Obama’s red lady

  No matter where it is, Michelle Obama’s light will never be hidden by the handsome and powerful people.

  When she took Barack Obama’s arm and received the cautious Nobel Peace Prize in Norway, her husband’s 44 mentions of the war and 33 mentions of peace’s acceptance speech caused a hot debate, but she was The yellow-green dress of Calvin Klein attracted more attention. In the background of the World Conference on Emission Reduction, this set of eco-friendly garments will give the husband a little more points in another way.

  Whether it is unintentional or intentional to plant flowers, the smart first – the wife has succeeded.

  This is not Michelle’s first time – to help her husband with his own wisdom. Whether during the campaign or after entering the White House, Michelle Obama is the most indispensable sunshine around Obama. When she smiles, like the clothes she wears, you can feel the power of infinity.

  The man in the American dream

  From the beginning of sensibility, Michelle is determined to make an achievement with the tenacity and endurance represented by her skin color. The father who is a pump worker and the mother who is a secretary in the company never thought that his daughter would one day become a “political person”. In their view, Michele seems to be more suitable to “kill in the business world.” “Because in their memory, she never complained about life.”

  This determined woman, both childhood and adolescent, is on an active track. During her high school, she was the best student in the school. She later went to Princeton University as a sociology major, and graduated with a first-class honor four years later. Then, she successfully obtained a master’s degree in law from Harvard Law School and began to move towards her future.

  After graduation, Michel joined the sixth law firm in the United States – Chicago Sidley and Austin Law Firm, responsible for marketing and intellectual property related legal work. It is also here that she romantically married her “student” and later became the man of the US president – Obama.

  At the time, he was also studying at Harvard Law School. He was only a summer intern at the firm, and Michelle was appointed as his instructor. Since the two are the only two black employees in the law firm, they are very tacit in their work and they are particularly well-coordinated. At first, she only regarded him as a black guy who could talk frankly, but there was a day when Obama suddenly walked over to Michelle and said frankly: “Why don’t we go out for a date?” Steady Michelle After thinking for a few seconds, he still refused him. Obama’s tenacious Obama is not discouraged, and again, Michelle goes to a community meeting in the church basement. This time, Michelle did not give him another blow, but was happy to go. It was this meeting that ignited the flame that she appreciated in his heart.

  There, Obama delivered a speech on the elimination of racial differences, which deeply touched Michelle. This is really a non-like guy! She introduced Obama to her family and they all like Obama. Obama and Michelle love each other seriously and regard each other as gifts in their lives. After four years of acquaintance, they became genus; six years later, they had their beloved daughter Maria, and the younger daughter Sasha was born three years later.

  When the two worlds become a family of four, this strong woman becomes softer and more focused on her own career. Her performance has been brilliant, and she has always been known for her strength and “super power.” In her love, she resigned from Sidley and Austin Law Firm and moved to the City of Chicago to serve as the mayor’s assistant, responsible for urban planning and development. After she got married, she became an executive director of a non-profit organization. When she left three years later, she had raised enough funds for the agency to maintain its operations for the next 12 years. After her daughter Sasha was born, she moved to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she initially became an executive director of community affairs and was promoted to vice chairman three years later. In her family account, she has kept a record of earning more than her husband and has never been broken.

  However, with the political rise of her husband, she realized that she had to choose between developing her own career and helping her husband. There was not much hesitation. After Obama announced that he was competing for the presidential election, she quit her job and helped him to run for election. At the beginning of the campaign, she taught two young daughters to learn to be independent and then increased their number of attending election campaigns. In the eight days of early February 2008, she attended 33 campaign rally.

  Her intelligence is as good as ever. In order not to be overly outstanding, Michelle said smartly and playfully: she is trying to help her husband, in exchange for her husband’s promise to no longer smoke. In a short period of time, this woman who did not help her experience quickly changed from a strong image that had just begun to become a representative of the American Dream. In a few months, her support rate rose by 40%. Those who once pointed at her skin were surprised to find that this powerful woman is about to take the arm of the husband of the same color into the White House and rule the country.

