When love is filled with this life

  He, Andre. Gauz, French philosopher, writer. She is his British wife, named Dorian. When the cleaning woman saw a thin piece of paper pinned with a pushpin on the door, she knew that the lingering love of the hero and the hero had fallen to the final curtain. The words on the note 寥寥: “Tell the police not to go upstairs.” This is a village called Voss. Separated from the road outside, it is the elegant building where they live. On the bed in the bedroom, they lay side by side. They took the medicine for a lifetime. That year, he was eighty-four, she was eighty-three. That day was September 22, 2007.

  There are some letters on the small table by the bed. In the letter, they screened their friends and rationally and realistically expected them to be cremated together and to be in one place. There is no need for more text here, because a year ago, he wrote a touching inscription and published it publicly to commemorate their marriage. The article is greatly appreciated and praised by readers, and it is more popular than any of his works that he has been thinking about and creating.

  The work titled “With Wife: True Love” is a seventy-five-page love letter written by a loving husband with a compassionate love. At the beginning of this long article, he said: “You, this year is 82 years old. Your body is no longer tall and straight, even if you are even six centimeters shorter, you only have 45 weight. Kg. But you still look beautiful, the charm is moving. Together, we have been through fifty-eight spring and autumn. Now, my love for you is better than the past.” Plain and plain confession, full of love and gratitude . Thousands of readers are deeply moved, despite the fact that this love letter is only written to one person. In the love letter he admits that his life, although he has been thinking, is recording, and fortunate to let. Paul. A great philosopher like Sartre is a friend, but without a wife, it will become “meaningless, trivial and pale.”

  ”The storms and faints we all experience together, smile and gather together, it is the true meaning of love. Our love, impregnation, shaping you and me; two hearts, each other is their own support and appeal. When I write these When I look at the word, I look back on the life I have walked through, and I gradually realize that the meaning of life is different from time to time.” In 1947, they met in Lucerne, Switzerland. At that time, her name was Dorion. Kyle, a 23-year-old British girl. She came from a broken family, like a grass, drifting in Europe after the war. And he, then the name is Gerard. Hols, an Austrian of Jewish descent. At the age of 24, he is penniless and has a bleak future. He does not know which land under his feet is his own national park. They met when they played cards. It was his initiative to invite, so a savage Austrian man danced with a lively and cheerful British girl. At that moment, the snow was flying outside the window.

  He was born in Vienna in 1923, his father was Jewish and his mother was a Roman Catholic. Childhood, stunned. In 1945, he graduated from college with a degree in chemical engineering. The following year, at a meeting in Switzerland, he met Sartre and Simone. De. Beauvoir. The two knew that his interest in moral philosophy had grown stronger and he encouraged him to continue to explore. If this acquaintance is the beginning of his philosophical exploration journey, then his wife and his wife officially opened his writing career.

  At that time, both of them were wandering wanderers. Born in London, she was abandoned by her mother in her childhood and later raised by her “Godfather” in a residence on the British Riviera.

  “They all had an insecure feeling of immersing in the bone marrow,” one friend said. “So they work together and care for each other… she keeps the information for him, helps him with research, talks with him, whenever he has When the work came out, she was the first reader and the only commentator. In September 1949, they got married and moved to Paris. In accordance with the characteristics of French, she changed her name to Dorian. In the 1950s, the atmosphere of ideology was crazy and blazing. His request to join French nationality has not yet been approved. While waiting, he made a decision: for security reasons, began writing with a pen name. Then his signature on the article became “Andrei Goz”. “Goz” is the name of an industrial town. The town produced a pair of glasses that were issued by the army when the father served in the same year. Although he never had a good impression of his father, this pseudonym became a unique and concealed commemoration of his father.

When love is filled with this life

  Many of his views now seem to be out of date. For example, he stressed that in addition to work, there should be other pursuits of life. We must understand the balance between the two; he pointed out that it is necessary to establish a lower limit of public welfare; he also warned us that the process of globalization has brought many places. Hidden environmental hazards. In addition, his righteousness and strict opposition to nuclear weapons is one of the earliest proponents of the concept of “ecological politics.”

  Gauz is shy and cautious and lives in his own ideal world. The friend joked that he was “a mouse that got into the library.” His wife is savvy, optimistic, and always has a smile on his face. It is the perfect complement of his nature, and he is socializing with the real world around him. Soon after they got married, they decided not to prepare for the children. Once, he said to the reporter of Liberation Daily, “Dolly is mine, I don’t want to share it with others. If we have children, I will be especially embarrassed.” “They belong to each other only”, their This creed is somewhat out of tune with the trends of the time and the circles they are integrated into. Sartre and Simone. De. Bovova sang every night and sang, but he and her, in the words of their friends, said, “As always, they are honest and loyal, and their bodies and souls have never had any suspicions and shakes.”

  Their apartment in Paris is always a guest, with his followers, disciples and peers in the ideological world. Moreover, guests are always able to enjoy the absolutely authentic English afternoon tea on time. In the eyes of outsiders, he and her income are tight, but they always live an elegant and refined life. Or the wife’s words give the answer, “Life, you can be poor, but you can’t stumble.”

  The student movement of 1968 made Goz and his article famous. At that time, the physical condition of the wife has begun to worry. In 1965, she underwent a back surgery as planned and required an X-ray. X-ray technology requires the use of radioactive oil-impermeable iodized oil as a contrast agent, which has terrible side effects: the particles remain in her cranial cavity, and at the same time they form a cyst of the cervix, and the huge pain is getting worse. Cruelly torre Dolly.

