Incomparable six-game chess in history

  Go is a long-established entertainment project in China. There have been some stories about chess that have been made in the past. There are such unusual six-game pieces in history, which is shocking to read.

  In 383 AD, during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, a famous war with less victory and more battles broke out. The Eastern Jin Dynasty defeated the 800,000-strong army of the former Qin who claimed to be a million people. When the newsletter was sent back to Jiankang, Xie An was playing chess with his friends. After he saw it at random, he set aside and continued to play chess. It seems that everything is expected. Friends asked, he just said faintly nothing, but the children have already defeated the enemy. “Shi Shuo Xin Yu” records this matter like this: “Xie Gong and people go to chess, Russia and Xie Huaihuai letter to the letter, reading the book, silently, Xu Xiang. The guest asked Huai Shangli, answer: ‘Children broke Thief. ‘The expression of color is not the same as usual.”

  It is no wonder that the old saying goes that if you have a thunder and a face like the Ming Lake, you can worship the general. Xie An’s detachment of playing chess is not the same as usual. The faint language of “children breaking the thief” makes me stunned by the ordinary people. In the words of the present. Xie Gongzhen is “cool” and “handsome.”

  Kong Rong, a famous man in the Eastern Han Dynasty, was the famous Wenchen at that time. In the “Three Character Classics”, he is the one who “melts four years old and can make pears”. He did not donate to people, but he hated Cao Cao, who held the political affair. Once, Cao Cao found a sin of “no need” and arrested him. At this time, Kong Rong’s 9-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter were playing chess. Some people advised them to escape quickly. The brothers and sisters replied: “Where there is a ruined bird’s nest, the bird’s egg can still be safe and sound (under the nest, Have you finished the egg?” The two men quietly finished a game of chess and were taken away. They were killed together with their father. The record of this calmness in “Shi Shuo Xin Yu” is so unpredictable.

  At the time of the Three Kingdoms, Wu’s ancestors were famous fans. Wu Taizi and his opponents played chess and said that playing chess is useless. Gu Yu is a prime minister, with a high degree of weight. He did not hear the words of the Prince, but he played chess in the palace and the guest. Once, the chess battle was in full swing, and his son, who was an official in the field, was seriously ill. Gu Yuwen did not change his face and played the game. But under the chess table, but with the force of the nails on the palm of the hand, the blood is flowing, to vent their pain.

  Among the politicians of the three countries, Gu Yu has the reputation of “the name of the East Wu.” He took the stage and assisted Sun Quan after the famous members of the Wu Kingdom, Zhang Zhao and Sun Shao. He was a great man. The history book says that he is magnificent and unpredictable, as can be seen from the story of his chess game. Gu Yu has his own unique insights and ideas. He considers the issues comprehensive and thoughtful, handles the problems safely, and pays attention to methods and methods. Wu Guo has developed and prospered under his governance.

  One of the scholars and thinkers of the “Shu Lin Qi Xian” in the Wei and Jin Dynasties is a famous writer and thinker. one day. When he was playing chess with his friends, his family rushed to report, “The old lady passed away!” The friend hurriedly got up and urged him to go back to cooking his mother’s aftermath. Ruan Ji has to make the game impossible. The two sides played another two hours before the end. “Jin Shu Zang Ji Chuan” is recorded as follows: “Sexual filial piety, mother-end, is playing chess with people, the right to stop, and stay and decide gambling.”

  If you think that Ruan Ji is not filial, then marry him. “Jin Shuji Biography” said that after he finished the game: “Even while drinking two fights, raising the number one, vomiting blood, and burying, eating a steamed simmer, drinking two buckets of wine, and then copying, bluntly I raised the number one, because of the vomiting of blood, the smashing of the bones, and the annihilation.”

  An official in the Southern Song Dynasty was called Wang Jingwen, a very capable person. Emperor Wen of the Song Dynasty was very important to Wang Jingwen, not only for the Song Ming Emperor Jing Wenmei, but also for Ming Emperor in the name of Jingwen. However, when Emperor Song Ming was dying, he was very uneasy about Wang Jingwen. He worried that after his death, Wang Jingwen would not be willing to be a courtier. When Emperor Song Ming was seriously ill, he sent a doctor to give Wang Jingwen death. When the script was sent to the Wang family, he was playing chess with his friends. Wang Jingwen read the script and pressed it under the board. He continued to play chess with his friends. At the end of the game, Wang Jingwen calmly packed up the pieces, took out the script, and then took up the poisonous wine and said to his friend, “I am leaving, this glass of wine can not persuade you to drink.” After all, the drink is exhausted, and the time is sixty.

  During Qianlong’s reign, Yangzhou had a salt merchant called Hu Zhaolin, who loves to play chess. Once, Hu Zhaolin played chess with the famous Fan Xiping. When he went down to the middle plate, he was obviously in the doldrums. He dared not go down again, lied that his stomach hurt and closed. Hu Zhaolin looked for the master of the time, Shi Dingyu, and then rushed back to continue to play against Fan Xiping. Shi Dingzhu’s residence was far from Yangzhou, and Hu Zhaolin spent two days and one night. In order to win a game of chess such a big effort, such a top chess game can be described as unprecedented.