Clear name

  If it is not for the sake of Zicheng, I will not know Xu Apo.

  Zicheng is my student, but after all, it’s just a matter of course. In a period of time, I started the “writing and appreciation” class at Beijing Language and Culture University. Other students from the university also came to listen to it; Zicheng is one of them. He loves to write essays and even poems, every time I show it. And I, every review in class. Therefore, the relationship is close.

  Zicheng’s home is small in a tea village in a mountainous area in the southwest. He graduated from undergraduate degree last year and worked for a company. After the Qingming this year, he had a few days off and asked me to go to his hometown to play. I always listened to him saying that there was a beautiful scenery, and I couldn’t help but mobilize and make a trip.

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Two things in a lifetime

  Some people say that people only do three things in their lives: their own affairs, the things of others, the things of God.

  I think that people only do two things in their lives: hungry for dinner, sleepy and sleepy.

  Because it is really not easy for people to eat rice very well for a lifetime and sleep very sweetly.

  When he was young, Lin Qingxuan was suffering because of his love affair. He was not fragrant and didn’t sleep well.

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For the dignity of hearing

  In the spring of 2007, the new municipal government in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, decided to replace all the old trees in order to renovate the old city.

  The current green trees in this small city are still the species left over from the 1950s. At that time, it was just a village with relatively concentrated people, full of blackbirds, broad-leaved holly, and acacia trees. Later, when the towns began to take shape, they were planned according to local conditions. These trees were preserved and have been around for half a century.

  Experts believe that these old trees are too common, and most of them are deciduous trees. In autumn and winter, only bare trees are left, and there is no beauty. Therefore, they suggested replacing them with evergreen flowering trees. The municipal government accepted the proposal and ordered huge sums of money to order a tree in Changbai, which is evergreen and can produce beautiful flowers, to a garden and flower company in Singapore.

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