Cameron’s Three Hidden Rules

When filming Titanic, Cameron’s pursuit of perfection was fully demonstrated. He once took the special effects teacher’s pen in the studio and drew the prop manuscript himself. He once threatened the producer to kill himself immediately if he was not allowed to shoot a play according to his budget and ideas. The severe budget overruns, the coldness of the investors, the complaints of his staff, the cold sea water and the unimaginable difficulties nearly brought Cameron to the brink of collapse, but he still insisted and shouted out a solemn and stirring grandiloquence: ” Titanic can sink, Titanic cannot sink!”

After Titanic made a global profit of about 1.8 billion US dollars, Cameron’s reputation was not lost for a while, but he was dormant. In fact, Cameron had already finished the script of Avatar, but the technical level at that time could not express his imagination.

Actors are just props.

Cameron never invites top-notch stars to play in his films. For him, the sky-high film pay is not as good as special effects. Another obscure reason may be that he consciously owes the card and cannot bear his temper.

The British newspaper The Independent described Cameron’s directorial style as ” tyrannical,” saying that he was ” a nightmare … his uncompromising autocratic style and fiery temper made him notorious”.

When filming ” Abyss”, Cameron let the heroine stay underwater for a certain shot, almost drowning her alive. However, the tough guy hero could not bear the pressure brought by Cameron and could not help crying on his way home. Winslet, the leading actress in Titanic, admitted that she would never work with Cameron again unless she ” earned a lot of money.” Words like ” No”, ” Impossible” and ” Impossible” are all excuses to Cameron for an old actress to judge Cameron like this: ” He really wants to take risks with our lives and limbs during filming, but he does not mind taking risks with himself. ” Some cast members were fascinated by Cameron’s talent, followed him for many years and became his regular partners. They even printed the words on T-shirts:” You can’t scare me, because I’m working for Cameron. ”

It is dangerous not to take risks.

As for many people who think that he is taking risks by spending hundreds of millions of dollars and spending several years, Cameron said: ” regardless of large-scale production or small cost, he has to take risks.”

Cameron’s films will eventually earn money, but this is obviously only our hindsight. As early as 1990, Cameron’s investment in filming had reached US $ L billion, which exceeded the tolerance of his production company and led to its bankruptcy. That year, in the 20th century, Fox Film Company invested more than 100 million US dollars in Titanic. In the first week, it only received less than 30.3 million US dollars in box office. Senior decision makers almost committed suicide.

When Cameron was filming Avatar, Fox simply came up with a budget control agreement, saying that if the production cost exceeded 300 million, Cameron would have to give up a portion of his profits. This was a naked threat.

Countless people did not like him in advance, but he did not think much of it: ” The greatest risk for a filmmaker is not willing to take the risk to make a movie different from others.”