Yangfu Township with a total area of ​​56.4 square kilometers has 6 villages, 42 villager groups and 84 natural villages. This valley is deep and the terrain is steep. “Hurry on the side of the road, rainy and muddy.” When he was born for 9 months, a terrible disaster fell on his head. Polio was mercilessly deprived of his lower limbs. Right, since then the legs have shrunk. The painful parents, holding the poor child and crying again and again, brought Lu Yongkang a lifelong pain.

  ”For more than 50 years from my memoirs to surgery, my feet have never stood up. For this reason, I have to move step by step on the ground. I walked from school to 10 years old, regardless of spring and summer. In autumn and winter, I have been naked on my knees. For a long time, my knees have been ground with a thick layer of old cockroaches. Once in winter, the crusted place will be frozen with DC blood. Long bloody print. Because the mountain road is too hard, the knee wear often causes blood bubbles, the upper part of the thigh is inflamed, and it is unbearable…” Lu Yongkang calmly told the past.

  At the age of 14, Lu Yongkang asked his parents to let him go to school. At the request of his parents, the teacher agreed. From then on, he walked on his knees every day and came to study at Kong Rong Village Primary School, six kilometers away from home. However, the good times did not last long. The “Cultural Revolution” swept through and the primary school was forced to suspend classes. The classmates went home to farm, and Lu Yongkang did not stop. He continued to go to the Jiaxiong Township Primary School, 10 kilometers away, for a few cold days, or in the hot summer days, and his limp on the rugged mountain road. However, the poor family did not allow him to have more learning opportunities. After finishing fifth grade, he dropped out of school.

  The village primary school was remote. In that year, the last teacher also quietly left. Lu Yongkang looked at the broken school building, the children who left the campus and the empty classrooms. He suddenly came up with a thought: Can I pass on the knowledge I have learned to the children and let them get rid of ignorance and poverty as soon as possible?

  The opportunity came. The village decided to restore the primary school, but there was no teacher. What should I do? The village head decided to let Lu Yongkang, who has the most literacy in the village, try it. September 1, 1968 was an unforgettable day in his life. For the first time, he stepped onto the stage and more than 30 children stared at him with a horrified look. From the eyes of these students, he saw a desire and saw a kind of distrust that almost destroyed his confidence. He decided to say to the children: “From today, I am your teacher. Although I am physically disabled, my mentality is healthy. I will try my best to pass on the knowledge to you so that you can become a hometown. Cultural people.” Since then, the sound of reading in the mountains has sounded. Slowly, Lu Yongkang found out from the eager eyes of the children that the students accepted him in his heart.

  ”At that time, the primary school had just recovered, the conditions were extremely rudimentary, a classroom, and there were 30 students attending the school. They were divided into three grades according to the level. The student base was poor, and only the double teaching was possible. The task was very heavy. I was a teacher. After that, I will take every class seriously and take every student seriously. I know that my knowledge is shallow, so I will study hard, carefully teach, summarize teaching experience, and master teaching methods. If I don’t understand anything, I will I went to the central elementary school 6 kilometers away to ask other teachers. In view of the characteristics of the aboriginal students who are not familiar with Chinese, I also used local Chinese and hydrology ‘bilingual’ teaching and achieved a little achievement.”

  Unbelievably, two years later, 22 of the 42 graduating classes he taught were admitted to junior high school, which was the first time in the history of Kong Rong Village.

  The hole in the village of Kong Rongcun is steep, while the elementary school is located on a mountainside. The students do not have any venues for class activities. Therefore, Lu Yongkang took the students and used the labor class to dig in front of the school. After the students left school, he dug himself. For three years, he finally dug a basketball court in front of the school.

  Dragging the body of the disabled, Lu Yongkang, in addition to teaching, also bears extra work for overload. Rural children can’t afford school supplies, so every time they go to the tung tree harvest season, he leads the students to sell the mountain paulownia seeds, and the money is sold for students to buy pencils, homework books and other learning tools; he bought a clipper To give students a haircut, when they started a duty barber on campus, and have been insisting until now. His efforts touched the masses and village cadres. The village was assigned to the school for three acres of land. He planted the tung tree. Three years later, these tung tree trees hang fruit, which brought a lot of income to the school. Today, Kong Rongcun Primary School still retains the school’s tung oil base. The annual income from the sale of tung seeds has solved many difficulties for the poor students. The mountain village school facilities are extremely rudimentary, and the walls, tables and chairs of the school are often damaged. He did the carpentry and repaired himself, and made many teaching aids and models according to the teaching needs.

