Bear and honey

  After waking up from hibernation, the bear began to worry about honey.

  The sun is not good. It is worried that the flowers in the forest are not rich enough. The bees will not come to collect honey, or the bees will come. The honey collected is not as mellow as in previous years. The bear looked at the sun and worried.

  Then there is the endless rain, it thinks that the flowers must be ruined by the rain. They are too delicate, and they are easily smeared with roots. On the other hand, bees may not go out to work in such weather. If you follow such a bad assumption, then it must not eat a little honey this year.

  The bear became anxious and kept squatting around the hive. Apart from this, it didn’t bother to find other food, or to rest quietly for a while to see other things.

  Later, the temperature was high and the autumn drought continued. The flowers that were opened were extremely weak, and the leaf-feeding pests and underground pests appeared. The nearby flowers had already breathed. The bear started to sleep at night, but it was busy in the flowers, and the bugs were not seen at all.

  Many of the bears’ days and nights have passed away in such fears and worries.

  But in fact, the bears ate the honey of rapeseed in those days when the sun was not good.

  In the rainy season, it is the honey of jujube.

  When the worm is the most, it eats the honey of the sunflower.

  This is not very strange. A bear actually eats the honey he likes when he should have honey, although sometimes he eats less. But it is still endlessly worrying about the flowers and bees.

  In fact, a bear should be like this. It looks for fish, birds, insects and other foods in the forest every day. It is full of sun and sun, and stays in the cave to sleep at night. If the honey is brewed, it will naturally know.