Genius does not need to turn around

  In August 1935, Qian Xuesen arrived in the United States. He entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and studied aviation engineering.

  In August 1936, Qian Xuesen graduated from graduate school. It stands to reason that he should stay at MIT to continue to read Bo, but there have been obstacles: due to racial discrimination, the American aircraft factory does not allow Qian Xuesen to go to the internship. I can’t go to an aircraft factory for an internship, which means he can’t continue his studies. After careful choice, he decided to switch to another world-famous school, the California Institute of Technology, where he had his respected von Carmen.

  Who is Feng Carmen? He is a Hungarian Jew, a well-known professor of aerodynamics in the world, and director of the Department of Aeronautics at the California Institute of Technology. Qian Xuesen knows that the teacher should worship the famous teacher. If he wants to read the blog, he should worship Feng Carmen as a teacher. However, Qian Xuesen and Feng Carmen did not know each other, and no one can cut from it. What should I do? Qian Xuesen has his own way: Mao Zedong self-recommended.

  Genius does not need to turn around, confidence is their best pass. In October 1936, Qian Xuesen and von Carmen were in the California Union. Qian Xuesen first introduced himself and then began to talk about his understanding of aerospace, as if he was not coming to the teacher, but to describe the prospects of common struggle with von Carmen. Yes, this is his understanding of the future of aerospace, superhuman and ingenious. He took a fancy to von Carmen’s theoretical ability, leadership, and was willing to vote under his door. Feng Carmen laughed, this is Bole’s laugh, the commander’s smile. Feng Carmen was impressed by Qian Xuesen’s vision, profoundness and courage. He was admitted as a doctoral student on the spot.

  Von Carmen is very tall, and Gao is high in his shot. As soon as he came up, he handed over two major problems: Qian Xuesen:

  1. When the flight speed of the aircraft is increased to subsonic speed, what effect does the compressibility of the gas have on the performance of the aircraft? What is the quantitative relationship between them?

  2. If the flight speed of the aircraft is further increased to supersonic speed, what kind of theoretical guidance and technical design should be adopted?

  This was the focus of aviation technology at the time, and the speed and height of the aircraft determined the strength of the Air Force. The United States was facing the challenges of diversification in the world at the time and could not wait to make breakthroughs in aviation technology.

  Qian Xuesen knows the difficulty and goes all out. He borrowed a large number of books on aerodynamics from the California Institute of Technology, studying hard day and night. At the same time, he also studied basic theories such as modern mathematics, atomic physics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, relativity, molecular structure, and quantum chemistry. . In the 1950s, Qian Xuesen recalled that part of the problem-solving life and said: “I am not talking about big things. When I was doing aerodynamic research, I was in English, French, German, Italian in aerodynamic research. I have read all the documents. In order to do it well, I have to read it, and I have analyzed it.”

  In June 1939, Qian Xuesen completed four doctoral dissertations such as “Research on High-Speed ​​Gas Dynamics Problems” and obtained double doctoral degrees in aviation and mathematics. In his doctoral thesis, Qian Xuesen obtained accurate data and conclusions about the effects of air friction and its thermal effects on high-speed aircraft. This conclusion was a new concept at the time. In addition, Qian Xuesen also created a scientific method for calculating the pressure distribution of the wing surface in high-speed flight, named “Carmen – Qian Xuesen formula.”

  Von Carmen is very pleased with Qian Xuesen’s achievements. He said in private: “Qian Xuesen’s talent is extremely rare.” “People say that I found Qian Xuesen, in fact, Qian Xuesen found me.”

  Qian Xuesen and Feng Carmen are very personal. Here are two things to give a glimpse of their style: First, there is a report by Qian Xuesen describing the aerospace vision. An old man raised his hand and spoke to him. These views are refuted. Qian Xuesen insisted on his own opinion. The two men were in a tit for tat, and they did not give each other a break. After the old man left, Feng Carmen, who had been watching the battle, came forward and said to Qian Xuesen: “Do you know who the old man was?” Qian Xuesen shook his head. Von Carmen said: “He is von Mises.” von Mises? Qian Xuesen showed a surprised face. It turned out that he was the famous authority of mechanics! Feng Ka’s face smiled and asked: “If you know who he is, dare to argue with him?” “How dare you?” Qian Xuesen replied, “Everyone is equal before academic issues. This is your consistent teaching. My name.”

  Second, one day, Qian Xuesen wrote an article and gave it to von Carmen. Von Carmen thinks his point of view is wrong, and Qian Xuesen argues with von Carmen. After arguing, von Carmen thundered and threw Qian Xuesen’s manuscript on the ground and walked away. However, in the early morning of the next morning, Qian’s doorbell suddenly sounded. Qian Xuesen is surprised, who is so early? Open the door and see, ah, it is von Carmen! But seeing his face rose red, he couldn’t wait to declare: “I thought about it all night, finally figured out, you were correct yesterday, and I was wrong.” After that, he gave Qian Xuesen a deep bow. This embarrassment, let us know how great Qian Xuesen is! This embarrassment gives us a taste of how great von Carmen is!

  During his studies at the California Institute of Technology, Qian Xuesen participated in an amateur “rocket club.” Because the research started, the risk is great, so the club is also called “suicide club.” It was this difficult and incredible research career at that time that rounded off his dream of flying a paper dart, and also quickly pushed him to the front of the rocket development pioneer.

  In 1940, Qian Xuesen independently completed the article “Research on the stability of thin shells”. This is the work of Qian Xuesen. With this as a symbol, he stood out from the martial arts of von Carmen and entered the ranks of internationally renowned scholars.

  Qian Xuesen’s energy for his fame is huge. In 1962, at a mechanics conference held in Beijing, Qian Xuesen recalled: “I have published an important paper in the past. There are only a few dozen pages on thin shells. However, I have repeatedly calculus calculations, only scrapped drafts. There are more than seven hundred pages. A visible result is just like the spire of a pagoda.”