Imperfect perfection

  I have a friend who has been single for half a lifetime and suddenly got married when she was fifty. The bride is about the same age as his, and the milfs are old and full of charm. Just knowing friends are whispering: “The woman used to be an actor, married two husbands, and they are all gone. Now it is not red, and he has left a surplus.”

  I don’t know if it was passed to his ears. One day, he went out with me and drove while laughing. “I am a man who wants to drive a Mercedes-Benz when he is young. He can’t afford it without money. Now! I can’t afford it, buy a three-handed car.” “He is really an old Mercedes-Benz. I will look around and say, “Three hands? It looks so good! Horsepower is enough!”

  ”Yes!” He laughed. “What’s wrong with the old car? It’s like my wife. I married a Sichuanese and married a Shanghai native. I still have more than 20 years in the entertainment industry. I have seen many big and small scenes. Now I am getting old. I didn’t have the squeaky and flamboyant smell of the past, but I did a handful of Sichuan cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, and I knew how to decorate my home. To tell the truth, when she was the most perfect, I was met.”

  I said, “Other people don’t say, I really can’t see it. She turned out to be the bright star of the year.”

  ”Yeah!” He patted the steering wheel: “In fact, think about myself, am I perfect? ​​I am not riddled with holes, there are many past events, many absurdities, just because we have all gone through these, so two people They are all mature, they all know that let, all know how to endure, this is not perfect, this is a perfect!”

  Imperfection is a perfection! We are old, rusted, and riddled with holes. After a while, I went to see a doctor to mend our broken body. Why do we ask that the people and things we own are perfect, and there are no shortcomings? Seeing to be ruined, it is also experienced, open-minded, mature, and a realm of life!