  So the couple moved out of Paris and settled in a spacious building in Worth, 80 miles east of Paris. Dolly is old, and the pain is increasing.

  In May 2006, Gauz and his publisher Mike. Deram got in touch and said he would give him a “surprise.” This is what the author wrote to Dorian alone, “With tears to complete” “Wife with a wife: true love.” Durham later recalled, “We immediately realized that this is a great work that is truly beautiful.”
  He and her met in the aftermath of the war, cuddling each other, passing the madness of the 1950s and 1960s. In the end, they left the world together and fulfilled the covenant of love that was made with equal souls and sealed by the time of life. The most memorable of the words “Wife and Wife: True Love” is the unforgettable and long-lasting love story of the author who wrote to his British wife at the end:

  ”We are all afraid that the other party will go by themselves. Then, look forward to the miracle. If there is a future life, we will still join hands.”

  I took a picture of you, the picture is your back: you walked on the sea on La Jolla Beach. You are 52 years old and still full of charming charm. This image of you, my favorite.

  Once your diagnosis is coming out and the date of surgery is confirmed, we will go to the house you designed for a week. The house is amazing, all the space inside is trapezoidal, and the bedroom window is facing the forest shoots outside the window.

  On the first night, we didn’t fall asleep, we were listening to each other’s breathing. Later, a nightingale began to sing, and the other nightingale began to correspond in the distance. We don’t have much words from each other. During the day, I dig in the yard, and from time to time look up at the bedroom window – you are standing there, motionless, staring into the distance. I know you are sure. I am practicing how to tamer with the moon so that I can fight it without fear. When you are quiet, it is so beautiful and so firm that I can hardly imagine that you will give up life.

  I put down the work of the New Observer and started taking a vacation to accompany you in the ward of the medical center. On the first night, I completely listened to Schubert’s Ninth Symphony, which came in from the open window. Every note of it was inscribed in my heart. I still remember the moments I spent in the medical center. Pierre, our doctor friend, came to know your latest situation every morning. He said to me: “What you have to face will be a very tense moment. You will always remember this moment.” I want to know how much the oncologist thinks you can live for five years. Pierre told me the answer: “5%.”

  After you leave the hospital, we will go home. You are very excited and I am very excited and comforted. You have escaped from the hands of death, and life has a new meaning and new value. At a banquet, you met a friend who immediately discovered this. He stared at your eyes for a long time and said to you, “You have seen the other side of life.” I don’t know how you answered, nor do you know if you have said something else. However, he immediately said to me: “What kind of eyes are that! Now, I understand what she means to you.”

  You have already seen the “other side”, you have already returned from the place where no one can survive. A British romanticist once summed it up in one sentence: “Life is the only wealth.”

  In the months when you gradually recovered, I made up my mind to retire at the age of 60. Wood and wood BLOG92wenzhai.com I began to count the days, seeing retirement for a few weeks, and finally can finally leave. The thing that I am happy with is cooking in the kitchen, searching for organic produce that will help you regain your energy, and ordering special medicines that doctors recommend for you.

  When I am a person of my age, I always ask myself how I spent my life. I hope that I will spend this life. I have a feeling: It seems that I have not really lived, as if I always look at my life from a distance, as if I have only developed in one aspect, but as a complete person, it seems so poor. Your life is richer than me, and it has always been like this. You are so thriving and thriving in every respect. Your life is leisurely and self-sufficient, but I am always busy, as if our life can only really begin in the future.

  I once asked myself: What is irrelevant, I need to give up, so that all the mind and body can be poured into the most important things. Then I was shocked to find that despite 20 years of cooperation, when I left the New Observer, neither I nor others felt the slightest pain. I remember that I once wrote this: In the end, for me, only one thing is the most important thing, that is to be with you. I can’t imagine how to continue writing if you are not alive. You are the most important. Without you, everything else – no matter how important it is when you are there – will lose its meaning and become insignificant.

  It has been 23 years since we left the city to move to the countryside. We first lived in the “your” house, where there was a calm and peaceful meditation. And this harmony is quiet and we only enjoyed it for 3 years. Some people started to build nuclear power plants nearby, and we were driven away. We found another house, a very old house, which was warm in winter and cool in summer, with a large space. That is a place where you can live happily.

  There is only one grass there, you fenced a garden with hedges and shrubs, and I planted 200 trees there. For a few years, we have traveled a few times, but no matter what kind of transportation, it is inevitable that you will be bumped and tired. Arachnoiditis gradually forces you to give up most of the activities you particularly like. You hide the pain you have suffered, and our friends feel that you are “very good”: you never stop encouraging me to write. In the 23 years spent in our house, I have 6 books in BLOG92wenzhai.com, and I have published hundreds of articles and interviews.

   Many guests have come to visit from all over the world, and I have also received many interviews. I certainly can’t insist on following the decision 30 years ago to do my best: to live comfortably in front of my life, to focus on the colorful life you and I share as the most important thing. Now I relive the moment when I made my decision, and I feel deeply tempted. I don’t have any important work at hand. I don’t want to “wait for a better life later” – as George, Bataille said.

  I still care about your existence, just like our early years. I want you to feel it all. You have dedicated all of your life and your whole people to me; and I am looking forward to giving everything to you for the rest of my life.