Stroking that boat

  That boat is the elf on the river.

  Lao Li used the ship to connect Hedong Hexi and then to the ancient town not far away.

  In the reincarnation of the sun and the moon, Lao Li is alone. Only the ship, the river, the mountains far and near, and the eternal passengers are his joy.

  One day, the last passenger left the ship and the surrounding was lonely. A full-backed recitation, quietly leaning on the bow. Lao Li unveiled the cover and actually saw a pair of eyes, a pair of bright and unfamiliar eyes to the world.

  Lao Li was busy opening the bag and took out this little life. What an exquisite life?

  Lao Li couldn’t help but use his beard to gently rub the child’s face. The child’s crying flies over the quiet river, making him feel happy that he has never had a lifetime. He put a drop of water on the child’s lips, and the child did not cry.

  This abandoned baby girl, Lao Li gave her a name, called a small fish.

  Lao Li still ferries, still cleaning the boat at dusk, just a little girl on the back. The little girl and the boat became the elves on the river.

  ”Old Li, whose child?” is often asked. Lao Li smiled, didn’t answer, only supported his boat. There are also women with milk children, picking up the children, sitting in the awning and feeding them, and returning to Lao Li when they disembark.

  The little fish grow up like this and grow with the plants by the water. The boat has become very lively because of the girl. If you want to cross the river, the little fish will come to the bow to meet, and pat the stool in the boat and say, please sit down. Many people go to the boat and always have to touch the head of the little fish, kiss her little face and tease her. People say that they are well raised on this river every day.

  Lao Li’s ferry couldn’t make much money, but he still managed to open a small stove for the little fish. Lao Li, a chopstick, chopsticks and a good thing to the small fish, but the little fish did not pay attention to his father, and sneaked back to his father’s bowl.

  Xiaoyuer learned to sing and learned to weave small flower baskets with weeds and mountain flowers. She hung the basket full of cabins, letting the fragrance cover the life of Lao Li. The little fish loves beauty, loves new clothes, and Lao Li often goes fishing with starlight and moonlight after the small fish sleeps, to catch the beautiful hopes of those little fish.

  Later, the bridge was built on the river, and Lao Li was no longer ferry. He only used his boat to fish. Lao Li still washes his boat in every dusk, still listening to the little fish and singing gently while washing the boat.

  Growing up is a faint joy in my father’s heart. Seeing that the little fish grows like a plant on the water’s edge, Lao Li is getting old every day.

  When the fish was 20 years old, the river became a Three Gorges immigration area. Here, in the attention of people, it will only remain in people’s memory forever.

  That year, the little fish had love, and it was more beautiful than the cobblestones on the river bank.

  Also in that year, Lao Li was sick, and maybe he will see the color of heaven after the fall.

  Little fish and her love, want to move with his father. In the distance, there is the happier cloud on the other side of the mountain.

  The little fish told his father their decision. Lao Li hesitated and smiled and said, “Go, go, this is a good thing.”

  The little fish went to the land to build a house. Those evenings, Lao Li couldn’t do it, and the rough big hand supported his slanted body to drift in the river wind.

  Lao Li sat down and sat in the bow, the warm bow that once cuddled his daughter’s little life. Lao Li stroked the bow and turned his eyes to the distance. There was a new home for the little fish.

  When the little fish came back, only the boat was greeted by her. The boat floated on the water and was very lonely. Those days and nights, the boat remembered the tears of the little fish.

  Some people in the neighboring village are willing to buy this boat, but the little fish said, no.

  The boat, calm, waiting. The little fish came, and the footsteps were very light, as if afraid of awakening the ship. She touched the boat gently. Convex, concave, sloppy, slippery, residual river mud, attached moss. She took out the scorpion, inch by inch, and learned to wash the boat with her father. She polished the boat until it showed a wooden grain.

  On the day of the exodus, the little fish filled the basket with the basket.