Come back home

  I have traveled many times on this route. I have ten hours at the beginning. Because of the student ticket, I can only buy a night train. When the car stops at Jiaxing, there is still visibility. When I go to Hangzhou, I will go to Ningbo. When I was at home, my grandmother must get up, look at the door, see me, and go back to the house to get breakfast.

  Twenty years ago, she waited for me to go home twice a year. Like all wanderers who didn’t have a heart, I only felt that my grandmother was waiting for the righteousness, and the grandmother of the world was like this.

  My grandmother in the same room at the university once came. The braised pork on the long-distance bus was still warm, and the braised gravy on her underwear made us laugh for a week.

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Big star’s little role

  One day in January 2009, I was busy watching the famous director Jiang Wen of the new film “Let the Bullets Fly”. Suddenly I received a call from Han Sanping, the chairman of China Film Group. Han Sanping told Jiang Wen on the phone that he was going to start shooting for the 60th anniversary of the National Day. The “Jianguo Daye” was about to start shooting. He wanted to invite Jiang Wenlai to star in the military commander Mao Renfeng. But the words are clear, and the “Mao Renfeng” plays only a total of three plays. In other words, it is the running dragon.

  Jiang Wen, a “film actor” who played countless protagonists, listened to Han Sanping’s words. I immediately agreed, and said very sincerely: “The 60th anniversary of the founding of New China, our aunt is going to have a birthday. As a director and an actor, I should really be dedicated to the front line to give a little strength. “The Founding of the People’s Republic of China” gives a gift to the motherland.”

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  Yangfu Township with a total area of ​​56.4 square kilometers has 6 villages, 42 villager groups and 84 natural villages. This valley is deep and the terrain is steep. “Hurry on the side of the road, rainy and muddy.” When he was born for 9 months, a terrible disaster fell on his head. Polio was mercilessly deprived of his lower limbs. Right, since then the legs have shrunk. The painful parents, holding the poor child and crying again and again, brought Lu Yongkang a lifelong pain.

  ”For more than 50 years from my memoirs to surgery, my feet have never stood up. For this reason, I have to move step by step on the ground. I walked from school to 10 years old, regardless of spring and summer. In autumn and winter, I have been naked on my knees. For a long time, my knees have been ground with a thick layer of old cockroaches. Once in winter, the crusted place will be frozen with DC blood. Long bloody print. Because the mountain road is too hard, the knee wear often causes blood bubbles, the upper part of the thigh is inflamed, and it is unbearable…” Lu Yongkang calmly told the past.

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