Far traveler

  In a bus that didn’t know where to drive, there was a mother sitting in her arms and holding a little girl in her arms. Light yellow lights, empty cars, I don’t know where to go.

A voiceover said: “Everyone’s life is like a movie. He is the protagonist in his movie. He thinks that he will be the protagonist in other people’s movies. In fact, it is just a supporting role – maybe there is only one lens, and even more Maybe his own piece has been cut off.” “For example, this mother and daughter,” continued the voice-over, “This girl must be the protagonist of my mother’s life, but after ten years, in the girl’s movie, the role of the mother How important is it?”

  This is the beginning of the movie “If Love.” I looked and looked at it, and I finally believed it. In fact, this worry has long existed. I felt when my child was not born, and wrote down the words “Can’t take the child as all”. The reason why I look over and over again is to confirm that I am shocked by the almost cruel truth. I used to be the little girl. Now I have left my hometown and left my mother. Now I am the mother again, holding my little girl. I was upset by the waves, but there was no word. The film is really good, the mother is the supporting role, this is the fact that it is unmistakable.

  I used to have illusions about reality. Now, I have to put my little girl in my arms and put it on my lap for a short time. I have no choice, she is the protagonist of my life. However, at a certain moment, I will secretly sneak a sigh of relief. A few years later, the fruit is different from today’s cloud mud? What will she become?

  And what will I become? At this time, this yellow mouth child is playing with colored mud or origami, and when I can’t see it for a while, I will call “Mom” to look for it. It is meaningful to pick me up. Build and get people, I am a little tired between fantasy and reality. I am afraid that such cherishment will ruin her, and that ordinary days are also made extraordinarily expensive. Then think about the good travel – I am not the far-away passenger? I can’t help but smile, and I have the grandeur of the release.

  Living too hard to understand, in fact, will be afraid.