Dark silhouette

Walking in the new park, I saw a ” silhouette” of a middle-aged man. The stall he set up was very small and the tools were very simple, with only a small pair of scissors and a few sheets of paper. However, his silhouette technique was very skilled. It took only three or two minutes to cut a person’s image on paper, and most of them were very exact. Look carefully, there are only two or three lines on his silhouette. A person’s facial features jump out of the three or two lines alive.

It was a cold winter afternoon. Even in the park, there were few people. Occasionally, passers-by looked curiously at the booth of the silhouetter and then left silently. It took a long time for some people to give him a try and let him be silhouetted, because a picture of 20 yuan is much cheaper than taking a failed picture in the photo gallery. I sat on the iron chair opposite the silhouetter and saw that his business was slow. I felt he was a loner in the world. He used scissors and paper to capture the look on people’s faces all day long, and those people just ran away from him like a river. He had almost nothing except the silhouette of some famous people he put on the shelf to be used as samples.

Stepping forward, I asked the silhouetter to cut a side face for me. while he was working, I said flatly, ” business is not so good?” Imagine that it has caused a long list of complaints from silhouette makers. He said that since photography became common, the business of silhouettes was almost impossible because photography was colorful, so real and clear. The silhouette is black and white, with only a few small lines.

He said: ” When people rely heavily on photographic photos, the world reduces some imaginable beauty. No matter how naive a person is, when he stands in front of the camera, he becomes false and uncomfortable. Therefore, photography often leaves only a person’s image, but cannot really have a person’s spirits. Silhouette is not like this. It only captures the spirits and pays little attention to the image. ” I think what the lonely silhouette person said has profound truth, especially the kind of photos taken by people sitting under the light of photo studio.

He cut my shadow very quickly. I looked at my dark silhouette and felt that the ” shadow” was strange, with a kind of melancholy that even I couldn’t believe. because ” he” had a closed mouth and a deep frown, I asked the silhouette maker. he said: ” I just saw you sitting in the chair opposite me, and I thought you were a melancholy person. you know, to cut out a person’s image, technology is important, but more important is observation.”

Silhouetters have been engaged in silhouettes for 20 years and have been living a wandering life. Previously, they silhouetted tourists in tourist areas around the country. Later, the tourist areas were replaced by photographers. He had to sell his skills from one small town to another. His emotion was not only living, but ” the more places I went, the more people I saw, the more mature my silhouettes became, capturing the most vivid faces of people living. Unfortunately, my business was getting worse day by day, and sometimes in the southern countryside, less than 10 people came to my house one day.”

As a silhouetter, his greatest interest is in observation. Earlier, he was observing people. Later, when business was slow, he began to ponder nature, cutting flowers, birds, trees and mountains.

” Isn’t that the same as paper cutting?” I said.

” Silhouette is originally a kind of paper-cut, but the difference is that paper-cut is meticulous and colorful. It is a realistic painting in China. Silhouette must be simple, only black and white, just like freehand brushwork. ”

Because he boasted that everything can be silhouetted, I asked him to cut a shadow titled ” darkness”.

The silhouetter used black paper and scissors to cut a small first quarter moon and a few shining stars. He told me: ” Originally, there was no moon or stars in the real darkness, but there was no real darkness in the world. We could always see a ray of light in the corner. Without light, darkness would not be darkness.”

When I left the silhouetter, I couldn’t help repeating what he said. Because there is a contrast of light, darkness is terrible. If there is really no light, what’s so terrible about darkness? The problem is, how can a person keep a yearning for light in the darkest hour?

Now this silhouette called ” darkness” is placed on my desk. The stars and the moon are scattered and lightly buried in black paper. It seems that I don’t care very much. Perhaps ” light” is just like this. It doesn’t shine for a specific object, but everyone with a heart can pursue it.

Later, I went to the park several times to find the silhouetted person, but there was no trace of him. I knew that he continued to live a wandering life in a certain corner, capturing the spirits of the bright or dark people. Maybe he had forgotten to cut my shadow. It was not important at all. The important thing was that we met on a leisurely afternoon, and he told me with twenty years of wandering: ” There is no real darkness in the world.” Even if no one cares about the silhouette.