  This ordinary rural teacher, in the depths of the 90,000 mountains, ignited the “red candle” of seeking knowledge. From then on, the light of knowledge shines on every child in the mountains.

  One can’t be less

  Lu Yongkang’s home has preserved a lot of special used “boat shoes”, each weighing two kilograms, which he made to protect his knees and calves.

  Because the lower limbs are atrophied and deformed, walking for a long time, and the knees and calves are difficult to bear, he uses wood to cut the center into small grooves, straight to fit the knees and calves that are suitable for wrapping, then smooth and paint the tung oil, and use it on the side. Scrap the ball on the nail, stick the tire rubber on the bottom, and attach it to your calf when walking. It can protect the knees and calves from soil and damage, and hold a special wooden bench for auxiliary support. It will be much safer. However, it takes two or three hours for a normal person to finish the journey in an hour.

  ”How many pairs of ‘ship shoes’ do you wear in the past few decades?” I asked Lu Yongkang.

  ”About 20 pairs or so, this shoe is on the leg, which can alleviate the pain.” He replied calmly.

  He can’t remember, 36 years of “Minhang”, this looks strange, maybe not even the “shoes” of footwear, with how many mountain roads he took. But these “boat shoes”, along with him “crossed” the threshold of all the students of the eight villagers’ group in the village.

  At the beginning of the recovery of Kong Rongcun Primary School, many children in the village did not go to school. Lu Yongkang looked in his eyes and was in a hurry. So he used his special “boat shoes” to wading through the mountains and after school hours, and went door-to-door to conduct home visits and mobilize. Children who drop out of school return to school. Home visits are too difficult for Lu Yongkang. Because he walked inconveniently and walked for an hour, he had to walk for two or three hours. The villagers of Kongrong Village lived on the mountain and looked across the mountain. It took a long time to walk, climb the mountain, cross the river, cross the ditch, and normal people should also keep a god.

  Walking alone in the old forests of the mountains, Lu Yongkang sometimes feels afraid. Listening to the old people of the aquarium said that no matter whether it is a ghost or a tiger, they are afraid of the sound of copper. So his old father spent eight cents, bought him a copper whistle, and then tied a flashlight to illuminate his head.

  ”I heard the sound of animals in the woods or I was scared. I blew my whistle and gave myself courage,” Lu Yongkang said.

  Whenever the night is quiet and there are whistles from time to time in the mountains, people know that this is Lu’s home visit. The villagers are familiar with his whistle. At this time, they spontaneously gathered on the mountain road into the village. “Oh, oh, oh,” they greeted Lu to meet Lu.

  One year, in a snowy evening, Lu Yongkang went home and went through a simple wooden bridge made of two logs. At this time, the bridge was covered with snow and smooth and icy ice. The bridge was more than 5 meters high. Deep trenches, piles of rubble at the bottom of the ditch, accidentally slipped down the bottom of the ditch, the consequences are unimaginable. Lu Yongkang sweated his head. He carefully crawled across the bridge one inch and one inch, and went to the other side. There was a sudden applause from behind. He turned his head and looked at it. It turned out to be a group of township cadres who returned from the village. Mumu’s BLOG They were on the shore, witnessed his thrilling scene, pinching cold sweat for him, everyone did not dare to scream, even dare to cross the bridge with him, until Lu Yongkang arrived safely on the other side, everyone Can not help but send a cheer.

  Lu Yongkang had only one conviction at this time, and those who should go to school, one can not be less. In order to do this, no matter whether it is chilly or violent, he is as always. As long as he can mobilize a student to enter school, and then suffer again, his heart feels sweet.

  The loyal “Minhang” finally touched the villagers. In the second semester, his number of students increased to 50. Three years later, there were 150 students in the Rongrong Village Primary School. Lu Yongkang taught here for 13 years. He squatted to teach the children, squatting with the children and playing with the children on the trails in the mountains.

  The days of eternal life

  On June 18, 2004, it became the day that Lu Yongkang remembered forever. After more than three months of treatment, Lu Yongkang finally stood up with the help of a walker and moved the first road of his life, although only two minutes, 2 meters away. At this time, if Lu Yongkang was reborn, he felt mixed and could not cry.

  After 14 operations, large and small, and long-term functional rehabilitation training, Lu Yongkang finally walked relatively freely. Science and love have reshaped Lu Yongkang’s legs and ended his 56-year painful career.

  When the bell of the new school year will reverberate in the Yangfu Township Central Primary School, Lu Yongkang’s familiar figure will appear in the classroom. Although he can’t walk like a healthy person, he is full of confidence in his new life. He used a brush to write a couplet: “Confidence in life for two hundred years, it will hit three thousand miles.”