Let my daughter be a sharp knife or a snail

  If you are not a high school student at home, you must understand the relationship between the sharp knife and the snail. In fact, I have only recently understood that the two can also “seek common ground while reserving differences and common development.”

  My daughter took the senior high school entrance examination this year, because the two-point difference became a school choice student, and spent 30,000 yuan to choose the school fee to enter the province’s only one-year high school. Later, I learned that there are 800 students in 12 classes in the first grade, and there are more than 200 people in the scores. The 120 students have not paid the money, and they have paid more than 400 students. Because it was spent on school choice, the child felt very guilty and suddenly silenced and listless.

  In fact, her daughter is talented and smart, and at least she did not sleep before zero in the first three years. Therefore, we have been comforting her and encouraging her to use the rare holiday of the third summer vacation to regain many hobbies that she gave up because of the senior high school entrance examination, such as volleyball, painting, guitar and so on. However, after only two days of embarrassment, her daughter had no intentions to play. It turned out that her classmates had already signed up for the placement counseling class.

  We only know that when you enter high school, you need to take a placement test. The school will classify students into different classes according to their grades. The different classes of teachers will be very different. Therefore, my daughter’s classmates have a test center here, and they have already signed up for the class.

  The teachers in the remedial classes are said to be first-line teachers in key middle schools, and some are the teachers who are assigned to the placement test. Seeing that the classmates are so motivated, the daughter is also flustered, hesitating whether or not to go to the tutorial. From the inside, we really don’t want her to be so nervous again. I only hope that in the youthful years of the child, in addition to reading and exams, other happy memories can be left. Finally, the daughter who was happy for a holiday was assigned to the parallel class after taking the placement test. The parallel class was an experimental class, and the experimental class was a competition class.

  According to parents who know the insider, even if the parallel classes are divided into three types: ordinary and poor and exceptional, the daughter is fortunate enough to belong to a better class in the parallel class.

  After the dust settled, the parents who had been ruined by various patterns temporarily stopped, and the battles that belonged to the children began again. The daughter said that their school is quite humane compared with other key middle schools, because although everyone knows which class is the competition class and which class is the experimental class, the unified title is still arranged by serial number, and some middle schools. Simply call your name. Good classes are called knives, and there are rocket classes. The poor class is called the snail class. The daughter who is in the period of youth reversal hates this phenomenon very much, and even says that if she is assigned to the snail class, she would rather die than go to school. While I am glad that my daughter is not suffering from this bad luck, I can’t help but the children of those snail classes are not at odds with their parents. If a person remembers that he was crowned with a snail title in his life, I don’t know what it is. What is the point of education if you can’t teach self-esteem first? If the educational achievements are not snails like rockets and sharp knives, how terrible the future of the country will become!

  The unfairness of education and the dangers of exam-oriented education are the topics that people have been arguing for many years. They only hear about teaching reforms every year, but they see the burden of students and parents getting heavier and heavier. I always tell my daughter that there are many people in our country, and it is difficult to understand the selection test. The daughter replied: If you have more people, you can not treat your child as a person? How many people can trample on the child’s dignity? Can a person be a snail? I am speechless, after reflection, I think: my daughter is neither in the sharp knife class nor in the snail class. What is the future of her classification?