The lingering with an address

After more than 20 years of friendship, fortunately it has not degenerated into love, and this story has not degenerated into vulgarity. Only then can people who read it forget that this address is 84 charing cross road in London, England. Her name is helene hanff, and she is an impoverished writer in the United States.

84 charing cross road is the house number of Max and Cohen Bookstores. Max and Cohen Bookstores have the most complete and cheapest old books. It happened that helene hanff is a ” book hater”. She thinks that buying a new book is like buying home without trying on clothes, which makes her unacceptable. After complaining about ” no one in new york reads English literature”, she wrote to 84 charing cross road to buy books at the address provided in the advertisement.

There are six people in Max and Cohen Bookstores. Frank was the first to write back to helene hanff. He is a married man with a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. His reply to her is a pure official document, stiff and stuffy, but his professional meticulous, but extremely popular. For example, he wrote: ” Your book has been safely delivered, and we will charge the extra quarter to your exclusive account in our store. Coincidentally, our store happens to have the second volume of the Complete Works of walter savage landor and Biographies, which includes ” Greek Dialogues” … This book is not very beautiful because it was an old edition published in 1876, but it is well bound and is also called clean. We will send you the book together with the bill today. ” I don’t know whether it was because Britain was short of rations and couldn’t buy meat and eggs at that time, or whether this man’s preciseness and carefulness greatly delighted helene hanff. The poor Aries woman sent six pounds of ham, raisins and eggs, and boxes of cookies to 84 charing cross road time and again. This is really rare for helene hanff, who took the risk of putting the money in the letter every time to save the trouble of running the post office.

In the business letters, fireworks started to appear.

In the increasingly strong smell of fireworks, her heart began to liven up. She said, ” Stevenson’s book is really beautiful! Put it in the bookshelf that I use the fruit box to fill, really wronged it. I was holding it for fear of defacing its delicate leather cover and beige.

The thick inside pages of color … ” In her nervous excitement, six people in 84 charing cross road shared the delicious food sent by the writer and experienced the sense of accomplishment brought by the plain work. Then, they began to rush to reply to helene hanff’s letter, sometimes secretly.

I don’t know since when, helene hanff has become the master of 84 charing cross road. She said, ” Next time, first convert the book price into US dollars. I am a mess even adding and subtracting US dollars. The BLOG of Mywood in asked me to convert pounds into US dollars. It is really Amitabha. ” Next time, they will price the books in pounds and dollars respectively. Helene hanff shouted in new york: ” All right! Don’t sit down, go and find it! I can’t understand how you do business! ” On the London side, they obediently got up and looked for books for her. Helene hanff bought a lot of books, but she had very little money, so she made a list of books she liked, but she said, ” Don’t rush to send them first. If you find them, put them aside for the time being, quote them first, and then sell them to me one by one.” After that, they took pains to split the complete set of books and send them to her according to her remittance. They will also tell her because there is a tiny stain on the book: ” Clean your Rogelier Bible and suggest you use-like soap and water. To do this, add a teaspoon of baking soda to a pint of warm water and gently wipe with a sponge dipped in soap. You can also polish it with a little sheep oil. ”

” 84 charing cross road” Poster

In a distant foreign country and in 84 charing cross road, her short message was like the queen’s hand, which made the woman living alone happy for 20 years. It was also in this kind of happiness that she intentionally or unintentionally opened herself to an address and a person: ” I live in an old apartment full of termites, which is ramshackle and doesn’t supply heat during the day …” but after she opened herself, her mind began to fly: ” please write me more and tell me everything about London.” I imagined that-the day would come soon-I would step off the ship and train and step on the dusty sidewalk … I would walk all over Berkeley square and wenber street … I would fall down on the front steps of the tower of London where Elizabeth refused to be a prisoner … ” she would get angry with frank because she was not satisfied with the books sent, and sometimes she would winningly say to frank,” frank, you are the only one who knows me. ”

Helene hanff’s lover died in World War II and she never married. The people of 84 charing cross road, however, are monks-a caring man who has brought her 20 years of constant and distant care and blessing. They would even think of teaching her to make Yorkshire pudding, a nutritious snack, thousands of miles away. Who can imagine the happiness of a woman who has only been with old books all her life when helene hanff made a soft, delicate, easy-to-eat extra-large scone according to the letter, ” one cup of flour, one egg, half a cup of fresh milk and a little salt”? As for her happiness, Frank’s wife wrote to helene hanff and said, ” I’m not afraid of you laughing. Sometimes I envy you.” The reason is actually very simple, because on several occasions, Mrs frank found that when there was no one in the bookstore, frank would take out her letter and stare deeply.

Fortunately, helene hanff’s proud and non-vulgar personality always made her financially hard up. Moreover, she had no idea of numbers and had no idea how much it would cost to go to England at that time. Mywood’s BLOG is still normal, normal to helene hanff know nothing about it, normal to frank’s wife will joke with lotus in the letter: ” frank gave you an ugly photo, but he chicaneously said that he was much more handsome than the photo, let’s let him boast.”

From 1949 to 1969, helene hanff and 84 charing cross road stayed together for 20 years. Until Frank, who replied to most of her letters, died, she never approached this address. However, the absence of footsteps does not mean that the heart has not arrived. Because, for the sake of 84 charing cross road and Frank, helene hanff watched many English movies. Also, after Frank’s death, helene hanff finally came to 84 charing cross road and felt the breath of his deceased master.

Previously, helene hanff wrote a letter to his good friend saying: ” The kind-hearted person who sold these good books to me passed away a few months ago … However, the bookstore is still there. If you happen to pass by 84 charing cross road, give me a kiss …” Since then, helene hanff has not written to 84 charing cross road until she died of illness in new york in 1997.

Frank, a man from helene hanff and 84 charing cross road, has been in love for 20 years, but he has not fallen into love. A collection of letters ” 84 charing cross road” and a movie of the same name have left another kind of emotion for men and women in the world. Version.