I stood on the top of a gentle hillock, stretching in front of me a ripe black wheat field, colorful, sometimes as if it were golden, sometimes as if it were a silvery ocean.

A little monkey embraces the pigeons “intimately”

  However, there is no slight turbulence in this ocean; the hot air does not move; a thunderstorm is brewing.
  There was still sunshine beside me – although it was hot, the light was already dim; but behind the rye, it was not very far away, and a lot of dark blue clouds obscured the entire half of the sky.

  Everything is hidden… everything is tormented in the last ominous sunshine of the sun. – I couldn’t hear a bird, I couldn’t see a bird, and even the sparrows hid. Only in the vicinity, a solitary huge burdock leaf is still stubbornly fluttering, making a squeaky voice.

  On the field, how strong the smell of bitterness is! I looked at the blue behemoth… So there was a sense of uneasiness in my heart. “Hey, come on, come on, hurry up!” I thought, “You flash, golden snake, you shudder, roaring – you move, roll, rush, fierce dark clouds, you make this stuffy The human suffering is over!”
  Suddenly, hey, in its monotonous, dull, deep blue background, flashing a smooth and smooth thing like a white handkerchief or a white snow. It was a white pigeon flying out of the village.

  It has been flying, flying all the time – always flying straight… then flew outside the woods.

  After a long while – the surrounding is still dead silence… However, suddenly, two handkerchiefs flashed, two groups of white snow to fly back: this is two white pigeons are flying home safely.

  In the end, the storm is hard work, it is impossible!

  I am easy to go home. The wind screamed and snarled like crazy; the reddish brown low clouds were rushing, as if they were torn into pieces; everything was spinning and mixed together; the torrential rain fell vertically water column, 噼噼啪He was slamming; the lightning flashed a green spark; the intermittent giant thunder, roaring like a cannon, the smell of sulfur in the air…

  However, under the eaves, on the edge of the transom, two white pigeons live side by side – one is flying out to find a partner, and the other is brought back, perhaps the partner it rescued.

  Both pigeons are feathered, and each pigeon can feel the wings of his companion just beside his wings…

  They are very peaceful! I looked at them, and my heart was very peaceful… although I was just alone, I was always alone.