If you don’t know these ten moves, you don’t know how to eat.

  How to eat more nutrients? The first thing to understand is that not eating 10 kinds of foods is better than eating 5 kinds of foods. As long as you eat the right method, it may be 5 to 10 minutes.

  Do not cut the vegetables before cooking.

  White boiled green vegetables are a healthy way to eat; white boiled whole vegetables are a healthier way to eat. Scientists at the American Bureau of Agricultural Research found that potatoes cooked more than 50% more potassium than diced cooking, and the University of Newcastle study found that carrots are cooked only more than chopped and cooked. More than 25% of the anti-cancer compound eugenol. Not only that, the whole cooked food is more delicious than the food cooked after chopping, because the carrots are chopped and cooked, which means that the important elements that make up the carrot taste – sugar, acid and other substances have been precipitated and infiltrated into the water.

  Enjoy your food.

  Swedish scientists have done a trial: let a group of Thai women and a group of Swedish women eat the same Thai curry meal, and found that Thai women absorb 50% more iron from the food than Swedish women. What is the reason? Thai women like to eat curry-flavored things and naturally absorb them. It can be seen that the degree of active input of food determines the degree of nutrient absorption. By enjoying the food you eat, you can better stimulate your digestive system and make it more effective in absorbing nutrients as food enters your stomach.

  Don’t forget to eat fat.

  Among vegetables and fruits, one of the most effective compounds for promoting health is antioxidants, which are absorbed by our intestines and transported to the intestines where they are fat. That’s why in the Ohio State University experiment, spinach salad was eaten with fat-rich avocados, which absorbed up to four times more antioxidant lutein and nearly 14 times more beta-carotene. Therefore, it is best to add some healthy fats when cooking, such as olives, avocados or oils extracted from various nuts and seeds, use these oils to stir-fry, mix cold dishes, or according to nutrition experts. When cooking green vegetables in white water, add a few drops of oil in the water, whether it is boiled carrots or other dishes (note that it is cooked whole), it will make the dishes soft and delicious and full of delicious and nutritious dishes. Juice, do more with less.

  Increase your intake of inulin

  Inulin is also called chrysanthemum starch. This fiber is not digested by the human body, but it is an important food source of probiotics in the human digestive system. According to research by American agricultural scientists, probiotics can maximize the nutrients you absorb from food. Scientists have also found that high inulin foods can increase iron absorption by 28%. Inulin-rich foods include artichokes, garlic, leeks, bananas, and asparagus, and you can mix one or two in your daily diet.

  Buy small head fruit.

  According to the Organic Center of the American Agriculture Group, the smaller the vegetables and fruits, the stronger the efficacy. Generally speaking, the larger the size of vegetables and fruits, the more water they contain, the more nutrients are diluted, and the degree of nutrition naturally decreases. The most notable of these effects are strawberries, melons and other high-moisture fruits and vegetables.

  Double the nutrition of food.

  Experts teach us to mix different foods and eat, and the interaction between them can double the nutrients you eat. For example, when you eat steak, you can order carrots. You will absorb double iron from the red meat of the steak. When you eat chicken, you will be served with broccoli. The anti-cancer compound nutrients absorbed from it are 13 times more than the broccoli alone. .

  Season with black pepper.

  Black pepper has a component called piperine, which increases the body’s absorption and digestion of food. This is confirmed by relevant tests in the United States, which increase the absorption of nutrients including beta-carotene, complex enzyme Q10 and selenium. India’s Ayurvedic medicine (also known as Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicine that combines food, herbal and respiratory exercises to treat diseases) uses black pepper, which is used to stimulate appetite and increase nutrient absorption. Experts explain that this is because spicy spices can warm the body and increase the heat of digesting food, which can make us feel more hungry and burn complex nutrients, which can be better converted into absorbable forms.

  Eat organic food.

  The way food is grown has a significant impact on the nutritional value of the food. Although the latest government research insists that this is not the case, some experts have found that organic oranges contain 30% more vitamin C than ordinary oranges, while others have found that organic tomatoes contain more flavonoids than ordinary ones. Tomatoes are 97% taller. The principle is that organic foods grow much more slowly and therefore contain more nutrients. The same is true for meat, which is fed with grass. The omega-3 fat (a kind of fat that is good for the human body, which helps prevent heart disease – editor’s note) is four times that of ordinary beef. Anti-cancer conjugated linoleic acid (which can withstand a variety of carcinogens – editor’s note) is three to five times that of regular beef.

  Store the fruit at room temperature.

  American studies have found that some fruits, if stored at room temperature, will continue to grow in the fruit’s nutrients (including phytochemical lycopene and beta-carotene), and frozen in the refrigerator will not work. Scientists don’t know why this is happening, but one obvious fact is that the key enzymes in the fruit continue to be active at room temperature. Fruits like watermelon, tomato, peach, etc., can be preserved at room temperature.

  Reduce energy density.

  Energy density refers to the number of calories per gram of food (fruits and vegetables are the food with the lowest energy density). The lower the energy density, the higher the nutrients you get. For example, if you eat a whole spaghetti bolognese, it is better to replace half of the meat sauce with vegetables for nutrition.