Stroking that boat

  That boat is the elf on the river.

  Lao Li used the ship to connect Hedong Hexi and then to the ancient town not far away.

  In the reincarnation of the sun and the moon, Lao Li is alone. Only the ship, the river, the mountains far and near, and the eternal passengers are his joy.

  One day, the last passenger left the ship and the surrounding was lonely. A full-backed recitation, quietly leaning on the bow. Lao Li unveiled the cover and actually saw a pair of eyes, a pair of bright and unfamiliar eyes to the world.

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Give more love to parents

  Xu Wei is a storyteller, but he is not good at talking. If you ask three sentences, he may not be able to answer one sentence. Only when he talks about his parents, will he show a rare talk, especially when he talks about how his elderly parents are accompanying him to overcome depression. He is so wet that he should be the gentlest in his heart. The most vulnerable part? Don’t dare to mention it easily, and once it is mentioned, the truth is revealed, but it is moving.

  The only thing that can’t be abandoned is the love and responsibility for parents.

  Probably in 2003, I encountered a bottleneck in music creation. I was in a bad mood at the time. I didn’t want to listen to my own songs. I thought it was rubbish, but let me write a work that I am satisfied with. Can’t write it. That feeling is terrible, I feel that I may not be able to write any good works in my life.

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Imperfect perfection

  I have a friend who has been single for half a lifetime and suddenly got married when she was fifty. The bride is about the same age as his, and the milfs are old and full of charm. Just knowing friends are whispering: “The woman used to be an actor, married two husbands, and they are all gone. Now it is not red, and he has left a surplus.”

  I don’t know if it was passed to his ears. One day, he went out with me and drove while laughing. “I am a man who wants to drive a Mercedes-Benz when he is young. He can’t afford it without money. Now! I can’t afford it, buy a three-handed car.” “He is really an old Mercedes-Benz. I will look around and say, “Three hands? It looks so good! Horsepower is enough!”

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