Father’s Day without father

  On Father’s Day once a year, I will definitely call my father, or ask him to have a tea or a meal. Sometimes I want to bring some gifts that my father likes, but I am too lazy to do it. I will give me three or five hundred yuan to my father: “Dad, drink tea or mahjong, and lose is my, win it!” The old father is sure to be happy, and the laughter is deafening.

  This Father’s Day is no longer a day.

  My father is “going” this year. Going in a hurry. From the hospital to the death, only 15 days. When his electrocardiogram was in a straight line, the sky was thundering, and I sent my father into the morgue in the heavy rain, and the heavens and the earth cried with me.

  After each morning, the first person I remembered, the first thing, was the father. I ripped off the calendar of May, I thought of Father’s Day, I was insomnia every night, I was overwhelmed, and I was lying for 10 days. During the period of fascination with fever, it was a resurgence of the scene with his father. The day before Father’s Day, I got up in the middle of the night, wandered around the house, and picked up a bunch of things that my father liked: Tieguanyin tea, ginseng pills, and a lot of deep-sea fish oil. The subconscious was given to his father for the holidays. The gift is done, crying a lot, things are wrong, Father’s Day gift, together with “Happy Father’s Day!” Who can I give now? I always refuse to accept, this year’s Father’s Day has no father!

  Moreover, there will be no more fathers on Father’s Day in the future.

  When I have a father, I don’t think that there is anything special about Father’s Day. It’s always sloppy, saving time and effort. Without a father, I remembered how great and important Father’s Day is. I should spend a whole day and spend a month for him. Never had a grand father’s day for my father, a lifetime regret!

  There are a hundred kinds of fatherly love in a hundred people in the world. Father loves me, love is unique in the world. In his eyes, the daughter is the most embarrassing and most important. The daughter is only a scholar and lives on the pen. In the eyes of his father, he is like the Holy of God. The father who pity his daughter’s money is that the father who has pity with her daughter’s time and energy is unique to me.

  Every time I go home to see my father, I always want to chat more after dinner. The father always said: “It’s late, go home, you have to go to work tomorrow, Dad knows you are busy, just come back and have a meal.”

  The mother hurriedly said: “Where is such a dad, drive the daughter away.”

  Dad always said to his mother, “You don’t know that your daughter is busy, you have to read a book to write a book, time is expensive!”

  Mom didn’t know her father’s affection, I deeply appreciate it.

  What makes me uncomfortable is that every time I call my dad to ask Ann, if you don’t speak, he will rush: “Yu Ming, don’t be too hard, work long, Dad always worried about your body, don’t be too tired, well, don’t Hey, the phone is porridge, Dad knows that you have a dad in your heart.” Hey, the phone hangs.

  Seven years ago, my mother-in-law died, leaving the old man alone. The father-in-law has been served by his mother-in-law for a lifetime, and even the rice cooker will not. My husband and I ran both ends every day to cook for the father-in-law. Dad who retired at home knows, and automatically asks him to live with him. Dad was an official in the factory, but he was not ashamed of his body every day, cooking, washing and even washing his feet for my father-in-law. In 1998, the father-in-law suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and lost several times. Helpless to send the father-in-law back to the country. At this time, his father was already suffering from emphysema, asthma, and high blood pressure, but he was not worried about his father-in-law. He stayed with him for a month.

  All those who know my father-in-law say that the father-in-law has a good life. I have such a good family. I know clearly that my father is afraid that I am tired and will share my worries. This heart is in this situation, there is no reason to report.

  At the end of 1998, my father was hospitalized for a stroke and I stayed with the night. My father struggled and told me about it. I cried and yelled at him: “What nonsense, Dad, your life is long, so many blessings are not enjoyed, my daughter has not honored you, you are willing to go, will not be willing to cry!”

  Dad has two lines of tears.

  Dad is in stable condition and I have to travel again. A thousand miles away, sleepless nights, just ask God to bless my father.

  God blessed me, my father was so strange that the original hands and feet were so good that there was no trace. When Dad was discharged from the hospital, he took a CT film. The doctor said that there was no sign of blood clots in the film. I am afraid it is not a cerebral thrombosis.

  I don’t want to go out for half a year, my father has a stroke again, and I have a cardiopulmonary disease. On the second day of my father’s admission, I signed the notice on the critically ill. Holding a critically ill notice, I began to swear by myself: I have been working hard for many years, being a small family, being a little daughter, but rarely taking care of my old father. The enlightenment was late, and I had to work hard to compensate: I ran the hospital every day and squeezed every minute to accompany my father. Every time I went to the ward, I looked at my father who had a tracheal esophageal catheter. I am kneeling in the ear of my father: Dad, Yu Ming is coming, I am Yu Ming…

  Dad tried very hard to open his eyes to see me, he could not speak, we looked at it, a thousand words, said in the eyes.

  Two days before my father left, I suddenly got better. I took my daughter to see him. The old man pointed at my handbag. I am busy handing him the paper and pencil. He painted on paper for a long time, and he couldn’t finish the word. Big Brother has worked in the public security, has experience, guessed for a long time, and considered it to be “not to waste”.

  I asked my father if. The father nodded.

  Brother said that Dad didn’t want us to spend so much medical expenses for him. I know that in addition to this meaning, Dad is afraid that I will run the hospital every day and waste too much time. In fact, I should be guilty. Knowing that the old man has been ruined, he also asked him to do so much for me. What did I do for my father again?

  I thought that I would give my father three or five hundred yuan, thinking that I would buy it for my father. It is filial piety. In fact, what I owe most is to kiss my father and talk with me. I am happy to let my father happy.

  It is too late to regret. I realized it last year. I want my father to go to the UK to go and see the little girl. The formalities are half done. My father’s physical condition is getting worse and he can’t go far. Change the plan and go to Hong Kong for a tour! My mother has repeatedly stated that my father has actually been very difficult to walk and absolutely cannot swim in Hong Kong. Big Brother made an idea, Hong Kong can’t swim, go to Macau one day, Macau is small, there is not much way. As a result, the travel ticket has not yet been bought, and the father can’t afford to be sick. How much regret does the father take me away, leaving a lot of debts that I can’t pay back.