How bad a traitor can be

  On October 4, 1933, the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the lunar calendar, on this day, the Koreans (family) had to do “snap.” Li Zaide’s mother got up very early on this day – the Tangyuan Central County Committee had to meet at her house to study and form a guerrilla group. There are no signs of something going wrong. Before the dark, I settled down, and Li Zaide and two students went around the village. The mother still did not feel at ease, and went out for a half hour in person. After returning, she dipped the white cloth that said “nothing is safe” and dried it on the firewood at the door.

  When the day was bright, the Japanese gendarmerie and the pseudo-police suddenly surrounded the village and went from house to house to capture the young and middle-aged. At this time, the county committee meeting has just ended. At the same time, they were surrounded and searched for the Gejie River and the school. A total of more than 300 young men and women were brought to the Japanese Gendarmerie of Heli Town and closed in a large warehouse. But no one would identify the Communists to the enemy, and they said that they did not know what the Communist Party was. The enemy brought the traitor Li Yuanzhen to confront.

  Li Yuanzhen is a classmate of Li Zaide, and his family is a rich peasant. At this time, he has already turned to the Japanese. This kid is a member of the group and knows a little about the situation of the party group.

  Tang Zhiyun, secretary of the county party committee of Tangyuan, secretary of the county party committee and secretary of the county party committee, Cui Guifu, member of the county party committee and director of the women Jin Chenggang (the mother of Li Zaide), and nine party members, members and activists were identified by Li Yuanzhen.

  Today, on the side of the courtyard of the original supply and marketing cooperative in the northeast of Heli Town, there is a monument with the names of 12 martyrs such as Zhi Zhiyun.

  At the same time, the Nanman Liuhe County Party Committee was seriously damaged in the Japanese “Pawning”. Yang Jingyu appointed Feng Jianying, member of the Minshi County Committee, to Liu He as the secretary and reorganized the county party committee. In July 1935, the Tonghua County Party Committee was destroyed and the Liuhe County Committee was upgraded to the Central County Committee. In February 1937, Feng Jianying was rebellious after being arrested. The county party committee and party organizations were destroyed and more than 20 people were arrested. Then, the “Anti-Union” 1st Army Quartermaster and 1st Division Political Department Director Hu Guochen, 1st Army Political Department Director and Chief of Staff An Changxun were successively arrested and defected. In June 1938, the division commander and political commissar Cheng Bin again voted for the enemy.

  Hu Guochen and An Changxun were captured after fierce resistance. Feng Jianying is the same, and he was tortured and refused to confess. The devil said that Mr. Feng is a great hero. The emperor is very admired, treats him with courtesy, and gives him and his wife a graceful (Liuhe County Party Women’s Minister) to arrange a very lavish residence, delicious, and healed. After the injury, they were arranged to go to Shenyang for “sightseeing”. Feng Jianying said everything he knew.

  Cheng Bin seems to be fighting for his mother. At that time, he was already a division commander and political commissar of the “Anti-Union”. The 1st Division is the main force of the 1st Army. Let him be the teacher and political commissar, which shows Yang Jingyu’s trust in him. This person is both literary and martial, commanding dozens of large and small battles, including the most famous “Motianling Dajie”, annihilating 48 Japanese troops. Because of the subsequent rebellion, things in this area are difficult to survive.

  Due to the rebellion of Feng Jianying, Hu Guochen, An Changxun, etc., the Southern Manchurian province was euphemistic, and the party organizations everywhere were destroyed. The 1st Division and the military also lost contact. There are a lot of enemy flyers, all of whom are persuaded to drop. They say that this unit has been “shunned”, that unit has been “shunned”, and Yang Jingyu has also “returned” and made him an official. Cheng Bin is very clear about the fate of the 1st division. Down the mountain to the enemy for the first week, the head of the 3rd regiment Hou Junshan said, “The anti-Japanese did not expect, my brother is working in Fengtian, let’s go down and look for him.” Cheng Bin immediately held a meeting and executed it.

  On June 29, 1938, Cheng Bin’s division and security guard were discovered and surrounded by the enemy. The enemy and our troops are 3:1, but the security guards are all elites from the personnel to the equipment, and the ammunition is sufficient. Persist in the evening, take advantage of the opportunity, slammed into the forest, and you will have no shadow. For Cheng Bin, this kind of jealousy is not difficult to fight.

  Unexpectedly, the enemy captured Cheng Bin’s mother and brother, and sent his brother Cheng En to the mountain twice to persuade him. It is said that the first time Cheng Bin’s mouth was quite hard, saying that since ancient times, Zhongxiao can’t be both. The second Cheng En Shantou asked: “Would you like to go against the Japanese, or do you want a mother?” Cheng Bin was very happy this time: “Make Mom.”

  Li Yuanzhen can only be regarded as a small shrimp in the traitors, and a central county party committee can be destroyed by one shot. And Feng Jianying from the superior special committee to the lower county party committee and grassroots party organizations, anti-Japanese meetings at all levels, as well as the anti-union team and other anti-Japanese armed forces within the jurisdiction, a central county party secretary knows too many secrets. As for Hu Guochen and An Changxun, of course, they are heavyweight traitors.

  Cheng Bin also added a “more” word.

  On June 29th, 60 people were surrendered by Cheng Bin. Cheng Bin also sent people to the mountain to inform the other divisions of the 1st Division to surrender, and some of the 3rd and 6th regiments went down the mountain. A total of 115 people were surrendered, with 1 flat-fire gun, 5 machine guns, 2 automatic rifles, 82 rifles, 72 pistols and more than 6,000 bullets.

  The commander and political commissar was called the commander because the guerrilla zone, the base area were armed, and there were many united mountain forests. Cheng Bin rebelled, the 1 division collapsed, the main force was paralyzed, and some of these teams were scattered, some fell, and the rest were also weak, and there was no fighting power.

  The party organizations and base areas of Huanren, Xingjing, Kuandian, Benxi and Fengcheng counties were established with the help of a division. Distribution of secret camps around the country, food, firearms, ammunition storage areas, as well as traffic lines and underground intelligence, contact points, etc., are all in the mind of Cheng Bin, not to mention that he also used the guerrilla tactics of light vehicles to lead the enemy to chase “.

  In the “wild vice big crusade” that began in the autumn of the next year, the 1st Army was hit hard and Yang Jingyu sacrificed. The one-and-a-half-year “big crusade” lasted for more than 60,000 troops, and the most harmful to the “anti-link” was the 10 police brigades commanded by the Chief of the Police Department of the Ministry of Police, Kawasaki Kojiro, including Cheng The 10 captains, including Bin, are traitors. The Cheng Bin brigade of more than 200 people is said to have almost ridiculed the traitors of all aspects of the 1st Army.

  After Japan surrendered, the Eighth Route Army, the New Fourth Army, and the Guandong, the accent was in the north, and the provincial capital was also varied. “Anti-link” often swears “Mom, you are a traitor.” It’s not hard to understand that “Mom is a good man”, “you are a traitor”, you are puzzled.

  Later, I understood that the “anti-link” is the most hated by the traitors. When the anger is overwhelming, I will go with the “mother-in-law” and “you traitor” in the northeast.