Speaking from the carbon footprint of two families

  During the climate summit in Copenhagen, the Times interviewed two British families. By assessing the different carbon footprints of the two families, I hope to explore the question: Is climate change a problem of overpopulation or a problem of excessive resource consumption?

  The United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen, for the first time, blamed the large families with large populations because of global pollution problems. According to the United Nations Population Fund, the world’s population will grow by 2 billion over the next 40 years. If we have fewer children and we will control the population growth to less than one billion people by 2050, then we can save 2 billion tons of carbon per year.

  These numbers are really hard to imagine. So, I went to interview two families of different sizes in the UK and wanted to see if their carbon footprint was very different depending on the family size. The two families are a family of three and a family of eight.

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12 new social recruits

  Social resources are distributed along social networks. Therefore, having a social network is often easy to get social help and resolve social risks. Most people even graduate from college, social relations are limited to relatives and friends, classmates, and the circle of friends outside the campus is very small, and there are limitations when they get social careers and opportunities. Some people have social fears because they are unskilled in social skills. The following tips are provided for developing unfamiliar social relationships for reference.

  Enter social activities: go to lectures, conferences, volunteers for various social activities, internships, social surveys, social welfare activities, and even travel. It is very difficult to develop social relations in schools. It is appropriate to put weekends and holidays on off-campus activities, thus entering the non-campus social activities circle.

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Do you want a magic wallet?

  “Why is my wallet always empty?” This is a problem that has been plaguing Robbie and Paul – Robbie and Paul are technical workers in a wallet factory in Washington, and the fictitious protagonist of this article – no matter how much money is earned, Their wallets are always empty, and under the guidance of several rich people, they found the answer.

  The first wallet rule: establish your own wallet rules

  When Robbie met with Spencer Justice in the wallet factory to order the wallet, he sweared; “There was a judge in the local court, but now he has become a judge in the United States.” At the exit, Robbie felt too abrupt and had to cough. Spencer haha ​​laughed and admitted: “I have become a rich man, but my money is earned by proper means. It is not a shame to make a fortune.”

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Children, we land together

  In December 1983, US President Ronald Reagan gave a speech at the Congressional Medal of Honor. He said that he wants to tell a real story, a story he has said many times before.

  The story took place during the Second World War. A B-17 bomber was hit hard by ground-based anti-aircraft fire. The turret below it had been hit, the artillery inside was wounded, and the turret door was stuck and could not be opened. When the plane returned to the airport with heavy smoke, it could not even land safely. At this time, the commander ordered everyone to skydiving. But the artillery was desperate to find that he could not parachute and could only crash with the plane.

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A poor student at Peking University

  I often recall the scene when I first entered Beijing University.

  In the 1999 college entrance examination, I took the liberal arts champion in the county and was admitted to the Chinese Department of Peking University. I became the first student to be admitted to Peking University in the 60 years since my alma mater was founded. On the morning of September 4, 1999, the day was like a tulle. My father and I got off the train at the Beijing Railway Station. There was no destination to follow the crowd and walk out of the station. The father and son sat on the green leather train and squeezed for 16 hours. From the vast plain of the northern part of the country, they came to the high-rise building, exhausted to the extreme, and felt very uneasy about their incomprehensible costumes. I remember very clearly that I was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt on the upper part of the day, covered with dust and a black layer on the neckline. Underneath was a brown-haired casual trousers, some short, hanging people; It is a pair of inferior yellow shoes. What made me most uncomfortable was not how to wear it. What I was worried about was the plastic suitcase box that was in my hand. It was bought forty-five yuan at the market before I left, because of poor quality. At a distance of less than ten miles from home, it was completely cracked. My father didn’t know where to get a few pieces of broken rope to tie it tightly. The clothes inside were desperately squeezed out from the cracked gap. I am worried. It is the possibility that it will explode at any time.

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