The train goes away

  Matthew Lian’s “Breiser” is a sad song.

  Piano, bagpipes, guitar, saxophone, soothing and slightly low melody, like the footsteps of Akiyuki, the wind blowing the black windbreaker, a male-style sorrowful sorrow. The back of the range, a little bit high, with a little bit of strength, is painful, as if the call on the wilderness. In “Breiser”, these instruments combine to create a beautiful, sad, and lingering sorrowful and affectionate situation. After the bell, the piano first played a clear and low-pitched melody, like a quiet dusk, the tiny stream of water flowing clear through the low shrubs and deep woods, like a pair of scissors, will be sad The curtain is cut open. Behind the bagpipes and the saxophone, the sadness and sorrowful emotions are slowly brewed into thick and full, just like a layer of layers from the mountains, blue rivers shrouded in blue sorrow…

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Obama’s red lady

  No matter where it is, Michelle Obama’s light will never be hidden by the handsome and powerful people.

  When she took Barack Obama’s arm and received the cautious Nobel Peace Prize in Norway, her husband’s 44 mentions of the war and 33 mentions of peace’s acceptance speech caused a hot debate, but she was The yellow-green dress of Calvin Klein attracted more attention. In the background of the World Conference on Emission Reduction, this set of eco-friendly garments will give the husband a little more points in another way.

  Whether it is unintentional or intentional to plant flowers, the smart first – the wife has succeeded.

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Great Solon

  The Cyrus Emperor, the founder of the Persian Empire, after more than a year of hard work with King Clothos of Lydia, finally captured the capital of Lydia, Sardis, and captured Chloesos. . The angered Cyrus tied Croisos to a pillar in the central square of the city. He wanted to enjoy watching the other, the thrill of a king being burned. At the moment when the corner of the woodpile had been ignited, Chloesos suddenly looked at the sky and screamed: “Solon! Solon! Great Solon!”

  The cry of Cloisos caused Qu Lu: great curiosity. He sneered and asked: “You are going to die, what are you calling Sauron?” said Cloisos. “It was at this moment of dying that I really understood Solon’s words and really understood. Solon’s greatness!” Guru: Asked: “What did Solon say?” However, the fire at this time has been ignited everywhere and is being forced into Croisos. Because Cyrus was anxious to know what Solon had said, he immediately ordered the soldiers to pick up the firewood and put out the fire. Croisos, who was almost killed, was brought to the front of Cyrus. He calmly told a story about his life’s happiness.

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Leave a grave for love

  In the middle of the night, when I woke up, I saw that the spring of 1940 was smashing. But how can everything around me become so cold and strange? Where is this? Oh, I remember, it is New York, the other side of the ocean. I am coming to the United States to treat breast cancer.

  Breast cancer? When I look at this cold word in my mind, I subconsciously look at my feet and mutter to myself: I have become a disabled person, can I stand up against the world? Have the courage to long for his caress? I thought quietly, and the silent tears filled my eyes. But soon, I laughed awkwardly. He was so rebellious. He never said that he loves me! Even his eyes are too lazy to stay on me, but this does not prevent me from loving him, I He has already loved him in the bones!

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  I met it on the way to Medog.

  Behind the Wrangler, it carried heavy things on its backs, only looking down on the road, stepping down one step at a time, not afraid to have a slight loss. It is in the huge caravan of the team, the body is not outstanding, and even the body is thin and weak, like a sick teenager. It is also very young and the gait is very slow. After the fat and strong horseshoes rang loudly, it still didn’t stop and looked up at them. The rain, as fine as salt, is scattered all the way. It may know that the road ahead is more dangerous, but it does not appear too anxious. The Wrangler is very anxious and will stop and wait for it in a few steps. Until all the horses had turned over the narrow ridge, it still followed the Wrangler without any slowness. The horses in front of them are already waiting in the safe mountain in the screaming of the Wrangler.

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