Two childish

  As soon as I got on the bus, I noticed them, just because she looked at me inadvertently, that look!

  I sat by the window, the seat was a long, kind of old man, they were sitting diagonally opposite me, I kept looking at them.

  The bigger one, about thirteen years old, with noodles, a pale yellow floral dress, and a pair of high heels – I was surprised, so young! I looked at it again and found that it was a pair of big, pointed high heels, quite old-fashioned. I guess, it’s not her mother’s sister, she is not the age of wearing high heels. In addition, the little girl, with a rounded face, long hair tied in two at the ear, swaying, and playing a bow, cute like a doll. I think these two girls must be sisters, they look a bit like. As soon as she sat down, her sister wouldn’t know what to say to her sister. Her smile was brilliant. I didn’t say a word to my sister. I listened to her intently. The eyes kept looking at my sister. I occasionally nodded softly, and there was a slight smile on my lips. That smile, how to look like it is not what a girl in her teens should have.

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