Office building rule

  Parkinson’s “Office Building Law” is that the more perfect an office building is designed, the more luxurious it is, the closer it is to the disintegration.

  Parkinson found that many companies with prosperous businesses and hugely influential organizations are located in inconspicuous places, living in rudimentary houses, and once moved into luxury buildings, they are on the verge of recession. For example, the buildings of political organizations such as the International League Building, the British Parliament, the Palace of Versailles, the Blenheim Palace, Buckingham Palace, the British Colonial Office Building, etc., have all experienced a significant decline in the power of the organization after the inauguration ceremony. Bring bad luck.

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Garbage truck rule

  10% of life is created by you, and 90% is how you treat it.

  One day, I jumped into a taxi and set off for the airport.

  The taxi was moving in the lane where it was driving. Suddenly, a black car rushed out of a parking space in front of us. I saw the taxi driver slammed on the brakes, the car slipped and passed by another car. But the driver of the black car turned his head and yelled at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved to the guy – I mean, he was very friendly.

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Bear and honey

  After waking up from hibernation, the bear began to worry about honey.

  The sun is not good. It is worried that the flowers in the forest are not rich enough. The bees will not come to collect honey, or the bees will come. The honey collected is not as mellow as in previous years. The bear looked at the sun and worried.

  Then there is the endless rain, it thinks that the flowers must be ruined by the rain. They are too delicate, and they are easily smeared with roots. On the other hand, bees may not go out to work in such weather. If you follow such a bad assumption, then it must not eat a little honey this year.

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Meaning of life

  The king of the following year was so embarrassed that he ordered scholars across the country to explore the meaning of life and write conclusions.

  The “The Meaning of Life” completed by scholars is a great work. The king does not have the energy and time to read, and asks the author to compile the summary. Scholars have repeatedly scrutinized and abbreviated “The Meaning of Life” into a booklet. The king at this time was already dying and unable to read.

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Morning and evening

  After graduating from Columbia Normal University, I finally got a teacher license from New York City. I can finally be a teacher, and I won’t mention the excitement and excitement in my heart. But when I went to work on the first day, I discovered that the new faculty did not have a fixed class or course.

  Although my teacher’s license clearly says “high school French teaching qualification”, but the school has made my class a variety of things, my nerves are highly nervous all day, half tired every day, but the work has not progressed, even the students Don’t buy my account.

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