Leave a grave for love

  In the middle of the night, when I woke up, I saw that the spring of 1940 was smashing. But how can everything around me become so cold and strange? Where is this? Oh, I remember, it is New York, the other side of the ocean. I am coming to the United States to treat breast cancer.

  Breast cancer? When I look at this cold word in my mind, I subconsciously look at my feet and mutter to myself: I have become a disabled person, can I stand up against the world? Have the courage to long for his caress? I thought quietly, and the silent tears filled my eyes. But soon, I laughed awkwardly. He was so rebellious. He never said that he loves me! Even his eyes are too lazy to stay on me, but this does not prevent me from loving him, I He has already loved him in the bones!

  Dr. Bell came, holding the test results in his hand, and said with a serious face: “I have to tell you an unfortunate news that the cancer cells on your breast have spread, that is, there are cancers in other parts of your body. The cells are out.”

  I am silent, but I am not afraid of death. The blow of fate again and again has already made me realize my life. Although I am a weak woman wearing a lavender cheongsam, I can see the strength of death in the blood. Just, I really can’t bear him. In my heart, he is a younger brother, a child, and sometimes he needs my jealousy and care. Although his side is always there: no shortage of women. Such as Missy Zhao Yizhen, the wind and the eternal, charming and charming.

  ”Doctor Bell, what do you mean, I have no choice?” I smiled lightly. Bell looked at me, my strength is enough to make him feel respectful and compassionate: “Unless you receive radiotherapy plus chemotherapy.”

  I stroked my hair and couldn’t help but fight a cold war. He loves my black hair better than my heart. The most warm feeling in memory is that there is – back his fingers have played and swimming in my waterfall! I can only sigh, the warmth has passed, it is far away… During the days when I received radiotherapy and chemotherapy, I only felt that the blood in my body had to be exhausted, and all the bones were scattered, like a pile of firewood. Lying there, suffering from the pain of heartbreaking. I told myself time and time again: You must stick to it, stick to it, and insist on seeing him again!

  Hair, a lot of ground, and it will fall off when you touch it. Once the blue hair, it is now withered and drifting like the autumn leaves. I have to wear a hat to wear. After three major operations, I was convinced that I was alive like a wild grass. In order to get rid of the heart-wrenching of the Japanese, I went into the stock hall. There is no loneliness in the hall, no silence, some are just impetuous and embarrassing, just like being at the peak, the rain falls into the sky. abyss. In a person’s day, it is this long-lost passion.

  Perhaps it is God’s care and favor, I have won again and again in the thrilling fight. With the intuition and sensitivity of the oriental woman, I am overwhelmed by the stock market in the United States. Even my own dreams did not come to mind, a woman who came out of the northeastern town of China had a good time on Wall Street. Weighing stocks and speculating in real estate, wealth is rolling more and more like snowballs. However, my communication with him is getting less and less. Later, there seems to be nothing to say to each other, only the rest: take care, take care. That word, he still refused to confide! Every time I received such a letter, I was laughing on my face, but my heart was crying.

  I know that my “Mrs.” who is right in the media is now only worthy of the name. I am already in the wind, belong to the cloud, belong to my dream that I can’t hope, I will leave.

  My destination is the Rose Cemetery under Beverly Hills, where there is a cemetery I personally purchased. I have money, I have added the most expensive black marble for myself. Black, representing elegance, sadness and difference. I am sad, but I am not a passionate woman. I know how to be humble, know how to love, and know how to wait for the return of a heart with the millennium. So, I was still on the right side of my grave, and I left a hole respectfully. According to Chinese tradition, the right is the top. That belongs to him. Because he is the love of my future life and the future.

  Everything is ready, I should go. I am sick and I am so long. I can only go. I smiled and waved my name on the black tombstone: Zhang Xueliang’s wife, Yu Fengzhi.

  Blowing a pool of life, the autumn wind is reversed.

  The dream of the millennium, the finalization of the red duckweed, the wind is ……