Clear name

  If it is not for the sake of Zicheng, I will not know Xu Apo.

  Zicheng is my student, but after all, it’s just a matter of course. In a period of time, I started the “writing and appreciation” class at Beijing Language and Culture University. Other students from the university also came to listen to it; Zicheng is one of them. He loves to write essays and even poems, every time I show it. And I, every review in class. Therefore, the relationship is close.

  Zicheng’s home is small in a tea village in a mountainous area in the southwest. He graduated from undergraduate degree last year and worked for a company. After the Qingming this year, he had a few days off and asked me to go to his hometown to play. I always listened to him saying that there was a beautiful scenery, and I couldn’t help but mobilize and make a trip.

  Si Shi Tea Village, far and near the mountain, is beautiful. Trees, bamboos, and samovars, but they are not lost in layers.

  The next evening, I saw Xu Apo.

  At that time, the tea farmers were carrying bamboo rafts or carrying plastic bags to the tea station for tea. Big leaf tea is packed in bamboo rafts, one yuan and one medium; bud tea is packed in plastic bags, twenty yuan a pound. All men and women are all in their 50s and 60s. About half of the elderly over the age of 70, the figure of young people is not much. Despite diligently picking tea, a good man can earn five or six thousand yuan a year, but young people are still more willing to go to work in big cities.

  Zicheng and an old man stopped to talk. I saw the old man, a man of one meter sixty-seven, eight, the waist is straight, full of white hair, not awkward and Zhuang.

  The old man left, I asked Zicheng her age.


  ”Eighty-three also pick tea?!”

  I can’t help but look at the old man’s back and admire it.

  Zicheng told me that before the liberation, the old man was a famous beauty. And the age of marriage, the wealthy households in the town and even the county contend, or for the son, or want to be guilty; refused, married a primary school teacher in the town. Later, the husband returned to the village to work as a farmer because of the composition problem. However, the man who is knowledgeable can not withstand the lonely life of the mountain village than the ordinary peasants. Before the Qingming, he changed his long shirt and walked around the villages to say “spring.” At that time, the local people were mostly illiterate, and even the Huang Li could not understand. Her husband has super memory, and a yellow calendar is back. “Say Spring” is based on the records of the Yellow Calendar, and predicts the relationship between some solar terms and the so-called fierce auspicious day. But generally speaking, it can’t be regarded as “speaking spring.” The “speaking spring” of “speaking spring people” is basically based on singing. Not only do you have to remember well, but you still have a good voice. Her husband is also a nephew. There is another thing, it is to talk about it. “Say” is booming, others are free to give pointers, and what can be said to sing a set of rhyming rhymes, it is like a “R&P singer”. So, to make people happy, they also get a bowl of millet. In people, that is to enjoy the return of entertainment. In himself, is a satisfaction of personal value. The so-called happy with people, it is endless. Soon after, the “destroy superstition” campaign in the countryside was originally a happy event and became a crime. The husband entered the class, and said that “the spring lady” was rushed to sell their home to the point where only one of the clothes they wore. They bought two bags of millet and carried them in a bag with bamboo bags. Seto bowl of bowl still. The folks did not want to go, and they criticized her for being too serious. She said – my husband is “learning people, I am the wife of ‘study’. It is important for us to be famous. If you lose your name, there is nothing important about your family. If you understand me, please take back Xiaomi. !……”

  The working group leader learned about the situation, and suddenly, it was awe. After a few words about his husband’s teachings, he personally sent home and comforted the grandmother of the year…

  I asked: “What is the condition of her family now? Why do people still let the 83-year-old man pick tea for tea?”

  Zicheng said: “Apo was late, when she was sixty years old, her only son in her thirties died. The daughter-in-law remarried and took her grandson away, and she had already broken the news. Since then, she has lived alone. Seven or eight years ago, the one-acre tea land under the name was also returned to the village…”

  ”So big, old, lonely, even the land is gone, how can I live?”

