Genius does not need to turn around

  In August 1935, Qian Xuesen arrived in the United States. He entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and studied aviation engineering.

  In August 1936, Qian Xuesen graduated from graduate school. It stands to reason that he should stay at MIT to continue to read Bo, but there have been obstacles: due to racial discrimination, the American aircraft factory does not allow Qian Xuesen to go to the internship. I can’t go to an aircraft factory for an internship, which means he can’t continue his studies. After careful choice, he decided to switch to another world-famous school, the California Institute of Technology, where he had his respected von Carmen.

  Who is Feng Carmen? He is a Hungarian Jew, a well-known professor of aerodynamics in the world, and director of the Department of Aeronautics at the California Institute of Technology. Qian Xuesen knows that the teacher should worship the famous teacher. If he wants to read the blog, he should worship Feng Carmen as a teacher. However, Qian Xuesen and Feng Carmen did not know each other, and no one can cut from it. What should I do? Qian Xuesen has his own way: Mao Zedong self-recommended.

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Father’s Day without father

  On Father’s Day once a year, I will definitely call my father, or ask him to have a tea or a meal. Sometimes I want to bring some gifts that my father likes, but I am too lazy to do it. I will give me three or five hundred yuan to my father: “Dad, drink tea or mahjong, and lose is my, win it!” The old father is sure to be happy, and the laughter is deafening.

  This Father’s Day is no longer a day.

  My father is “going” this year. Going in a hurry. From the hospital to the death, only 15 days. When his electrocardiogram was in a straight line, the sky was thundering, and I sent my father into the morgue in the heavy rain, and the heavens and the earth cried with me.

  After each morning, the first person I remembered, the first thing, was the father. I ripped off the calendar of May, I thought of Father’s Day, I was insomnia every night, I was overwhelmed, and I was lying for 10 days. During the period of fascination with fever, it was a resurgence of the scene with his father. The day before Father’s Day, I got up in the middle of the night, wandered around the house, and picked up a bunch of things that my father liked: Tieguanyin tea, ginseng pills, and a lot of deep-sea fish oil. The subconscious was given to his father for the holidays. The gift is done, crying a lot, things are wrong, Father’s Day gift, together with “Happy Father’s Day!” Who can I give now? I always refuse to accept, this year’s Father’s Day has no father!

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Far traveler

  In a bus that didn’t know where to drive, there was a mother sitting in her arms and holding a little girl in her arms. Light yellow lights, empty cars, I don’t know where to go.

A voiceover said: “Everyone’s life is like a movie. He is the protagonist in his movie. He thinks that he will be the protagonist in other people’s movies. In fact, it is just a supporting role – maybe there is only one lens, and even more Maybe his own piece has been cut off.” “For example, this mother and daughter,” continued the voice-over, “This girl must be the protagonist of my mother’s life, but after ten years, in the girl’s movie, the role of the mother How important is it?”

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