Cameron’s Three Hidden Rules

When filming Titanic, Cameron’s pursuit of perfection was fully demonstrated. He once took the special effects teacher’s pen in the studio and drew the prop manuscript himself. He once threatened the producer to kill himself immediately if he was not allowed to shoot a play according to his budget and ideas. The severe budget overruns, the coldness of the investors, the complaints of his staff, the cold sea water and the unimaginable difficulties nearly brought Cameron to the brink of collapse, but he still insisted and shouted out a solemn and stirring grandiloquence: ” Titanic can sink, Titanic cannot sink!”

After Titanic made a global profit of about 1.8 billion US dollars, Cameron’s reputation was not lost for a while, but he was dormant. In fact, Cameron had already finished the script of Avatar, but the technical level at that time could not express his imagination.

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The lingering with an address

After more than 20 years of friendship, fortunately it has not degenerated into love, and this story has not degenerated into vulgarity. Only then can people who read it forget that this address is 84 charing cross road in London, England. Her name is helene hanff, and she is an impoverished writer in the United States.

84 charing cross road is the house number of Max and Cohen Bookstores. Max and Cohen Bookstores have the most complete and cheapest old books. It happened that helene hanff is a ” book hater”. She thinks that buying a new book is like buying home without trying on clothes, which makes her unacceptable. After complaining about ” no one in new york reads English literature”, she wrote to 84 charing cross road to buy books at the address provided in the advertisement.

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  I stood on the top of a gentle hillock, stretching in front of me a ripe black wheat field, colorful, sometimes as if it were golden, sometimes as if it were a silvery ocean.

A little monkey embraces the pigeons “intimately”

  However, there is no slight turbulence in this ocean; the hot air does not move; a thunderstorm is brewing.
  There was still sunshine beside me – although it was hot, the light was already dim; but behind the rye, it was not very far away, and a lot of dark blue clouds obscured the entire half of the sky.

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Dark silhouette

Walking in the new park, I saw a ” silhouette” of a middle-aged man. The stall he set up was very small and the tools were very simple, with only a small pair of scissors and a few sheets of paper. However, his silhouette technique was very skilled. It took only three or two minutes to cut a person’s image on paper, and most of them were very exact. Look carefully, there are only two or three lines on his silhouette. A person’s facial features jump out of the three or two lines alive.

It was a cold winter afternoon. Even in the park, there were few people. Occasionally, passers-by looked curiously at the booth of the silhouetter and then left silently. It took a long time for some people to give him a try and let him be silhouetted, because a picture of 20 yuan is much cheaper than taking a failed picture in the photo gallery. I sat on the iron chair opposite the silhouetter and saw that his business was slow. I felt he was a loner in the world. He used scissors and paper to capture the look on people’s faces all day long, and those people just ran away from him like a river. He had almost nothing except the silhouette of some famous people he put on the shelf to be used as samples.

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There is a place in the mountains of Shaanxi called Qingjian, where dates come out. But when our car stopped at the Qingjian, what we saw was a stream with pale yellow foam flowing out from the depths of the mountain filled with yellow smoke and into a muddy river. No blue sky, no birds and flowers, the air flowing with a pungent smell of sulfuric acid.

No words can describe my mood at that time. A friend in Xi ‘an once gave me a big bag of red dates, on which was beautifully written ” Qingjian jujube”. He said that Qingjian jujube is famous and a tribute of that year. I carried this bag of Qingjian jujube back to Germany from China. In the wet and cold winter, I treasure to take out a few pieces of food for the emperor to eat every day. After washing, I remove the nuclei, put them together with tremella and stew them slowly with small fire to make the room fragrant. Then I add crystal sugar. I imagine the blue sky in northern Shaanxi, with clear mountain streams shining like silver in the sun. Jujube trees full of mountains and slopes laugh in the bright winter sun. However, I did not know that I had spent the winter ” nourishing” jujube, which was filled with heavy smoke and chemical waste, without thinking about it.

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