For the dignity of hearing

  In the spring of 2007, the new municipal government in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, decided to replace all the old trees in order to renovate the old city.

  The current green trees in this small city are still the species left over from the 1950s. At that time, it was just a village with relatively concentrated people, full of blackbirds, broad-leaved holly, and acacia trees. Later, when the towns began to take shape, they were planned according to local conditions. These trees were preserved and have been around for half a century.

  Experts believe that these old trees are too common, and most of them are deciduous trees. In autumn and winter, only bare trees are left, and there is no beauty. Therefore, they suggested replacing them with evergreen flowering trees. The municipal government accepted the proposal and ordered huge sums of money to order a tree in Changbai, which is evergreen and can produce beautiful flowers, to a garden and flower company in Singapore.

  No one expected that after the decision was announced to the public, it was immediately opposed by a person named Matsukawa.

  The opponent Songchuan is an old man. In a protest letter submitted to the municipality, he said that there are thousands of birds living in the area, such as thrush, starling, blue dragonfly and spotted dragonfly. These birds depend on the fruits of the current green trees for wintering. . If you replace these trees now, thousands of birds living in this area will die or stare because of hunger. If there are no birds, people in this place will never hear their screams.

  The will of the people is facing a countercurrent. In order to be prudent, the municipal government decided to hold a hearing for this matter. That day, many people came to the venue.

  When the municipal representatives stated their original intention to benefit the citizens, the old people in Songchuan retorted that if the municipality is really thinking about the public, it should respect the needs of the citizens.

  He said: “Everyone knows that our city is more and more developed, there are more cars, more appliances, more music plazas, more shops. We are forced to listen to these odious noises most of the day, Scorpio The fascination has already been squeezed out. There are no screams of worms, cockroaches and grasshoppers rushing over the tip of the grass, no river otters, no cock crows and hens, we only have Listening to the sounds of these birds every morning and evening is the only hearing pleasure. If you change the tree species, it means that the minimum dignity of our hearing is lost.”

  Many listeners didn’t have much interest in this matter at first. They just came to watch the lively attitude. However, when they heard the enthusiasm of the old people in Matsukawa, they could not help but give a warm applause. It is not only to affirm the courage of the old man, but also to support this view that is usually amazed by the busy thinking.

  Some of the municipal representatives said: “Is it true that the enjoyment of flowers in the four seasons can’t make up for the little regret of bird songs?”

  Matsukawa replied: “Don’t you think that the beautiful and beautiful birds themselves are blossoming flowers?” The audience applauded again.

  The venue was quiet for a moment, and the municipal representative threw a difficult question to the old man: “You are very reasonable, but even if we are willing to follow your advice, we have signed a supply and demand contract with Singapore, if we unilaterally propose changes. , we will bear a huge amount of liquidated damages!”

  All the listeners who support the old people of Matsukawa are stunned. They don’t know if Matsushita’s efforts will have a satisfactory result.

  In everyone’s gaze, Songchuan, who has been standing, said with a voice: “If you are willing to change the plan, I am willing to raise liquidated damages for the municipality. I have limited personal strength, but I will mobilize my relatives and friends, my neighbors… “His words have not been finished yet. The audience stood up and listened to a lot of listeners. They all said the same thing: “And me, my relatives, friends!” Finally, all the listeners stood up. They are all willing to be a strong backing for this stubborn old man, because they are now clear, and he is trying to protect their lives with a little bit of poetry and charm.

  In the end, under the pressure of the citizens, the municipal government of Chiba finally changed its original plan.