Two things in a lifetime

  Some people say that people only do three things in their lives: their own affairs, the things of others, the things of God.

  I think that people only do two things in their lives: hungry for dinner, sleepy and sleepy.

  Because it is really not easy for people to eat rice very well for a lifetime and sleep very sweetly.

  When he was young, Lin Qingxuan was suffering because of his love affair. He was not fragrant and didn’t sleep well.

  The Zen master told him: “People need to cultivate.”

  Lin Qingxuan asked: “How to cultivate.”

  The Zen master said: “Hungry to eat, sleepy and sleep.”

  Lin Qingxuan asked: “Do you have to practice eating and sleeping?”

  The Zen master said: “The same is to eat, the same is to sleep, but there are different results. When the mortal eats, look around and think about it, think about it, think about it, think about it; when sleeping, reverse the nightmare, dream this dream, thinks Wan Thousands. The practitioner, eating is eating, sleeping is sleeping, there is no other to read!”

  ”However, how can we be hungry to eat, sleepy?”

  ”You can’t control the weather, but you can change your mood; you can’t change your looks, but you can show your smile.” The Zen master said: “Seeking people is better than asking for help, and asking for yourself is better than asking for help! Heart, it should be a pool of clear water. The heart is clear, The mountain bird flower trees are beautiful on the water. Then, the day is a good day, the night is a clear day, everywhere is a blessed land, and the law is good law, there is nothing to confuse and filthy us.”

  Lin Qingxuan suddenly enlightened.

  Liang Shuming also said that people must first solve the relationship between people and things, solve the relationship between people and people, and finally solve the relationship between people and themselves. Only the last one is the hardest.

  In a person’s life, there will be many people and things, some are necessary, and some are completely incomplete, such as fame, greed, vanity, jealousy, hatred and so on. These are all burdens and should be deleted decisively! Just like the junk files and error messages in the computer, delete them in time to make the operation go smoothly. Life is to go step by step and throw it a little bit. The road that came out was the baggage. In this way, the road will go longer and longer, and the heart will become more and more quiet.