  “There are policies in the county that require cadres at the county and township leadership teams to adopt a rural widowed senior citizen to protect the general needs of the latter, while the two levels of government give certain subsidies…”
  I can’t help feeling: “How good is the action…”

  Unexpectedly, Zicheng said: “The method is very good. Most cadres are also considered to be more responsible. However, the life of the grandmother is too bad. She is responsible for a deputy magistrate in the county who is responsible for protecting her life. Paradigm, corruption and bribery in the back, wine and gambling black, all five poisons, it was not a thing, was sentenced to severe punishment three years ago…”
  I was aphasia for a while, and I only asked a long time: “What does black mean?”

  ”It is a black evil.”

  I lost a word again, no longer asked anything, only silently listening to the child said: “After knowing the grandmother, as my own reputation has been tarnished, I fell ill. After I am sick, I started to make more people for tea. Tea picking, how many pounds were collected in a day, according to the five-five tea price of the day. The old man’s eyesight is not good, and the fingers are not ready. They can’t pick up the bud tea. They can only pick big leaf tea, go out early and return late, average down, one day. She can only earn five or six yuan. She is bent on using her own money to return the money that the county magistrate helped her…”

  ”Yes… this… Isn’t there anyone who thinks that the elderly should be told that she doesn’t have to do that at all?…”

  As if I had cut off my tongue, I could finally speak again. Moreover, I am excited.

  ”Many people have been so persuaded, but the elderly can’t listen to it.”

  Zicheng’s words are extremely calm.

  Not waiting for me to say anything, what to ask, a word of Zicheng, I suddenly lost a word.

  He said: “At the beginning of this year, the elderly suffered from cancer.”

  I am extremely embarrassed.

  ”Almost everyone in the village knows it. She knows it herself. However, she pretends that she doesn’t know it at all. She picks up her own pickled pickles and drinks three or four bowls of brown rice porridge every day. I have a big leaf tea. Some people say that it is because she is old and the organs are aging, so I don’t feel any pain… Does their argument make sense?…”

  ”I am not very sure……”
  I really don’t know.

  My heart is blank. Further, stunned.
  That night, I asked Zicheng to tell the elderly that someone would be willing to “return” the 1,200 yuan that had not been “returned” for her.
  Zicheng said: “The notice is also a white report…”

  I am annoyed and taught: “Tomorrow, you must say to her!”
  The next day, in the evening, I stood by the village road and looked at Zicheng and the old man. Only a minute or two later, the conversation between the two was over. The old man carrying a bamboo pole, try not to, is trying to straighten his body and walk silently from my eyes.
  Zicheng also walked up to me with frustration and said: “I expected it to be useless…”
  ”I want to hear her words!”
  ”She said, thank you. Also said that a person’s life is like running water. Can do it, can’t be turbid…”
  I can’t help but be aphasia again. As a result, I am ashamed.
  In the evenings of the next few days, I repeatedly saw Xu Apo’s going to and from the tea road, carrying the patched bamboo poles, trying to straighten the thin body. However, its gait, after all, is so embarrassing that I think of the aging and tenacious pilgrims, and I don’t know what holy places I know. One evening it rained. She wore a straw hat that had broken the edge and covered the bamboo pole with a plastic sheet, but let the rain wet the clothes…

  The beauty of the grassroots group, the 83-year-old, who was suffering from cancer, tried to straighten the tea village, and reminded me of the lone ranger who went to the end of life in ancient times…
  It seems that I have heard the old voice: the name, the name…
  Repeatedly, the word is only two.
  Not long ago, Zicheng called and told me that Xu Apo died.
  ”She, that… I mean… understand what I am asking?…”

  My teacher, who has always asked students to speak to people at least, is incoherent.
  ”Listen to the family, she paid off the money a few days before her death… The old man is serious to the extreme, and he begged the village party secretary to ask her to go to the county for a notary. Now, the relevant parties are all because of that. Money and money…”
  I can’t speak again, and I don’t know when I put down the phone. I think that I and Zi Chengkou have clearly said the word “return”. I feel that the old man who values ​​his name is undoubtedly an insult to personality.

  Clear name, clear name…
  Once this cares about the things that are tiring and asking for trouble, it is no wonder that today people are avoiding them far away, lest they get caught up!
  I am ashamed, because so is it…