Two childish

  As soon as I got on the bus, I noticed them, just because she looked at me inadvertently, that look!

  I sat by the window, the seat was a long, kind of old man, they were sitting diagonally opposite me, I kept looking at them.

  The bigger one, about thirteen years old, with noodles, a pale yellow floral dress, and a pair of high heels – I was surprised, so young! I looked at it again and found that it was a pair of big, pointed high heels, quite old-fashioned. I guess, it’s not her mother’s sister, she is not the age of wearing high heels. In addition, the little girl, with a rounded face, long hair tied in two at the ear, swaying, and playing a bow, cute like a doll. I think these two girls must be sisters, they look a bit like. As soon as she sat down, her sister wouldn’t know what to say to her sister. Her smile was brilliant. I didn’t say a word to my sister. I listened to her intently. The eyes kept looking at my sister. I occasionally nodded softly, and there was a slight smile on my lips. That smile, how to look like it is not what a girl in her teens should have.

Later, my sister was probably hot. The little hand kept licking the bangs in front of her forehead. She leaned on her sister and whispered something. The sister looked around and then nodded deeply. Her sister immediately squatted on the chair. On both sides, pull the glass window hard with both hands. My sister didn’t know what to ask her sister. I think she must ask her sister: “Is it hot?” The sister laughed again, innocent, innocent, like a little angel. Later, my sister was probably sleepy and slept on her sister’s lap. The older sister put her on one hand and the other hand gently stroked her sister’s head. My sister is probably very sleepy, and she will be asleep after a while, and she will not move. Her hand still strokes her head, so light and so soft. I think that must be a very comfortable movement. At this time, I boldly glared at my sister’s face, more ordinary, and more pitiful! The face of the melon seeds is not pretty, but it is very pleasing to the eye. The skin is dark and black, as if there are still a few “heads up”, the nose is quite, the lips are like broken walnuts, the lips are not faded, with a little melancholy, and with a little delusion. Dotty smile! I stared at her unconsciously. Her eyes were always looking out of the window, and it was very strange, as if it contained a few contempt, a few thoughts, and a few thoughts. I can’t help but wonder, what is she thinking? If she is only thirteen years old, how can she have such a melancholy look! As if I saw how many winds, frosts and rains have passed, is she really only 13 years old? She must not be looking at the vehicles and signboards outside the window. She is looking at a long-distance, long-awaited thing, perhaps the past, maybe the future. How soft, more pitiful girl, she looks so kind, what will she have?

  At this time, it rained outside the window and many people closed the window. My sister probably slept sour and turned a pose. She was a little shocked, took back her eyes, gently licked her sister’s sweaty hair, and patted her shoulders, full of care. She looked out the window again, noticed that it was raining, and reached out to the window to explore, and put her hand on the back of her sister and tried it. It was probably that the rain would wet her sister. I turned over and wanted to close the window. Because it was the left hand, I couldn’t make any effort, and my right hand was put on the pillow by my sister. She tried hard to close the window, or she couldn’t pull it. Later, she gently removed her right hand, held her left hand to hold her sister, and took a small bag together in the left hand – I found it. She stretched out her right hand, raised it up, pressed against the glass window, and forced it; I was scared, her right hand was only half, and the five fingers were completely gone. She used the half of her hand to forcefully close the window for her sister. It shocked me and touched me. My eyes were wet. It was hard to close the window, and the car was shocked, but the small bag was dropped from the gap of the master. I don’t know how to be good, but I saw her side down, her right hand has been squatting down, she touched it for a while, like touched, slowly, hands up, very cautiously afraid that it will fall again, she used The half hand slammed the small bag. So, my eyes were blurred. I quickly pushed my tears down and looked up. I saw my sister woke up and squinted. My sister smiled and pointed to the West Finger, as if telling her what was going on? The younger sister also smiled, reaching out and holding the small bag in his hand, and fell asleep on his sister’s leg. Her face was a little shy, and the smile was deep. After that, she kept her head down and used the loving broken hand to pry the wrinkled collar for her sister. She is a good sister.

  I got off the bus.

  God, may you lead the little girl to the garden of happiness. If I still have unrequited blessings, please send them on my behalf. They exist for a moment, and the world has a moment of purity and peace.