Great Solon

  The Cyrus Emperor, the founder of the Persian Empire, after more than a year of hard work with King Clothos of Lydia, finally captured the capital of Lydia, Sardis, and captured Chloesos. . The angered Cyrus tied Croisos to a pillar in the central square of the city. He wanted to enjoy watching the other, the thrill of a king being burned. At the moment when the corner of the woodpile had been ignited, Chloesos suddenly looked at the sky and screamed: “Solon! Solon! Great Solon!”

  The cry of Cloisos caused Qu Lu: great curiosity. He sneered and asked: “You are going to die, what are you calling Sauron?” said Cloisos. “It was at this moment of dying that I really understood Solon’s words and really understood. Solon’s greatness!” Guru: Asked: “What did Solon say?” However, the fire at this time has been ignited everywhere and is being forced into Croisos. Because Cyrus was anxious to know what Solon had said, he immediately ordered the soldiers to pick up the firewood and put out the fire. Croisos, who was almost killed, was brought to the front of Cyrus. He calmly told a story about his life’s happiness.

  Lydia was once the most powerful and wealthy kingdom in the Greek city-state. One day, when the legislator of Athens, Solon, roamed the world, he came to the increasingly powerful Kingdom of Lydia. King Kloisos knew that Solon was the most intelligent person in the world, so he treated him with great enthusiasm and showed him great wealth he had. Then, Chloesos said with a sigh of relief: “Sorron, I know your reputation as a philosopher, and know that you are very knowledgeable in the world. Can you tell me who is the happiest person you met?” ”

  Croisus thought that Solon would have answered that he was the happiest person. However, Solon’s answer made him unexpected: “Terres of Athens is the happiest person because he lives in a management. In a very good city-state, there are a group of brave and kind sons under the knees; he also saw the birth of healthy grandchildren, the BLOG of the wood and the enjoyment of the happy life that the individual can have under normal circumstances. Gloriously dedicated to Athens against Elsisi, people held a grand funeral for him and gratefully commemorated him.”

  After listening to Solon’s answer, Chloesos couldn’t wait to ask: “Who is the happiest person besides Teres?” He thought that this second position should always be his own. Let’s go.

  However, Solon replied; “It is Kleopius and Beaton of the city of Algos. Because these two young men both won at the game. When their mother wants to drive to five miles away When the temple was held for the festival, they were able to trailer themselves because the cattle that pulled the cart failed to return from the field in time. All the people in the celebration applauded the strength of the two young people and congratulated their mother. I don’t want to win, I pray for the greatest blessing that the goddess gave her son the human being. As a result, the prayer is fulfilled, after the sacrifice and the feast. When the two boys are sleeping in the temple, they are recruited into the heavens by the goddess. “”

  After listening to Solon’s answer, Chloesos was very annoyed. He said, “The guests of Athens! Why do you put my happiness in this way and think that my happiness is not as important as an ordinary person? ?”

  Solon said: “In a day when a person is alive, each of these days will have something different from the past, so before a person dies, you can’t tell whether he is happy or not. And you are a distinguished king. The happiness that is considered is not really happiness. True happiness is the wisdom and enjoyment of the wealth and honor of life you have, and the feeling you have now is nothing but the present. Vanity is – a kind of satisfaction with possessive desire.”

  When Cloisos talked about it, his eyes looked directly at Cyrus and said, “Is not the same great king as you? In the twinkling of an eye, it became a prisoner for you to slaughter! Now I really Understand that my original happiness, but the expansion of vanity, is the madness of wealth possession. If it is not under the urging of this ‘happiness’ to launch this war, but to listen to Solon, how can I get this What about the end?”

  The words of Croisus also made Cyrus feel a lot of emotions. He felt that he wanted to enjoy the pleasure of seeing a king being burned to death. Isn’t it the happiness that Solon despised? Croisos The destiny, will it become a forerunner of his own car? The feeling of sympathy suddenly touched the compassion of Cyrus, so he put Kloisos and formed the closest ally with Lydia. The two men stood by each other, and the feeling of happiness came from the heart of the two people’s resentment. Solon’s wisdom has made the two kings’ worldly friendship.