Happy birthday

  ”Look, someone has given you a gift.”

  Going out of the door to greet his wife, suddenly said to her husband before saying “you are back.” The husband who bent over and took off his shoes found a pot of flowers on the shoe box.

  ”Oh, this flower is very beautiful, it seems to be the ocean. Where is it?”

  The husband replied, but suddenly there was an unclear feeling in my heart.

  ”I don’t know. When I went out to buy something, the flower shop sent it. I was not there, so I placed it in my neighbor’s house.”

  He avoided his wife’s gaze and carefully looked at the potted flower. Three slender flowers are on the slender stems supported by bamboo. At the top of the other stem, there are two chubby dark purple buds. A few dry and heavy leaves were pulled on the edge of the basin. The whole flower stood naked and stood up like a flower and a bud.

  ”A card is attached to it.”

  The wife said, take out a card. It says: Congratulations on your birthday. I still love you now.

  In order not to let his wife discover the change in his face, he bent over to face the shoes.

  ”Who is this sent?”

  ”······Oh, I can’t remember it.”

  ”This is strange.”

  The wife still squats at the husband who is not there, and walks to the kitchen.

  This bastard! My husband groaned, and I didn’t understand her hardships. An anger burned in his heart.

  The wife opened a bottle of wine and celebrated his birthday. But the potted flower that came flying made a shadow on this night. After waiting for the child to sleep, the two people sit in the living room, and the husband always avoids his wife’s gaze.

  ”It’s really boring to sit here. If you think about it, you can’t think of it at all?”

  The wife is still chasing after. In the endless questioning of his wife, he said slyly, maybe it was a birthday present from the past girlfriend’s whim.

  ”What kind of girlfriend, why didn’t I listen to you?”

  The wife suddenly made a face.

  ”Don’t worry, it’s not the relationship you imagined.”

  ”Do you know what I think?”

  Seeing his wife’s eyes filled with tears, her husband was so embarrassed that he was helpless. This is a bad thing, I should not marry her. It’s all the trouble caused by that flower, I will keep it right away. When he stood up in annoyed, the tearful wife said softly: “I am not kidding, you, already don’t know my words…”