  When love becomes the driving force of career efforts, a woman will have more power; and when the future of the other party becomes the future of two people, this is the love that blends life.

Obama family

  White House and children, this is my new home

  Since entering the White House, the owner here seems to be more like Michelle than Obama himself.

  For Michelle, she is now a full-time housewife, and she feels very comfortable because she has a new job – to promote and maintain the “Obama brand”. Her current day is basically fixed and orderly: usually before 10:30 in the morning, she is preparing for the two children before going to school; the wooden log BLOG is sending the children out and watching them – after getting on the bus, She will start doing her own things, usually work until three or four in the afternoon, and then the children should be back: Michelle will let the students after school – doing homework while waiting for Dad to come back to eat. “This is the benefit of the family living in the office building – Obama goes home every day. The family is sitting around the table and talking about the good and bad things that happen in the day. It’s great.” The White House life, which must have been under pressure, seems to have given Michelle some sort of compensation. Almost from the birth of the first child, Obama has been rushing between the state legislature, the Congress and the campaign headquarters, and the White House has unexpectedly brought them normal family life.

  This kind of feeling of being able to bring a puppy or daughter to her husband’s office from time to time to “disturb” is really good. For a professional woman who is used to being strong, she never felt so soft.

  She placed a swing on the lawn of the White House so that the children could play, and the husband could easily see the scenes of the children playing from the window while working hard. “Of course, not only is my daughter playing here, but other White House staff can bring their children here.” At the same time, she also planted in the back garden – dead vegetables, in her view those little tomatoes than Roses are more accessible to people. “I think the garden is a great place to educate the children and let them know the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables… The tomatoes grown in their gardens are better than the ones they buy.”

  But at the beginning, the White House with 95 staff members left Michelle a little helpless: you don’t have to do anything, and any problem can be solved in 30 minutes. For Michelle, this is not a good way to educate your children. So she gathered the 95 employees and told them that she wanted her children to learn to do housework.

  ”It took a lot of time. They are always not sure. Ask me: ‘Are you sure?’ But if the children don’t fold the quilt and don’t clean the room, what should they do when they go to college? So I Express gratitude to them, marry them, they must be like a little child to Maria, they can’t be regarded as little princess. It must be like a normal home, there can be friends and relatives, children can run and noisy They have to learn to stack their quilts, wash their own dishes, and learn to respect people. Later everyone adapted to this new regulation.”

  Michelle tried her best to make it more like a home, and when she saw her “outcome”, she couldn’t help but feel double: “I have a job in the world. Thank God, I don’t have to save. The global economy; I just want to say hello to everyone, tell the children stories, and renovate the garden…”

  This kind of life also allowed her and her husband’s relationship to grow. “I used to feel pressure because I needed help, but now I realize that the help you need is not necessarily from your husband. In the long process of election, we have been working together, which makes our relationship closer. When two people work together to accomplish a difficult task, and then share the joy of victory, the two will be better. You will realize how lucky you are, how much you love each other.”

  Together they grew up with their two daughters who quickly adapted to the life of their new home and depended on each other. The 11-year-old Maria is more calm and calm, while the 8-year-old Sasha is a pistachio who loves to go out. Michelle feels very happy that the two daughters can grow up healthily: “My education is to tell them that sisters and sisters are your closest relatives, even if they are arguing, they must respect each other.” And this is the youngest “first “The daughter” seems to understand the mother’s words very quickly, this is Michelle’s most proud place.

  For her, the White House is not her dream, its beauty lies in her home here. The place where lovers, daughters and careers coexist is the most unavoidable treasure.

  This is a woman who has read her own. Her wisdom is to make her own contribution to the life of the White House and her family in the name of her own personality, not the wife of the President. She has the mind, the mobility, and the good shape of fashion. This woman is always trying to create and promote a way of life.

  She once said: “The best I can do and do is always myself!” When she smiles confidently and relaxed, do you want to call her Mrs. Obama, or Michelle? And finally, you I have to admit that she is competent enough for both identities.