The train goes away

  Matthew Lian’s “Breiser” is a sad song.

  Piano, bagpipes, guitar, saxophone, soothing and slightly low melody, like the footsteps of Akiyuki, the wind blowing the black windbreaker, a male-style sorrowful sorrow. The back of the range, a little bit high, with a little bit of strength, is painful, as if the call on the wilderness. In “Breiser”, these instruments combine to create a beautiful, sad, and lingering sorrowful and affectionate situation. After the bell, the piano first played a clear and low-pitched melody, like a quiet dusk, the tiny stream of water flowing clear through the low shrubs and deep woods, like a pair of scissors, will be sad The curtain is cut open. Behind the bagpipes and the saxophone, the sadness and sorrowful emotions are slowly brewed into thick and full, just like a layer of layers from the mountains, blue rivers shrouded in blue sorrow…

  However, when listening to this song, whether it is a quiet afternoon or a dusk from the beginning, you can always feel a kind of love about love, this should be the music that talks about love and sadness. The prelude to the music is a bell that sounds ingeniously. Is it the bell of the church under the hillside? Is it a separate bell? Goodbye! Goodbye! At the end of the music, it was very creative to sing the sound of the train passing by and then going away on the rails – dear people, with the train far to the horizon, tears falling, miss the departure.

  Matthew Lianen once wrote a letter to his friend, Weiss, in a letter about a story about love about music. Once, he fell in love with a girl who was dating in a small town called Brescia. The town is surrounded by a beautiful and peaceful village. They walk hand in hand to explore the surrounding countryside, listen to the church bells in the valley, watch the white clouds turn over the hills like a flock of sheep, and enjoy the sweetness and love of love. . Since ancient times, he has been sentimental and has been separated. He finally arrived when he broke up. He sent her to the nearby railway station with tears, and it was their own end. On the bus to the train station, he fell asleep, and there seemed to be a wonderful melody and lyrics in the vagueness – it was from his sad heart. After getting off the bus, he came to a coffee shop and wrote the lyrics and melody on a napkin.

  I stood under the stars of Brescia,

  And the stars, on the other side of the sky, shine on Breler.

  Please let go of it gently, because I have to go far.

  Although the train will take my people away, my heart will not be separated for a moment.

  Oh, my heart won’t be apart for a moment.

  Looking at the clouds around the clouds, the sunset rose.

  I left the stars behind me and let them light your sky.

  A beautiful and sad love finally recorded, sang, and never missed in the way of music…

  Many times, we can’t keep our lover, can’t keep those happy moments, we can only, let her ten fingers loose, watch her embark on a train, and embark on a long journey that has nothing to do with her. Thinking of her front, the clouds are white, the mountains are thousands of miles, and myself, no longer the scenery along the window, she can only become her past, become a negative film. Therefore, at this moment, it will only be so helpless and stubborn, standing at the crossroads, watching the train go, watching with the eyes, and then reminiscing the soul.

  For most of us, life has already gone a little more than half or half of the time. I already know that the long road is dangerous. The feelings of the younger apricots are open. Now I know how to slowly gather. Now, here and now, this situation, listen again. “Breiser” is a kind of life.

  Yes, in this autumn, the yellow leaves are adorned with branches. When I sit on the window sill and listen to this “Breiser”, I can see the tea at hand, and the sadness of a time goes by. The heart is like an open mouth. Hey, hey, the train seems to pass through my window, with the breath of grass on the eastern horizon, and then go. At this moment, I stood under the trees of the phoenix tree, and I saw that the time I had experienced was as far away as the train. As far away, the end of the world was invisible, and there were old things and old people I never missed.

  Life is the joy of this game and another game.


  Matthew Lian En – bressanon Bresser

  Here i stand in bressanone

  With the stars up in the sky

  Are they shining over brenner

  And upon the other side

  You would be a sweet surrender

  i must go the other way

  And my train will carry me onward

  Though my heart would surely stay

  Wo my heart would surely stay

  Now the clouds are flying by me

  And the moon is the rise

  i have left stars behind me

  They were disamondsin your skies

  You would be a sweet surrender

  i must go the other way

  And my train will carry me onward

  Wo my heart would surely stay

  Wo my heart would surely stay