only 75 cents, but because of your different usage, it may make you feel a few seconds of satisfaction, wood wood BLOG can also be solved You have a few minutes of dry throat, and you can buy a real estate foundation that is enough to enjoy your life. Can you see the difference between the rich and the poor? This is the law I want to tell you to make your wallet bulge— – What is important is where the money is spent, not how much it is spent.” Giordano asked Paul to list the big expenses of each month. After Giordano looked at it, he began to classify them one by one.

  ”If you want to be a rich man, family patience and support are also needed.” Giordano first crossed out his brother’s club dues and his sister’s pocket money. Then, Giordano rounded out the membership of the Italian immigrant party and the various fellowships. “If I were you, I will get together these expenses.” In this way, Paul has 15% of his monthly investment, which is very meaningful for Paul.

  Even if you are just entering the society, you are still very young and you should pay attention to financial management. Even if you have a family burden, you should invest 30% of your income to the place where you can get the most value, otherwise your life will be overwhelmed by a pile of burdens. Without these burdens, the investment ratio can be increased to 50%, and you should develop this habit.

  Build your magic wallet

  Key principles of investment:

  1. The principle of “buy horse tickets”: It is better to find a few places where rich people gather, instead of following millions of people flocking to find a way to make money. This makes it easier to get valuable information. Many times, a rich man’s vision is more accurate than the eyes of millions of people. In terms of investment, the minority’s method of obeying the majority does not work.

  2. How many percent of the virtual image principle. In short, don’t believe in the percentage of other superficial data. There are various traps in the percentage of truth we claim.

  3. Split principle. The finer the value of the visible, the more you can find the true value. For example, instead of saying “I have 100,000 yuan of savings”, it is better to split it into “I have 50,000 yuan of time deposits, 30,000 yuan of stock, 20,000 yuan of national debt.” After a while, the gap between the two will become very large.